Specific insecticides that are available locally toxic to bees

To the Editor:

Attention rose growers: Please eliminate use of Bayer insecticides with Imidacloprid aka 'Merit,' which is a neonicotinoid pesticide. Bayer insecticides, both systemic and topical, are widely sold for roses in our area and are sold in containers large enough for mega-application. The Web site www.chattanoogarose provides information on the arsenal of older families of highly toxic pesticides that at least have known properties relative to humans, wildlife and the environment.

The University of Florida Web site www.edis.ifas.ufl.edu contains the article 'Pesticide Toxicity Profile: Neonicotinoid Pesticides.' Neonicotinoid pesticides disrupt the nervous systems of honeybees so that they cannot come home to the hive, the symptom of the epidemic 'colony collapse disorder.' Not only is the hive destroyed, but there is no recovery with subsequent generations of honeybees. French beekeepers literally 'took to the streets' demanding banning neonicotinoid pesticides.

Please consider safe disposal of unnecessarily harmful pesticides and those with high 'overkill' you may have at the Metro disposal site in Oregon City near the end of the Oregon Trail. Please suggest to vendors, in our watershed at least, that they inform buyers of the tremendous risk in using (these insecticides) and provide advice on less risky and lower quantity approaches to controlling pests on roses, of which there are many.

Linus Pauling attributed his first interest in science to the insects he discovered in Lake Oswego along the Willamette. Please help Lake Oswego recover to once again become a safe habitat for honeybees and butterflies by eliminating use of these chemicals and encourage all to do so.

This family of chemicals is long-lasting in effects and has penetrated our ecology in the US and will, if it has not already, be found in humans. There is a finite risk that this chemical affects human DNA so that damage to future generations can occur as with autism from chemical exposure to previous generations in geographical clusters around industrial effluent sites. This should be reason enough to eliminate use of this family of chemicals for use.

Craig Stephens

Lake Oswego

Debate requested over plans to bring streetcar to LO

To the Editor:

Mayor (Judie) Hammerstad (should) debate myself (Charles 'Skip' Ormsby) on the issue of the Portland Streetcar extension to Lake Oswego.

Your quote in Steve Duin's Oregonian column of July 15 'Safety is a legitimate issue, but I think 'safety' is a surrogate for not-in-my-backyard.' is an incendiary comment on an already seamy regional propaganda infusion process.

I have been assaulted on the border of the Olympic National Park. Threatened on a Westside MAX in the evening bound for Portland from Hillsboro with a required transfer to Lake Oswego. Fought a brush fire in Tryon Creek. Prepared to react and evacuate a quadraplegic sister-in-law with a terminal case of ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease threatened by a 2007 California wildfire. And witnessed elder abuse and results of spousal assault right here in Clackamas County. Safety and security is a valid concern and not N-I-M-B-Y.

The avoidance of public debate by you and streetcar supporters on the council in the past three years compounds the transgressions associated with regional politics of this issue of the Portland Streetcar extension to Lake Oswego. These acts have already included but are not limited to:

n Stacking committees for development oriented transit: FAP, DTAAC, and LOPTTAAS.

n Bullying former Metro District 2 Councilor Brian Newman (now Lake Oswego Planning

Commission member) into 'kinda acquiescing' to exclude West Linn voting representation on Metro Committee LOPTTAAS.

n Squelching public discussion on transit / pedestrian safety issues with respect to streetcar.

n Failing to disclose revised population projections and other assumptions used to endorse streetcar.

n Dubious disclosure of transfer required to reach the central segment of the Portland Transit Mall at Pioneer Courthouse from Lake Oswego.

Publicly apologize or debate Mayor Hammerstad. For I use Tri-Met and transit from the Birdshill area.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby

Sentinel - Birdshill Area

Clackamas County

There are some simple fixes to consider for DHS

To the Editor:

Last week's editorial (in the Lake Oswego Review) indicated the Oregon Department of Human Services ('DHS') is 'talking with ordinary citizens about how it spends money and delivers services.' That is great, but history tells us DHS is unlikely to actually start doing things right any time soon.

DHS is perpetually crying for more of our money - yet a few simple and straightforward changes would allow them to meet all legitimate needs with far less money. For starters, they should quit giving away tens (if not hundreds) of millions of our dollars in goods and services to illegals. They dance around this by responding that they 'ask,' but admit they do not check identification. Do they really think people who break any number of local and federal laws every day are going to reply honestly and spoil the scam? Get real!

Have you ever been in a grocery check-out line where the person in front of you is buying T-bone steaks, and junk food with the Oregon Trail Card (food stamps) - and booze and cigarettes with a wad of cash? I agree, we should not let people starve if they are having problems, but the old solution of providing basic food (rice, beans, sugar, flour, dried milk, bulk cheese and peanut butter, and such) would save tens of millions of our dollars. It would also stop the fraud, and perhaps motivate people to work harder to improve their situation.

If you think me too harsh, consider where we will be in a few years. The outcome of more and more people not paying their own way, with fewer and fewer people to bleed funding from is clear. As some sage once noted: Socialism is a perfect form of government until you get people involved.

Dave Luck

Lake Oswego

Fist bumping: 'We are doomed'

To the Editor:

Fist bumping, as all patriotic Americans know, is the mark of a terrorist, hence we as a nation are in big trouble.

There is a cadre of roughly 350 of these terrorists who are paid millions of dollars per year to spread their evil throughout the land. It is significant that a number of them are, (stage whisper) Venezuelans! These dastardly subversives have been sent here by Hugo Chaves to infiltrate our country and destroy our freedoms. Fidel's sneaky Cubans are here as well.

They operate under names like Yankees, Diamondbacks, Mariners and Angels to name a few. That's right, they are baseball players and they are the fist bumpingest bunch of cutthroats imaginable.

These sworn enemies of democracy have made great inroads into our national fabric. There are now millions of little fist bumpers inhabiting sandlots all over America.

We are doomed!

Dennis McNish

Lake Oswego

Griffith: The best choice for HD 38

To the Editor:

Steve Griffith is the best candidate for the Oregon House District 38.

As a progressive Republican in search for ways that society can do better and be better, he is on a quest to create and nurture good government in Oregon.

Living in District 38, Griffith is known for finding commonsense solutions to complex problems which has fostered an attitude that celebrates differences. By celebrating differences, Griffith believes the best way to achieve Oregon's goals is to build bridges and work across party lines to find the greatest solutions to the tough issues.

An energetic and open-minded reformist, Griffith supports certain changes such as making the Secretary of State (position) non-partisan and opening primary elections to all voters, which will work towards building the necessary bridges between the government and the people to ensure open communication and accountability.

Griffith seeks to bring a fresh approach to leadership in Oregon and create a Legislature that works for Oregon's citizens.

Because of this, Steve Griffith is the best candidate for the Oregon House District 38.

Sarah Coghill

West Linn