'Let's send Linda Brown to Salem'

To the Editor:

We are fortunate to have an excellent candidate for House District 38 in Linda Brown, current Lake Oswego School Board Chair. As a Lake Oswego teacher with the firsthand opportunity to see her at work, I appreciate her knowledge, passion for education, and outstanding leadership.

Linda Brown makes the grade. In fact, she earns an A+ because she:

Listens carefully and asks penetrating questions

Does her homework thoroughly and conscientiously

Works well with others and takes initiative to solve problems

For those reasons and many more, she's earned the recommendation of our local teachers. Although our community currently benefits from her expertise and leadership here, she deserves a field trip: Let's send her to Salem!

Jan Pearce

President, Lake Oswego Education Association

Garrett won't need on-the-job training

To the Editor:

As someone who grew up with Chris Garrett in the area now covered by the district he is running to represent, I fully support Garrett's bid in the House District 38 race.

Chris won't need any on the job training as he has already worked in Salem for both Richard Devlin and Peter Courtney. He is solid on the issues, he knows how to accomplish things at the Capitol and he has an open and listening ear, which will help him truly represent his district.

Please join me in supporting Chris Garrett for state representative.

Adam Robins


Placement left a lot to be desired

To the Editor:

Ad and news placement in a newspaper make a difference.

Putting Gene Wizer's noteworthy accomplishments and doctoral honor (on the same page as) the obituaries says a lot, not about Gene but rather about the Lake Oswego Review.

It reflects a most unfortunate bias and is truly insensitive. I know, too, from personal experience. When I ran for Oregon state representative in 1995-96, my picture and news item ended up next to the garbage ad. How do you fight that as a political candidate?

Ann Lackey

Lake Oswego

Kroger is ready to become Oregon AG

To the Editor:

Greg Macpherson's recent Attorney General ads have been misleading. The most recent ad points out quite tactlessly that John Kroger has only recently passed the Oregon Bar Exam.

What Macpherson fails to acknowledge is that prior to passing the Oregon Bar, Kroger was a federal prosecutor, attended Yale, graduated from Harvard Law School, and prosecuted Enron. He is also a law professor at Lewis and Clark Law School. He only recently took the Oregon Bar Exam because he has not needed to be licensed in Oregon until now, and it has nothing to do with his knowledge of or ability to practice law.

Kroger plans to increase environmental protection, end the meth epidemic, and protect the civil rights of Oregonians. Currently, Oregon has a child welfare score of 'D,' because too many children are living with drug addicted parents. Furthermore, over 100,000 single parents do not get paid full child support for which they are entitled. This leads to hungry and unhealthy children. Kroger will make protecting children a top priority when he takes office. He is ready, Mr. Macpherson.

Annette Smith


Brown serves as 'champion' for kids

To the Editor:

Linda Brown has worked tirelessly to improve the community of Lake Oswego.

She brings intelligence and enthusiasm to everything she does, and she really listens to what people have to say. Fortunately for the community, Linda is also a 'hands on' environmentalist. Twice she has donned a haz-mat body suit to help Lakeridge High School sort its waste. She was instrumental in the deconstruction (recycling) of the old Lake Oswego High School, and in choosing clean, green materials for the renovation of both high schools. She supports environmental education and electives that keep children engaged.

I know and trust Linda Brown. She's there when you need her. She's put in her time and done her homework. Linda's not running for state representative as a step up the ladder.

She's running because she knows the children of Oregon need champions. She will focus her considerable energy and problem-solving ability on improving education - which is intertwined with the environment, the economy, healthcare and everything that truly matters to Oregonians.

Susan Terry

Lake Oswego

Brown has good 'abilities to listen'

To the Editor:

Linda Brown helped me in my capacity as a Neighborhood Association Chair to get official support for a pedestrian pathway project.

In my dealings with Linda, I've come to appreciate her remarkable abilities to listen and observe as a prelude to assessing solution options. Despite what gets thrown at her, she shows respect for everyone, and always has a sunny outlook. These are all skills which a strong state representative should have.

Linda's knowledge extends beyond her well-known public background.

Amongst other issues, she is aware of rising health care costs and access problems that beset all of us, including small business owners, employees and family members denied health care insurance because of faultless preconditions.

I look forward to Linda Brown being elected state representative for House District 38 and working with other state reps to craft solutions to these issues that benefit all Oregonians.

Peter Klaebe

Lake Oswego

Lehan would be good for county

To the Editor:

As vice president of the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce and resident of the city of Lake Oswego, I am writing to encourage the citizens of Lake Owego to vote for Charlotte Lehan in the May primary for Clackamas County Commissioner position 4.

Economic vitality means building on our region's tremendous assets to attract and retain businesses that value our quality of life and provide family wage jobs.

Charlotte knows this and has had a pro-business agenda as the mayor of the city of Wilsonville for the past 12 years. Mayor Lehan also expects the business community to be engaged in the community and has worked with us to build a strong city.

I ask you to join me in voting for Charlotte Lehan for Clackamas County Commissioner, Position 4, in the May primary.

Ray Phelps

Lake Oswego

Novick spurs change in registration

To the Editor:

I'm a native Oregonian living in Lake Oswego since 2003, and I think it's a great community: Financially stable, superior schools, low crime, protective of our environment, a good neighbor.

We have those amenities because we can afford them, but it's clear what things like sewer interceptors and fire/EMS and fully funded schools cost - they're mighty expensive! Do we pay for them anyway? Of course, because we benefit in the long term, and doing so often forestalls crises that would be much worse.

My fellow Oregonian Steve Novick recently said that Republicans try to hide the fact that taxes pay for popular services, and Democrats try to hide the fact that popular services are expensive. We know that's true, but the people we keep sending to DC seem afraid to admit it. What works for us in Lake Oswego can work in Washington - but we know it's not something for nothing. Still, we do it because it's right for our futures and those of our children.

Mr. Novick is running for Senate this month on the Democratic ticket. I know he'll make the right choices even if they're tough choices, and won't be afraid to tell us what it will take.

Because I think that kind of straight talk and trust in voters is refreshing and beyond the same old ways of party-over-truth, for the first time in my life I've registered Democratic and will vote to put Steve Novick's voice into the U.S. Senate. I hope you'll join me.

Mark Bunster

Lake Oswego

Brown is 'great listener

and bridge builder'

To the Editor:

We're voting for Linda Brown for state Representative in the 38th District.

We've lived in Lake Oswego for over a decade and during that time, Linda has worked tirelessly to support public school funding and has helped the Lake Oswego School District secure needed funds for our community.

We believe her integrity, smarts and problem solving skills will be a great asset to the Legislature as she works for all of us on many issues in our district. She's also a great listener and bridge builder.

In an era of partisan bickering, her positive attitude and optimism are two things that are sorely needed. Please join us in supporting Linda.

Nina DeConcini and

John Heninger

Lake Oswego

Brown 'wants to make a difference' in Oregon

To the Editor:

Linda Brown will make representing the people of District 38 her full-time job, because she cares about people and wants to make a difference.

She is not a career politician; she is an honest, energetic, well-informed, bright, articulate and hardworking volunteer. She will represent the people she serves with the passion and compassion that has made her a standout in her neighborhood, on her city's school board and for the broader good of the community.

Linda is approachable, available and responsive.

Please vote for Linda Brown.

Barbara MacIntosh

Lake Oswego

Support the future by

voting yes on 3-295

To the Editor:

Working in Lake Oswego, I am reminded everyday of how much our city has changed for the better over the past eight years. We have a thriving downtown, beautiful parks and wonderful restaurants. As a result of a lot of hard work by citizens planning together with our city council, Lake Oswego will be the place where people want to live, visit, work and raise families for years to come.

Long-term community investments, such as the purchase of the West End Building, are vital to a growing, thriving community. Although citizens have not yet decided exactly what the use for the building will be, there is no doubt that it offers multiple options to meet community, civic, public safety and recreational needs.

In November, the city council took the first step in permanent planning for this property, by asking the voters if they approved of the purchase. Voters, by a large margin, said 'yes.' Measure 3-295 is the second step in the process: replace the current short-term line of credit, used to buy the property, with general obligation bonds. Later this year, the city council will take the next step: beginning the process of working with the community to decide on when and how to use the West End Building - and the possibilities are exciting.

This long-term community investment will serve many community needs - both now and in the future.

I hope you'll join me in voting yes on Measure 3-295.

Chris Schetky

Lake Oswego

Garrett would represent District 38 'well and fairly'

To the Editor:

For District 38, Garrett is my choice.

Chris Garrett, a refreshing new face in local politics, was unknown to me prior to this campaign.

I am impressed with his knowledge of the workings of the Legislature derived from his stints working for state Senate President Peter Courtney and Sen. Richard Devlin.

I believe his broad vision of the tasks facing the Legislature and his commitment to working on them long term, will bring to the Legislature the drive, skills and dedication needed to accomplish good things for the state.

I have been particularly impressed with his interest in constituent's ideas and his willingness to listen to all sides.

Chris will represent all people in District 38 well and fairly.

George Forester

Lake Oswego

Vote no on Measure 3-295 - as more will follow

To the Editor:

City councilor Frank Groznik's letter to the editor regarding his son's fencing classes at the Safeco building is simultaneously amazing and sad. Here is a city councilor, who last year witnessed how divisive the Safeco purchase and plans for the $100 million community center was, advocating fervently for his son's fencing classes at a new community center with 'mirrors on two walls' enabling Groznik to 'watch the sun set as my son learned a new skill.'

He goes on to 'imagine the great future' of 'tennis courts and Frisbee fields' and 'a front lawn demonstration garden.' He so soon forgets that the public uproar with the grandiose community center plan last summer caused the city council to mothball it.

Councilor Groznik, and unfortunately most of our city councilors, are woefully out of touch with today's realities of funding the sewer interceptor, major improvements to our water system, $4 gasoline and bread with no end in sight, a city road maintenance funding shortfall, requested PCC and library tax levies, all at a time when we have instability in financial markets, rampant mortgage foreclosures, declines in stock market and real estate values, job losses, ad infinitum.

There are so many worthy and/or essential things for the city to spend our money on. Groznik's fencing facility with mirrored glass, tennis courts, and frisbee fields are not among them. Tennis courts were not even part of the proposed $100 million grandiose plan. Apparently, he doesn't know that or he wants to spend even more.

Please vote no on Measure 3-295. This is only the first of a series of future ballot measures and operating levies related to the purchase, development, and operation of the ill-conceived Safeco project.

Gordon Umaki

Lake Oswego

Garrett offers up a 'social conscience'

To the Editor:

Chris Garrett is by far the best choice to serve as our state representative.

He has valuable legal expertise as well as experience working in the Salem environment. But there is more to his story. Citizens naturally demand that their representative advocate for the 'greater good,' and Chris has done so by helping clean up our waterways, provide school funding, and much more.

But what makes him more unique is the fact that he uses his legal expertise toward relatively unseen activism. He has volunteered his time to help low-income families keep their home, assisted a woman gain freedom from oppression, and used his own experience to help students further their education.

Shunning financial gain for the sake of improving society tells a lot about Chris. This type of social conscience is something we can all learn from, and will be a valuable asset to our community.

My vote is for Chris Garrett.

Kevin D'Haeze

Lake Oswego

Can't 'fathom voting for Measure 3-295'

To the Editor:

Ever since I was able to vote, I have taken that privilege seriously. As I read the Voters Pamphlet and filled in my ballot, I weighed each vote on my priorities, values and past experiences.

This year's primary is very important, not only for the Presidential race, but also for local measures and candidates.

When I considered the Measure 3-295, I could not in all good faith vote for it. The citizens of this city will be paying for the the sewer interceptor, we have a school bond measure coming up in November, Metro wants to improve the zoo with a measure in November, there will be a library measure in November and we also have to consider the not-so-far-in-the-future improvements needed for our water supply. All of these will either raise our taxes or increase our utility costs.

When I put all these potential increases in my list of expenses and prioritize them, I could not fathom voting for Measure 3-295. The Safeco Building has been financed by using our dwindling tax reserves, the city still does not know what it wants to use it for and Measure 3-295 will only finance what it is today.

Any future improvements such as the required earthquake retrofitting to enable 9-1-1, the police and fire departments to move into that building, would be an additional cost. Where will that money come from?

I encourage everyone to vote no on Measure 3-295.

Kathe Worsley

Lake Oswego

Linda Brown has 'strong

leadership skills'

To the Editor:

Voters in District 38 are fortunate to have two strong candidates running for the House of Representatives.

Both Linda Brown and Chris Garrett offer many, yet differing, strengths to that position. I met Chris when we worked on Richard Devlin's first campaign for Representative. I saw Linda in action several years ago when I regularly attended school board meetings as an objective observer for AAUW (American Association of University Women).

I became very impressed with her ability to listen to people expressing different perspectives on important subjects. Linda's questions went to the core of challenging issues, then with new knowledge she would clarify the important parts of the matter to craft proposals for creative solutions moving toward wise plans of action. Today I see Linda frequently in two other groups where I still have an opportunity to experience her strong leadership skills.

Though I would support either candidate who is ultimately elected to this office, I value the style of leadership that Linda will bring to the Capital. In this day of badly polarized politics her skills in collaborative problem solving are much needed for the health of our community.

Dorothy Martin

Lake Oswego

Charlotte Lehan deserves support as commissioner

To the Editor:

With some tough growth issues on the forefront for Clackamas County, there is no stronger candidate for county commission than Charlotte Lehan, the current mayor of Wilsonville.

Mayor Lehan has the proven leadership and experience to deal with growth in a balanced way that will not compromise our neighborhoods, farmland and natural resources.

Mayor Lehan received resounding support from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters for her record standing up for the region's environment. I urge you to vote for Charlotte Lehan for Clackamas County Commission in May primary for the future of our county, our region and our state.

Sue Marshall

Clackamas County Chapter OLCV

Lake Oswego

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