by: Jonathan House, Parvaneh Kalantari and her dogs Spikoli, at left, and Bauer play outside West Linn High School where she graduated from. Since then, she has become a principal broker, gained experience in the local housing market and started her own company, Vitality Home Realty. With each transaction, Kalantari and her small team donates a portion of their commission to a local non-profit organization in their client’s name.

Pink and black.

Two colors.

Two words.

Bubble gum.


Many things are pink and black. The colors have two different personalities. Parvaneh Kalantari could be described as pink and black - fun yet professional, bold yet refined.

As a 24-year-old real estate broker, Kalantari chose these two colors to signify her new real estate business, Vitality Home Realty, of which she is the principal broker and owner. Now six years into her real estate career, Kalantari started her own company because she, 'thrives on building relationships,' she said.

'I wanted to tie in my love of real estate, relationships and the community,' Kalantari said. 'I want to give back and do something beneficial for others.'

That's why Vitality is partnering with local, non-profit organizations.

With each transaction, Vitality agents donate three percent of the commission - before taxes - to either the Raphael House of Portland, the Children's Cancer Association or DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

'The clients pick the organization they'd like to donate to. It's in their name,' Kalantari said. 'And it's a tax write-off for them.'

Kalantari said she chose these organizations because her real estate company serves buyers and sellers in the greater Portland area.

'In 20 minutes or less you can drive to all these places and see what they're all about,' Kalantari said. 'In 30 days - the typical timeframe for a transaction - (clients) can determine what is important for them and where to donate.'

Philanthropy is at the heart of Vitality, she said.

'This is to show people how easy it is to make a difference in someone else's life,' Kalantari said. 'You're providing a shelter for you and yours and at the same time providing one for someone who's not as fortunate to do so at this time.'

After growing up in West Linn and graduating from West Linn High School, Kalantari got her real estate license and spent a few years at John L. Scott at Cascade Summit and then went on to sell 111 condominiums in one year, she said, with the homebuilding company, Marnella Homes, which she was with for two years.

She bought her first condo when she was 20 and said designing the logo for Vitality - which is a pattern of pink and black circles - with Art4orm Marketing was fun.

'Looking at the logo reminds me of energy,' Kalantari said. 'It looks very different. It's not your typical real estate sign.'

The company's slogan, 'Let our energy move you' refers to both buyers and sellers but also the emotional element of giving back to the community.

'I love DoveLewis, and I've taken a handful of pets there,' she said. 'They know me there, and I love the events they do.'

DoveLewis is the only 24-hour non-profit and ICU animal hospital in Oregon. With two locations - in northwest and southeast Portland - DoveLewis is known for their community outreach and creative fund-raisers.

'At DoveLewis we treasure local partners like Parvaneh, whose passion for building philanthropy into her business is inspiring,' said Naomi Pollock, who is in charge of Dove's partner development. 'At DoveLewis we're all about the human-animal bond. Parvaneh has creatively found a way to honor that bond.'

The Raphael House of Portland provides immediate shelter to women and children fleeing domestic violence.

'For most people, the most important place is their home. Raphael House of Portland is a place that over 350 women and children call home every year. Parvaneh recognizing this is critical to raising both awareness and funds for our programs and services,' said Jessica Elkan, director of development at Raphael House.

The Children's Cancer Society is a leader in pediatric patient care and partners with key children's hospitals to deliver programs and services.

'The Children's Cancer Society brings in children for about 18 months and while they're there, hooks them up with a 'chemo pal,' someone who comes in every month for the whole time period,' Kalantari said, who is waiting to find out who her chemo pal will be. 'Life's too short to work all the time.'

So, how much money is donated during a transaction?

Let's say someone buys a $500,000 house and the Realtor's commission is three percent - $15,000. Three percent of that $15,000 ($450) is donated to one of these charities.

'On top of that I have my lender and inspection company, title and insurance guys also donate a percentage,' Kalantari said. 'It can add up quick.'

Kalantari said she believes this concept is going to reach a certain group of people - 'those people who always want to help and those are the people I truly hope to work with,' she said.

Lately Kalantari has felt inspired by the feedback she's been getting from clients about Vitality's business model of giving back.

'She's professional but charismatic. She's an aggressive young woman, starting her own business,' said Joe Robinson, Kalantari's client who purchased a home in Oregon City. 'We got our letters from the charities that she donated in our name. She's the one that's really giving.'

Her small staff also contributes to the energy that Vitality emits.

'It's not just about real estate or money. It's about taking the extra step along the way to help someone else out,' said Jeff Berard, broker with Vitality. 'It seems like this company makes it so easy to do something so important.'

While Kalantari just celebrated her first wedding anniversary, she said she hopes to travel, work and continue to build her business before having children in a few years. Right now, she said, she is energetic about sharing Vitality's concept of giving back with her clients.

'And finding them their perfect home,' she said. 'I love working with first-time homebuyers. I want to help them through this stressful time and show them how fun and exciting it can also be,' she said. 'A lot of my friends are at that age where they are buying homes.'

And that could mean a lot more people making donations to Vitality's non-profits.

'I hope the company truly makes a difference and other people start using the concept to benefit others,' she said. 'My slogan is, 'let our energy move you.' Vitality means energy.'

For more information about Vitality Home Realty, visit the Web site at or call 503-477-9758.

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