Nusom wins Sportsman; Jeremy Martin tops in Modified
by: Lori Holmason, Greg Greer takes a turn during Modified Division race at River City Speedway.

The Columbia County Racing Association kicked off their 2008 season at the Columbia County Fairgrounds track on Saturday night.

Curt Nusom won the Sportsman Division main event with Doug Hurley finishing second. John Nusom won the trophy dash. Curt Nusom had the fast time.

In the Modified Division, Jeremy Martin beat Corey Cook in the main event race. Don Jenner won the trophy dash, and Rudy Chappell had the fast time.

The Street Stock Division was won by John Nusom with Curt Nusom finishing second. Brad Nusom won the trophy dash, and Steven Nusom won the first heat. Todd Newton snuck in the family affair to win the second heat, but was followed by Curt and John Nusom. The fast time was recorded by John Nusom.

In the Women's Division, Brenda Hurley took honors in the main event, followed by Jacki Graham. The latter racer also had the fast time. Ann Carter won the trophy dash.

Adam Beehler and Brad Beehler were one-two in the 4-Cylinder Division main event. Adam also won the trophy dash, while Scott McMullen had the fast time.

The Student Division was won by Brandon Potter. He also won the trophy dash and lone heat. Joel Beehler had the fast time.

The next race at the track will be May 17, featuring the PHRA hardtops. Another race will be held May 31.


Sportsman Division

Fast Time: Curt Nusom, :16.071; A Dash-John Nusom; Heat 1-Roy Giroux; Jeremy Bowmen; Matt Taylor; Ed Bruce; Dominic Younker; Heat 2-Derek Vorseth; Tricia Brittain; Larry Lemmons; Doug Hurley; Roger Champ; Heat 3--Pamela Graham; Curt Nusom; Brian Vaughn; John Gillette; Tim Williams; A Main-Curt Nusom; Doug Hurley; Pam Graham; Tricia Brittain; Tim Williams; Derek Vorseth; Larry Lemmons; Brian Vaughn; John Nusom; Jeremy Bowman

Modified Division

Fast Time-Rudy Chappelle, :15.767; A Dash--Don Jenner; Heat 1-Don Jenner; Sam Jeffers; Corey Cook; Robert Jenner; Herb Thomas; Heat 2-Dan Fox; Jeremy Martin; Don West; Dan Smith; Dennis Blasier; Heat 3--Greg Greer; Don Jenner; Corey Cook; Sean Fox; Rudy Chappelle; A Main-Jeremy Martin; Corey Cook; Dan Smith; Dan Fox; Don Jenner; Robert Jenner; Rudy Chappelle; Curtis Zelmer; Greg Greer; Herb Thomas

Street Stock Division

Fast Time-John Nusom, :16.146; A Dash-Brad Nusom; Heat 1-Steven Nusom;

Stephen Fenter; Curtis Zelmer; Herb Thomas; Ron Kistner;

Heat 2-Todd Newton; Curt Nusom; John Nusom; Ronald Dodge; Terry Moss; A Main-John Nusom; Curt Nusom; Terry Moss; Don Grentz; Stephen Fenter; Herb Thomas; Aaron Prettyman; Steven Nusom; Curtis Zelmer; Greg Hamilton;

Women's Division

Fast Time-Jackie Graham, :17.232; Trophy Dash-Ann Carter; Heat 1--Brenda Hurley; Ann Carter; Doug Lockwood; Jacki Graham; Kathy Griffin; A Main-Brenda Hurley; Jacki Graham; Doug Lockwood; Kathy Griffin; Stacey Fordyce; Linda Holland; Kim Lemmons; Melissa McVae; Ann Carter.

4- Division Cylinder

Fast Time-Scott McMullen 17:395; Trophy Dash--Adam Beehler; Heat 1-Richard Ray; Bryan Collins; John Kriegshnuser; Ben Palmer; Wayne Stone; Heat 2-Jerry Winchester; Barry Lampert; Eric Lindquist; Susan Wallace; Devon Reed;

Heat 2-Justin McMullen; Ric James; Adam Beehler; Scott McMullen; Brad Beehler; A Main-Adam Beehler; Brad Beehler; Justin McMullen; Eric Lindquist; Ric James; Scott McMullen; Ben Palmer; Bob Wallace; Susan Wallace; Barry Lampert.

Student Division

Fast Time-Joel Beehler :17.990; A Dash--Brandon Potter; Heat 1-Brandon Potter; Joel Beehler; Steven Schreiner; Brad Martin; A Main-Brandon Potter; Brad Martin; Joel Beehler; Steven Schreiner.

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