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I'm John Kroger, and I'm running for Oregon Attorney General because the state needs an experienced lawyer in that office who will aggressively fight for every Oregonian.

I am a law professor at Lewis and Clark Law School and former federal criminal prosecutor. As a prosecutor, I represented the United States in court more than 1,000 times, convicting mafia killers, drug kingpins and corrupt government officials. I also prosecuted crooked Enron executives.

My goals are simple: I will tackle Oregon's meth crisis, protect Oregon's environment, defend our civil rights, protect consumers from scam artists and crooked companies and ensure that every parent gets the child support they deserve.

Fighting Meth

Meth is Oregon's No. 1 crime problem, the largest cause of property crime, identity theft and serious child abuse. As Attorney General, I will work with the legislature, treatment experts, police chiefs, district attorneys and sheriffs to craft a new drug treatment and prevention program for our state. My vision for better addiction treatment is one of the reasons why Gov. John Kitzhaber endorsed me.

I will revitalize the Attorney General's organized crime unit, so we can go after the big drug cartels that bring most of the meth into the state from Mexico. To do this, I will draw upon my own successes prosecuting drug dealers, Enron and the mafia.

Protecting the


Right now, every single major river in Oregon has failed federal water quality standards and Portland was ranked the third most toxic city in America by Businessweek magazine. To me, this is unacceptable. My goal is to make Oregon the nationwide leader in environmental protection once again, as we were in the past. This means tougher fines and jail time for big polluters, so we can hold them accountable once again. My commitment to strong environmental enforcement is one reason why the Sierra Club supports me.

Defending Civil Rights

I am the only candidate in this race with extensive courtroom experience, representing the United States as a federal prosecutor more than 1,000 times and winning every trial and appeal. If the civil rights and civil liberties of Oregonians are threatened, I won't send a deputy to court. I will argue the case myself.

I will do everything I can to prevent judges from overturning the landmark pro-choice Roe v. Wade decision. I will also work to see that the recently passed legislation banning sexual orientation discrimination is properly enforced.

Protecting Oregon's Consumers

As a federal prosecutor, I helped prosecute Enron for all of its crimes. As Attorney General, I will be a true consumer watchdog. I will create an Internet crimes task force to go after sexual predators and identity thieves, investigate abusive and undisclosed fees by credit card companies and aggressively attack home mortgage fraud.

Child Support

Every year, more than 100,000 single parents in Oregon do not get their child support payments at all or in a timely fashion, and this causes immense hardship to these parents and their children. We can and must do better. I will do this by revamping the Oregon Department of Justice's child support division to ensure that Oregon's children get the support they deserve.

If you have any questions about my campaign, please contact me at 503-224-3316 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also visit my Web site at .

John Kroger, Portland, a professor at the Lewis and Clark Law School, is a candidate for Oregon Attorney General.

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