Lets be real about unrealistic


After reading Mr. Hesselman article in the May 22 edition of the Review, I'm convinced the world has gone mad. He told us that homes surrounding Lakeridge were not 'Quonset huts.' He told us they were built for 'residential peace' and not constructed to withstand the 'roar of the crowd' or to be 'bombarded with noise until late at night.'

OK, you win that point, your home was not built like a bomb shelter, but I don't think any of the thousands of homes surrounding high schools throughout our country are either. One can only wonder how those 'other' people go on living, day after day, year after year, while their local high school hosts 4 to 7 football games per year, uses a PA system and shines lights onto the field. Wow, they must be a hardy bunch.

Next, we're told, 'None (of the homes) were built expecting their streets to be lined with parked vehicles and strewn with trash.' And, 'They were all built with absolutely no expectation as to what is proposed.' Mr. Hesselman, you have got to be kidding me. On what planet does someone buy a home near a high school, surrounded by playing fields and then becomes shocked and outraged when proposals are made to actually use those fields? And by the way, you and your neighbors do not live on private streets. Your streets are paid for and maintained by our tax dollars and it is perfectly reasonable to have people park on streets (which have approved by city staff and the fire marshal) to attend a few football games. To make it sound like cars will be clogging your streets all year long is misleading and pure fabrication. We're talking about 4 to 7 nights a year!

Let's be real, this is clearly about unrealistic expectations and the inability of some to accept change. Not just random, unchecked change, but thoughtful, reasonable change. Concerns regarding safety, traffic, noise and light have been addressed and mitigating measures have been proposed by the city's fire marshal, city planning staff and city traffic engineer. They have all given this proposal the green light.

Mr. Hesselman, maybe you can mitigate the perceived inconvenience by taking your wife out to dinner and a movie on those few Friday nights. This way you can escape the irritating, obnoxious, un-American 'bombardment' of bands playing, people cheering and the sound of a community coming together to support its team.

Debbie Gilbert is a resident of Lake Oswego.