It appears from the poll published in the article 'Battling Gloom,' (May 15) that most Portlanders don't know what a real recession is: two consecutive calendar quarters with negative economic growth.

We're still having economic growth, folks - not much, but there's still growth. From your article, it appears Portlanders think we're in a depression like the 1930s.


Clearly, we're not even in a recession, but rather, a slowdown in growth. The media is largely responsible, in my opinion, for establishing the negativity so common today. Without negativity, what reason would there be for 'change'? You're all being brainwashed and you don't even know it.

Geoffrey Davey

Southwest Portland

Story misrepresented Hayden situation

Nick Budnick wrote an article about me in last Thursday's Portland Tribune. I had declined to speak with Mr. Budnick, because I resolved my dispute with Patty Schweiger during trial, and I didn't think it was appropriate or necessary to talk about it further in the press.

Unfortunately, the article contained mistakes, and it said things that just weren't true. I still don't care to discuss the details of my case against Mrs. Schweiger in the press, other than to say that I sued her because it was extremely important to me to establish that the things she was saying about me were not true.

I wish Mr. Budnick had focused on my denial, and not just the untrue accusations.

I also want to make the record clear: I never made any of the statements that were attributed to me by Chris Schweiger in the article. My parents were not 'fundamentalist Muslims' or Muslims at all, nor am I.

The trial testimony about Iranians killing their wives was from a renter whom my parents evicted. I was not 'aligned with' my father or against my mother in the divorce. My father didn't have any 'business holdings' - he and my mom owned four small rental properties, none of which brought in much.

When my father went to prison, I put all the income from those 'business holdings' into trying to find out what really happened to my mother.

The most important thing is this: I loved both my parents very much, and nothing in my life hurt worse than losing my mom. I feared for my mother because she was associating with people who I thought were scary.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Budnick wrote this article in the fashion that he did.

Pooneh Entezari

Northeast Portland

Loss of Taste column is loss for the paper

I opened a recent edition of the Portland Tribune a few weeks ago, looking first for Liz Colie Gadberry's weekly Taste column. I was not too surprised to find she wasn't there - after all, everyone is entitled to a week off here and there. I was concerned the following week not to find her and came to find out she's no longer a regular feature.

She's one of the best things going for your paper. Colie Gadberry reviews a broad range of eating establishments, not just the new and popular eateries. You've made a mistake in not maintaining her weekly column.

Diane Karpinski

Northeast Portland

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