Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for a pair of First Addition residents: Craig and Joan (last name not listed).

But the sun that most of us have been wishing for all spring was a culprit in what could very easily have been a bad turn of events last Friday.

When the family left its home that day, it was a little cloudy.

During the hour they were gone, the sun came out and the sun shone brightly through the skylight in a bedroom. The sunbeam was first directed onto a desktop magnifying glass, then directed onto a pair of glasses and then redirected onto a leather case. And then came smoke.

Randy, an irrigation man from Clemmens Irrigation Company who was working on the sprinkler system outside at the time, noticed the smoke that was now filling the room. With the help of a neighbor, they luckily found a window ajar in the house. Randy was able to get into the bedroom and move the magnifying glass out of harm's way. Windows were left open to air the room out, and the family came home to a message from Randy on its answering machine, apologizing for the home invasion but assuring them their outdoor sprinkler system was in good working order.

Craig believes their house was saved because of Randy's keen observations and the way things all miraculously fell into place with no real damage on Friday the 13th.

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