I can no longer contain my shock and outrage. For anyone who still questions why Lakeridge's current CUP needs to change, here are just a few examples of how our hard-working, dedicated student athletes pay the price.

The lack of a PA system means that Lakeridge is unable to host a district track meet ... ever. It means that to the embarrassment of every Lakeridge student and parent, our National Anthem must be played on a karaoke machine. It means that Lakeridge players who make goals, assists or great plays must be at any other school in the state in order to hear their name called. It means that during senior night for soccer, track or lacrosse, special presentations honoring the seniors cannot be heard or enjoyed by anyone in attendance.

When the field lights were first installed at Lakeridge in 1999, a few people who had opposed the lights insisted that Lakeridge not be allowed to control them. So Lakeridge's lights are controlled by the city's computers; they automatically go on and off at pre-determined times. Although they can be manually turned off, there is no way to manually turn them on, even in an emergency. Since 1999, five Lakeridge football teams and three soccer teams have been forced to forfeit their games; either because the field lights did not automatically turn on at dusk or the lights automatically went off before the game was over. No one present could turn the lights on; not the coaches, not the athletic director, not even the principal ...  no one. Even the baseball field is affected. Last year the Lakeridge baseball team hosted a summer tournament and before the championship game was over, the lights on the field automatically went off. Players had to gather their belongings and spectators had to exit the bleachers in near total darkness. There was no champion crowned that night, only disappointed players, family and friends; many of whom had traveled quite a distance to be in the tournament. Lakeridge should not only be allowed to keep its lights on until 10 p.m. like every other school and park in the city, but it should be allowed to have manual control over them.

The current CUP doesn't allow parking anywhere except in the two school parking lots, but this rule only applies if the turf field is in use ... this is ridiculous. We are allowed to park on nearby neighborhood streets for back to school night, graduation, indoor sports, plays, etc, but not during soccer, lacrosse or football games? Be real ... parking is parking and no high school in America has enough on-site parking to accomodate every school event or activity. For goodness sake, given the chance to finally see our boys play football at home, we are certainly willing and able to park responsibly and safely on nearby public streets 4 to 5 nights a year.

How or why Lakeridge has had to put up with this for so many years may remain a mystery, but what I do know is that the insanity must stop. Maybe the consequences of the CUP's restrictions were not anticipated, but it is now clear that our children deserve better than this. Please join me on Monday, June 2, at 7 p.m. at city hall as the DRC makes its final decision.

Jeanette Leece is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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