A Lake Oswego High School student recently filed a Title IX complaint against the school district stating that a video room at the high school was only accessible by the boys athletic teams making it discriminatory against the girls teams at the high school.

While a Title IX investigator will assess the situation, superintendent Bill Korach stated that he believes it will be an easy fix.

'It should be very easy to address. We have never said that one group can not access this room,' Korach said.

The high school currently has two video rooms but Korach readily admits one is much nicer than the other with couches and a large television. That video room is currently only accessible through the boys locker room while the smaller one is accessible to everyone.

To fix the situation, the school may provide access from the outside.

The student who filed the complaint did not bring the issue to the administration ahead of time according to Korach.

'We encourage our students to know what their rights are and they definitely have the right to make a complaint. Anytime (the Office of Civil Rights) gets a complaint they have to investigate it but we are more than willing to fix this,' Korach said.

The last time the school district had a Title IX complaint filed against it was roughly five years ago when it was deemed that the Lakeridge softball team, which played home games at George Rogers Park, was not being treated equally with the softball team from Lake Oswego High School, which plays home games across the street at Lake Oswego Junior High School.

In that instance, the school district spent over $700,000 on the construction of a softball field at Lakeridge.

'This will be a much easier situation,' Korach said with a laugh.

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