Brewer's annual Pug Crawl ready to set tails a-waggin'
by: anni tracy The popular Portland Pug Crawl at MacTarnahan's Taproom raises funds every year for the Oregon Humane Society. This year's theme is ‘Puglandia,’ and will likely attract hipster and artist-type costumed pugs to the May 22 event.

Lil' Jak puckers up for the Oregon Humane Society, and he doesn't care how much coin the person drops in the coffers.

'If they put a buck in, he'll kiss them 27 times,' says Kathleen Miller, proud parent of Jak, the kissing bandit of OHS's popular Pug Crawl. 'He's kind of obsessed about licking' - the dog version of sweet busses.

Jak will, er, man the Pug Crawl kissing booth for the fourth year in a row in an event themed after the television show for which Portland has become somewhat famous - it's 'Puglandia.' The 11th annual Pug Crawl goes from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 22, at the MacTarnahan's Taproom, 2730 N.W. 31st Ave.

Included, again, in the event is the parade of pugs, beginning at 2:30 p.m., where parents dress up their pets in themed costume. So, spinning off 'Portlandia,' expect a variety of hoodies, funky glasses and attire where enthusiastic artist types have 'put a pug on it.'


Tribune Photos: Anni Tracy • The annual crawl gives pug owners and enthusiasts alike the chance to enjoy food, brews and tunes while watching hundreds of costumed pugs (above, from the 2010 event) parade around outside MacTarnahan's Taproom in Northwest Portland.

Previous themes have included 'Pugstock' (a play off Woodstock), with three days (actually, hours) of hippies, rasta, peace, love and pugs, 'Superheroes,' with dogs dressed as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and 'Pirates' with one pug dressed in pirate garb and hat and riding in a wagon decked out like a pirate ship.

A hit last year was the woman who creatively dressed her pug as a chia pet. And, Jenny the Pug pushed around a mini-stroller of baby stuffed pugs.

Portland and pugs make a good match, says David Lytle of the Oregon Humane Society. The group rarely sees stray, unwanted or abandoned pugs. Pacific Pug Rescue, the city's largest shelter, deals with about 10 each month.

Miller has six pugs in her home - two of her own, four available for adoption. Jak is 9 and about 20 pounds. He has a Facebook page and a brother named Tucker.

'They've got a great personality,' she says. 'Pugs are not generally fearful or hostile, they're very mischievous and very loyal. They love everybody they meet, animal or person. … And their goofy faces - some people think cute, some people think ugly.'

Laura Gamble, adoption coordinator for Pacific Pug Rescue, has two pugs and two foster pugs - Ferdinand, Riley, Java and Lolly. 'They are comical little guys,' she says, of pugs.

- Jason Vondersmith

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