Annie to the rescue

Annie the dachshund is credited with helping to rescue her owner in Lake Oswego early Wednesday.

A Lake Oswego woman was rescued by her 10-pound dog early Wednesday morning on Mardee Avenue off of Jean Road.

Pamela Fisher, 60, had just returned from a trip to Hawaii and was walking her 2-year-old dachshund at about 1 a.m. when she stumbled on a curb and grabbed a loose signpost as she fell, which caused her to lose her balance and fall toward the pole.

Fisher struck her head and landed in the grass along the road. Her dog Annie's incessant barking lured Lake Oswego Police to the scene about an hour later.

Sgt. John Brent said the dog would not allow his police car to pass. As he tried to catch Annie, he heard Fisher call from nearby.

Fisher, who walks with a cane, had lost track of it in the fall but said she lay still to recover from the blow to her head and a wrenched back.

She was recovering midday Wednesday after being treated at the scene. She was grateful her dog's reaction brought help.

'She's the reason people were alerted,' she said.

Fisher gave Annie an extra biscuit but stopped short of more praise for the dog.

'I didn't want to say 'good girl' too much because I didn't want to condone all that barking,' she said.