by: Art Heerwagen, Theater owner Chuck Nakvasil (left) helps Scappoose Mayor Scott Burge (right) and Councilor Donna Gedlich cut the opening ribbon at a pre-opening celebration held at the seven-screen facility on Wednesday, April 30.

The doors of the new seven-screen movie theater in Scappoose opened early last week to give local officials, community leaders, and friends a special look at the state-of-the-art facility south of Fred Meyer.

Owner and developer Chuck Nakvasil welcomed guests to the catered event by thanking the contractor and all those involved in bringing Cinema 7 to the community. 'A lot of people have asked me why I did this,' said Nakvasil. 'Simply put, because it was needed. We chose to build it here in Scappoose and not St. Helens because heading toward Portland is the direction people travel now.' He added that not only will customers be able to see a good selection of top-rated and first-run movies, but that the theater will also be doing positive things for the area, like putting on events to help nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity.

Nakvasil told the crowd that the theater is only one of three in the Northwest that features all digital projectors and sound that provides even better quality than high-definition TV. Anyone who took the time to go upstairs to the projection rooms saw what the age of computer technology has done to the movie industry: huge reels of film have been replaced by small external hard drives that are inserted into sleek projector boxes and controlled by a touch-screen monitor.

'After enjoying the free refreshments, you are invited to view one of three movies we're going to show tonight,' Nakvasil said. 'Each theater holds either 50 or 75 people, and I know you're going to be impressed with the quality of the picture and sound.'

The theater, which officially opened last Friday, is staffed by General Manager Scott Telford, Manager Melissa Robertson, and students from both Scappoose and St. Helens high schools.

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