During the DRC hearing on May 5, the opponents told us exactly why Lakeridge should not be able to host 4 to 7 football games each year, why a PA system should not be used during varsity games and why the existing field lights should not stay on an additional 30 minutes. Here is some of what they had to say, as close to verbatim as possible:

1) I have a 2 and a 3 year old and they need to take naps in the afternoon for them to be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

2) The light is terrible. It floods my backyard and dining room. I cannot sit in the hot tub and enjoy a starlit night or sit in the dining room and enjoy a candlelit dinner.

3) Hordes of people are going to be walking through our neighborhood. There's a big noise issue when people are walking, yelling, screaming and excited.

4) These proposed changes would substantially impair property values within our neighborhood.

5) A lot of people here tonight don't live anywhere near Lakeridge.

6) Vehicle damage and bodily injury will likely occur because of coverts, berms, unlit streets and the lack of sidewalks. Anyone who lives in the Palisades neighborhood can attest that driving on a dark, rainy, fall night through our neighborhood is hazardous.

7) You can close off our street with two cars. So if my child needs to get to the hospital, he will most likely have to be helicoptered out of our neighborhood.

8) I've had two of my children graduate from Lakeridge and we got along just fine without the additional sports activities there. I believe we need to preserve the residential quality of the neighborhood and resist all proposals to turn it into a venue for sports.

9) Using valuable natural resources to expand the stadium is irresponsible and forces some countries to choose between those resources and electricity for their people. Should Lakeridge have a new stadium to use 5 times a year or should children in Chile, China or South America have light to do their homework by and improve their lives?

10) (Copied Verbatim) - 'We've had some serious problems in our country and you're about to put 3,000 people on a field that you can block up (with traffic) and prevent them from leaving. What happens if we have a student or a postman or someone from our community who is not quite stable, with a gun? You are putting every person that you put on that field, without adequate access to get away from that field, in danger.'

I don't think any additional commentary is necessary, readers can come to their own conclusions.

Every comment can be verified by listening to the DRC audio tape. The link is:

Cathy Shroyer is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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