by: SUBMITTED PHOTO / KATIE ERB BRINK, Kellie Arceneaux, Lake Oswego High School, won Best in Show in the festival’s High School Division for her drawings.

Award winners have been announced for the 2008 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts that took place Friday through Sunday at Lakewood Center for the Arts and in George Rogers Park.

Best of Show Award - Richard W. Yechout, Joker;

Patron's Choice Award - Robert Barron, Ruined Boat;

Artist's Vision Jurors' Award - Li Tie, Breeze;

Lakewood Center Board Award - Li Tie, Hopeful;

Lakewood Center Associates Purchase Award In Honor of Zandra Winters - Kim Baker, A Very Koi Maiden and Woo's on First

Chronicle Public Art Awards - for the city of Lake Oswego Permanent Art Collection - Amanda Houston, Amidst the Blueberries and Trudy Wolf Jacobs, George Rogers Park Boulders and Trees

Chronicle Exhibit Best of Show - Dave Haslett, Moon Stone

Chronicle Exhibit Honorable Mention - Mona Jones Cordell, Flying (Graceful Strength); Louie Gizyn, Summer's Market; Jeff Gracz, Flowing River with Red-Osier Dogwood; Susan Greenbaum, Lakeside Reflections; Chris Keylock-Williams, Framing the Story; Don MacLane, Emma's Balance

Open Show Blue Ribbons were awarded to: Theresa Andreas-O'Leary, Bill Baily, Rebecca J. Becker, Katie Erb Brink, Danlar, Marilyn Davis, Sandy Dutko, Dave Haslett, Matt Hyland, Kim Lakin, Erin Leichty, Roger A. Long, Patricia Mark, Anna Mastellos Morris, Curtis Peltz, Julia Peltz, Tiffany Raugust, Jan Rimerman, Patricia Schmidt, Virginia Stull, Beth Verheyden, Bob Woolhizer, Linda Workman-Morelli, Richard W. Yechout

Open Show Honorable Mention winners: Constance Lee Adams, Toni Avery*, Bill Baily, Rebecca J. Becker*, Nikki Blackwood, Sandy Brooks, Chris Castor, Peggy Clark, Melinda Dalke, Jessica Henry Davis, Ben Dye, Steve Farris, Susan Frohnmayer, Bryan Grimes, Carl Haire, K.C. Hancock, Dave Haslett, Allen Hopper, Matt Hyland, Justin Jones, Bev Jozwiak, T.A. Kiser, Kim Lakin, Kathi Lamm, James Lathum, Dyanne Locati, Peggie Moje, Anna Mastellos Morris*, Ann Munson* Keith R. Prior, Chris Raish, Mark Randall*, Jan Rimerman, Rebecca Shao*, Terry Street, Virginia Stull, June Swanson-Geraci, Li Tie*, J.E. Tosoni*, Beth Verheyden, Lisa Wiser.

*These Artists also received Artist Recognition Awards in Watercolor, Collage, Mixed Media, Colored Pencil, Acrylic, Oil, Drawing and Pastels.

Craft Faire Blue Ribbons - Jason Johnston, Hung Nguyen, Kathleen Otley.

Craft Faire Honorable Mention - Lee Rumsey Haga, Terry Maddox.

High School Show Awards

Best in Show, High School Division: Kellie Arceneaux, LOHS Ink Drawing

Three-Dimensional Art:

1st place: Alex Simpson, LOHS Ceramics

2nd place: Blake McCord, LHS Ceramics

3rd place: Ryland Silberbach, LHS Ceramics

Honorable Mention: Oliver Glenn, LOHS Ceramics and Josie Silberbach, LHS Ceramics

Two-Dimensional Art:

1st place: Sean Silverstein, LOHS Drawing

2nd place: Megan McGunniess, LOHS Drawing

3rd place: Emily Liu, LOHS Printmaking

Honorable Mention: Kemy Lin, LOHS Drawing

Honorable Mention: Mimi Granlund, LOHS Drawing


1st place: Joanna Faris, LOHS

2nd place: Joanna Faris, LOHS

3rd place: Hailey Jones, LOHS

Honorable Mention: Kevin Warner, LHS

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