by: L.E. BASKOW, Richard Grijalva rides his bicycle with an attached trailer under the Morrison Bridge. More homeless people are adopting this mode of transportation, which allows for greater mobility and the ability to haul their possessions. Donations of bikes and trailers are needed.

There are a lot of wannabe homeless people, but there also are those who are homeless because of circumstance (Downwardly mobile, June 26).

What about living month by month and then the store goes under? Trying to find a job when you can't pay your power bill or rent doesn't make you a drug user or a lesser person.

All the appointments you have to receive help getting off the street take you clear across town using the little money you're trying to save to get indoors. What do you do?

A bike and trailer have done wonders for so many homeless people. I've seen the smile of hope that happens when someone is encouraged by any transportation that can help them get to doctor appointments and job interviews. A trailer to haul your stuff could mean the ability to get a job.

Anyone could be on the streets - it happens every day. Do something to help out: Donate a trailer or your old Huffy. Help change happen.

Terry Miller

Southeast Portland

Law was broken, plain and simple

This boo-hoo story about illegal immigrants who got busted at the Fresh Del Monte plant didn't bring one tear in this American's eyes (A year after raid, lives still on hold, June 5).

I do not feel sorry one bit. They got caught, they pay the price. Period. This would not have happened if they entered the country legally and obtained legal work visas.

The illegal woman, Abdias Cortéz, fears going back to Mexico due to drug runners and high crime? Los Angeles has the same problems. Quit the excuses and go back to Mexico. If she desires to return, she can come back legally.

Martin Bush


Lewis' immigration stance may cost votes

The letter from City Council candidate Charles Lewis (Day labor center is step in right direction, June 26) left out one important fact: All the workers are illegal immigrants. So Lewis must approve of illegals taking the place of legal workers. I know of a lot of votes that he just lost. Charles Lewis obviously is not concerned about legal citizens' rights, but I bet he wants us to pay for it all.

Steven Ball

Northeast Portland

'Suicide' was poor word choice in story

In response to your article dealing with end-of-life issues (End of life as she knows it, May 22), I ask you to reconsider your use of the word 'suicide.'

I had hoped that a publication as well respected as yours would have the sensitivity to realize the Death With Dignity Act is not about 'suicide,' but rather the rational decision made by a dying person to have some choice in how they die.

A terminally ill patient is, by definition, already dying. He or she is not choosing death over life - that option is no longer available.

Your use of the word 'suicide' plays on the bias that some Oregonians feel about giving individuals the right to make their own final decisions about the timing of their deaths. Language matters.

David Greenberg

Northeast Portland

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