Chamber board backs city measure

To the Editor:

As the CEO of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce and as a local resident, I am happy to see that the Lake Oswego City Council has decided to ask voters to approve a general obligation bond measure (3-295) to re-finance the West End Building.

In my personal opinion, and in the opinion of my board of directors, it was a good financial decision to buy the building, securing it for the citizens of Lake Oswego. Part of the council's job is good planning for our future and paying $20 million for this property that includes a building with plenty of usable space was a wise and prudent use of our taxpayer dollars.

However, now is the time to refinance the short-term line of credit that was used for this purchase. The current bond market is especially favorable for AAA rated cities like ours, and with re-financing we will be paying down the principal while we pay off the bond.

The chamber's board of directors, after surveying its membership, has voted to endorse Bond Measure 3-295. Thankfully we live in a community that usually makes well thought out financial decisions and continuing to pay interest on a line of credit is not a sound way to do business. It is a tool we can use as a means to a positive end. I am confident that voters will see Measure 3-295 for what it is: A fiscally responsible step that will secure financing for a great long-term community asset.

Jerry L. Wheeler


Lake Oswego Chamber

of Commerce

Many reasons to be proud of Brown

To the Editor:

Linda Brown gets our wholehearted support on her becoming our next state representative in District 38.

Linda is a recognizable and active woman in our community. She has shown her leadership in chamber activities, city and neighborhood endeavors including her own Blue Heron Neighborhood, and, surely, in her twice elected board position for our school district. We have every reason to be proud of all of Linda's positive influence in these areas.

Let's take a closer look at two aspects: Linda's Democratic opponent touts 'insider' knowledge of Salem by virtue of his working in the 2005 legislative session. However, Linda's intimate involvement during this last session alone is noteworthy. Linda worked with Stand for Children on passing both the mentoring law and healthy nutrition for kids, has served the last four years on the Oregon School Boards Association's Legislative Policy Committee and as its chair the last two years, and testified on the double majority, insurance pooling and graduation standards.

The second aspect: While we can point to many issues where Linda has expertise and passion, we are particularly impressed by her extensive work in education. We are prompted to ask: 'Isn't it about time for a strong and experienced advocate such as Linda to work in Salem for our children's education and enrichment, and, hence, their future?'

Please join us in voting for the best possible representative we could have for our District: Linda Brown.

Gay Graham and Ron Hanson

Lake Oswego

Garrett would do a good job in Salem

To the Editor:

After seeing the two candidates vying to represent our district go head to head last week, I am incredibly excited to be supporting Chris Garrett.

As a lifelong student of Lake Oswego schools, I know how important it is to invest in education. I also know that to make this investment, we need someone in Salem with the experience to reform our revenue system to make it happen. It's not just about being committed to schools or believing 'our children are the future.' It takes real know-how and problem-solving skills to work across the aisle and fight for what matters to our community.

We need to make health care, jobs in sustainable energy and higher education priorities. To accomplish this, we'll have to reel in the corporate kicker, raise the corporate minimum from the 1931 level and get innovative as we explore new ways to pay for the quality services that make our community so special.

Chris Garrett has the experience, passion and drive to fight for us in Salem.

Zoe Walmer

Lake Oswego

Garrett impresses by his wide range

To the Editor:

We are impressed by Chris Garrett's ability to address our vital interests - especially his commitment to revitalizing the Oregon Health Care Plan, and his intelligent approach to issues involving economic development and the environment.

One illustration is his understanding of the hazards of headlong pursuit of (liquefied natural gas).

We strongly support Chris Garrett to be our representative in House District 38.

Arthur and Charlene Emlen

Lake Oswego

'We need' Brown's skills in Salem

To the Editor:

We have known Linda Brown since she moved to Lake Oswego with her family over 20 years ago.

In a community of proactive, can-do people, we have been impressed with Linda's accomplishments, ability to work with a wide variety of people and their recognition of Linda's skills, often placing her in leadership roles.

Linda has been a hard worker in both her business and volunteer activities. She is an individual who strives for working toward a big picture vision while rolling her sleeves up to work on the details. She asks questions and, most notably, listens to the answers and differing opinions she hears.

Her work on the Lake Oswego School Board exemplifies her abilities: Taking into account a variety of stakeholder ideas and concerns, thoughtfully assessing positive options and joining with her colleagues to help guide all of our district schools to a designation as 'excellent.'

As an Oregon legislator, Linda Brown would use that same active, thoughtful leadership to help bring excellence to education, health care and the environment on the state level.

Please join us in voting for Linda - we need her skills in Salem.

Teri and Paul Graham

Lake Oswego

Garrett would be a strong representative

To the Editor:

For 30 years I was a career U.S. diplomat who specialized in analyzing politics and assessing politicians.

I've met enough apparatchiks that I'm not easily impressed by many candidates or office holders. Lately I've had the chance to spend several hours one-on-one with Chris Garrett, who is running for state Representative from District 38 (Lake Oswego and SW Portland).

I asked him hard questions regarding his candidacy and what to do about the problems Oregon will face over the next five years. He gave me clear, honest answers and impressed me as a candidate whom I can support without qualms or reservations.

In every area - the environment, education, state finances, the unfortunate tendency of some representatives to put polemics and partisanship ahead of getting our state's work done - I see Chris as the person best able to serve our district and the State of Oregon.

Michael Metelits

U.S. Ambassador (Retired)

Lake Oswego

Brown is an 'exceptional candidate'

To the Editor:

It has been my pleasure to know, and to work closely with, Linda Brown as she has served Lake Oswego and the state of Oregon in countless ways.

Linda has served, extremely effectively, in a variety of positions, that have benefited our businesses, neighborhoods, children and parents, and Oregonians as whole. She has devoted her skills and knowledge to the Oregon School Boards Association and their legislative interests, to the business community through Civic Outreach, and to her local schools and neighborhoods through effective leadership on our school board and neighborhood organizations.

Linda is an exceptional candidate. I hope you will join me in supporting Linda Brown for state representative.

Judie Hammerstad

Mayor of Lake Oswego

Brown's strength is with school board

To the Editor:

As your article on the candidates for House District 38 states, Linda Brown 'steered most issues' in the debate back to education.

As I listened to her speak, she emphasized education above many other issues that affect our district. In fact, she makes education the basis for her mailers, her yard signs, as well as the centerpiece of her Web site.

Considering that her life resumé revolves almost exclusively around schools, something occurred to me. Her talents are better utilized not in Salem, but right here in Lake Oswego on the school board.

We need someone with her experience in education to focus exclusively on the very issue that she has said is most important to furthering our district. If Linda Brown were to work in Salem, the diversity of issues she would be required to address would seriously dilute her efforts to improve education here in District 38, to the detriment of our children.

Kevin D'Haeze

Lake Oswego

We can all be proud of Chris Garrett

To the Editor:

I'm writing to support Chris Garrett for state representative from District 38 (Lake Oswego and SW Portland) in the May 20 Democratic Primary.

I have known Chris for 30 years as he grew up and went to school with my daughter in Southwest Portland. From Capitol Hill Elementary School, Jackson Middle School and Wilson High School, Chris showed such intelligence and leadership that everyone knew from the beginning that he was destined for good things.

Good things including excelling in college at Reed and law school at the University of Chicago; good things like volunteer work at legal clinics for the poor and teaching at the Classroom Law Project and raising money for the Oregon Food Bank; good things like serving as a policy advisory to Sen. Richard Devlin and Senate President Peter Courtney.

But imagine my delight when Chris decided to commit his many talents and boundless energy to serving the constituents of District 38. Chris brings a fresh perspective and passion to tackling the difficult problems that face us in Oregon. He's smart, creative, diligent and cares so much about the people of Oregon and of the district that he seeks to represent. Check him out at  and voters will find out that he fits the district like a glove.

Chris Garrett is a neighbor we can all be proud of. Endorsed by the leaders and leading organizations of Distrct 38, Chris Garrett has the experience we need for the change we want in Oregon.

Chuck Tauman

Soutwest Portland

Linda Brown is 'the best choice'

To the Editor:

As someone who advocates for responsible land use planning and the preservation of what we value about our neighborhoods in Lake Oswego, I want to urge voters to vote for Linda Brown for the State House of Representatives from this District.

Linda Brown is the best choice because she understands Lake Oswego neighborhood issues. She is concerned with the relationships between new and existing houses, noise issues, soil stability and proper drainage, and the preservation of privacy, wildlife, solar access and trees.

Each legislative session, there are many bills introduced that involve land use matters. The Homebuilders have effective lobbyists as do other interest groups, but the neighborhoods do not have a voice in the Legislature. Linda Brown offers that voice. She has been president of her neighborhood association for many years and participates in Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition (LONAC) meetings. She has testified about 'infill development' and is concerned about the quality of development in established communities and the retention of what neighborhoods value.

Sensitively integrated 'infill' development is an asset to a community, and there is some very good 'infill' development. There is also some very poorly integrated 'infill' development. Linda Brown understands the issues, and she will be in a position to represent our interests at the Legislature.

I hope voters from the neighborhoods will join me in supporting Linda Brown for the House of Representatives in the 38th District.

Adrianne Brockman

Lake Oswego

Dog support event went well

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the many people of Lake Oswego and West Linn who came to the 'Oregon Dog Rescue Visits Lamb's Palisades Thriftway' event on May 3 and made it such a huge success.

We were able to find homes for five wonderful dogs, had outstanding results from our raffle, found some new volunteers, and met many new faces. We have already had help and offers of future assistance from generous people whom we had not met before. As we suspected, Lake Oswego and West Linn are full of bighearted, dog-loving residents.

Oregon Dog Rescue would also like to thank the very supportive group at Lamb's Palisades Thriftway, without whom this day would not have been possible. In addition to providing a venue, they helped with our set-up, publicized our event and made a donation to our organization.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made our dogs wag their tails.

Nancy Truax

Oregon Dog Rescue

City is looking at options

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the May 1 letter to the editor by Terry Usina Boyer in which she asks the question 'Why do we need two crosswalks within 40 or so feet from each other' (at Fourth and Fifth streets). Ms. Boyer also asks that if the crosswalk is kept, that flashing lights and signage be included. Another letter from Janice Neal, in the same edition makes a similar suggestion.

According to ORS 801.220 a crosswalk exists at every intersection, whether marked or not. The markings at Fifth Street and A Avenue serve to highlight the well-used crossing at this intersection.

As to improvements at this location, the city has conducted a traffic study for that intersection and has met with representatives from the First Addition and Evergreen neighborhood associations regarding their concerns and to receive input.

The city currently has an engineer looking at design options for improving pedestrian safety at Fifth and A.

Options include installation of pedestrian-activated overhead flashing LED lights and pedestrian crossing signs and better lighting at the intersection along with some physical changes to narrow the crossing distance. The city would like to see improvements in place by September.

Massoud Saberian

Principal Traffic Engineer

City of Lake Oswego

Brown delivers on her promises

To the Editor:

We have known Linda Brown for several years.

From the time we first met her, we have been amazed by her boundless energy and dedication to our schools and her community. More important has been her leadership, especially as the Lake Oswego School Board chair, which has brought her great respect and admiration. She is particularly adept at not just identifying the causes of problems but at moving quickly and effectively in solving them. That's one important reason Lake Oswego Schools are exceptional and among the best in the state.

We can also say that Linda is not a 'politician.' Unlike most, Linda will never promise what she cannot achieve. She will doubtless be among the hardest working representatives in Salem - one who will make all of us proud of her accomplishments on our behalf.

Linda has served the community for over 20 years. We are confident she is the better candidate, one whose experience, achievements and problem-solving skills are unsurpassed.

Mel and Emogene Waggoner

Lake Oswego

Garrett is a strong candidate

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Chris Garrett for state representative from District 38 (Lake Oswego and SW Portland) in the May 20 Democratic Primary.

Chris is the son of Lee and Bonnie Garrett. Lee for many years has been a valued colleague; both of us have taught for many years at Lewis and Clark College. I have watched Chris grow up, from his grade school days on, and have followed his career through high school, Reed College and the University of Chicago Law School.

His achievements, as a member of a Portland law firm and in Portland public affairs, are distinguished and many; they include work at legal clinics for the poor, teaching at the Classroom Law Project, serving as a policy adviser to Sen. Richard Devlin and Senate President Peter Courtney, and raising money for the Oregon Food Bank.

He is a clear thinker, expresses himself well; he is articulate and courteous. Among those who endorse him is former Gov. John Kitzhaber who comments that 'Chris has the capacity to cut through traditional political positioning to get at the real and often difficult issues we must address in areas of public education, environmental stewardship and health care.' Attorney General Hardy Myers also recommends Chris heartily for the position, saying that Chris is 'committed to preserving our environment, keeping us safe, and standing up for consumers. He knows how to get things done in Salem.'

As a long-time resident of the area that Chris seeks to represent I am enthusiastic about recommending him.

Reinhard G. Pauly

Lake Oswego

Linda Brown is worth our support

To the Editor:

I have worked with Linda Brown for the last six years on the Lake Oswego School Board. I'm pleased that she is pursuing a seat in the Oregon Legislature because she will bring to that responsibility skills and character that are sorely lacking in politics.

Linda will truly represent the people of District 38. She is not running on a specific, narrow agenda, and she is not trying to get elected by pandering to a particular constituency. This means that Linda will always be available to listen to any point of view, and not be beholding to that special interest that got her elected.

Also, Linda is not only intelligent, but also intellectually diligent. She bases her positions not on emotion, but on knowledge and research. She will not be led around by party leadership or lobbyist. but instead will act in the best interests of her constituents.

In short, Linda will be a true representative to the State for the people of our district. Vote for Linda Brown.

William R Swindells

Lake Oswego

Flyer generates some concerns

To the Editor:

I recently received several campaign publications from Linda Brown where she takes credit for protecting drinking water for kids by requiring phosphate-free fertilizers on school grounds and parks.

Lake Oswego drinking water comes from miles away from pumps on the Clackamas River. While it is a good idea to use phosphate-free fertilizers in the Oswego Lake watershed, it has nothing to do with anyone's drinking water.

One flyer even had arsenic prominently featured next to a child getting a drink. While it is true it is located on the periodic chart below phosphorus, its placement is designed to alarm, not inform.

This makes me question her basic understanding on environmental and public health issues.

Rob Baur

Lake Oswego

'Plan first, then obtain permanent financing'

To the Editor:

I was amused by the bit of reverie in the letter (May 1) from Lake Oswego Councilor Frank Groznik. At the end of his letter he writes, 'Imagine the great future.' To that I would add, 'Imagine the great cost.'

Imagine the great cost of starting a project without a plan or a budget. Imagine the great cost of proceeding without knowing what you hope to end up with. Imagine the great cost of having no idea where you are going, especially when you are spending other people's money to get there. That is what the city council is asking us to do with Measure 3-295, which requests approval of permanent financing for the West End Building.

Isn't it ironic that the city council spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of the steering committee's time to develop a comprehensive plan for the $100 million community center, which nobody wanted, but now that the citizens have said they want to keep the building, they have no plan? If that approach was good enough for them then, why is it not now? We need to apply sound business practices to a project with this size and potential impact on our community. Plan first, then obtain permanent financing.

Citizens of Lake Oswego should vote No on measure 3-295 and insist that the City Council give us a well-defined plan before we give them our hard-earned tax dollars.

Greg Nelson

Lake Oswego

Kroger would challenge the status quo

To the Edi

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