Korach is back at his post in LO


Lake Oswego School District Superintendent Bill Korach, who was recently diagnosed with coronary syndrome and a critical unstable blockage, is back in the office this week after an angioplasty last Thursday.

Korach was admitted to Legacy Meridian Park Hospital June 2, after experiencing chest pain.

The doctors believe that Korach heeded warning signs early enough to fix the problem, and his cardiologist inserted two stents.

'It was one of those situations where it was really close to being much, much more serious,' said Kor-ach. 'The good news is I had no heart damage. I'm a very fortunate guy.'

Korach said he is '95 percent back.'

He missed last week's graduation ceremonies at Lakeridge High School and Lake Oswego High School, at which he typically speaks.

'It really killed me to miss graduation. I had my speech all ready and it was a speech I really wanted to deliver,' said Korach.

He added, 'People have been tremendously supportive. I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful concern.'

Korach will now be facing some lifestyle changes that will be challenging, he said.

First, he will have to eat a heart- healthy diet. 'I eat so much on the go that is going to take some discipline,' he said.

He also packed up his pipe collection and special tobaccos and sealed it up. He has been smoking a pipe since he was in his 20s.

The hardest one is finding the time to get consistent exercise. 'I get up at 5 a.m. and get to school at 6:15 a.m.,' said Korach. 'Where I'm going to fit that into my days is a mystery. I've got an exercise room so that's not the problem.'