On Wednesday, July 30, at Kordell's Produce and Nursery on Rosemont Road in West Linn, a counterfeit $100 bill was used to pay for a small order of watermelon and berries.

'I knew something was not right about the whole transaction,' said Kordell Blair, owner of Kordell's along with his wife, Patty.

'First, I asked the guy for a smaller bill. When he didn't have one, I ran it through the bill marking pen test and the watermark test that most retailers use. The counterfeit bill passed both tests. It wasn't until I took it to the bank and they put it under the ultraviolet light that my suspicions were confirmed.'

It turns out the bill was a washed $5.00 bill - a bleached out bill that was reprinted with the 100-dollar amount.

'We are a small business,' said Kordell. 'We want to make sure that other small businesses in the area are aware that there is a counterfeiter in the market, and that it is good enough to pass the pen test.'

The Blairs reported the phony bill to the Clackamas County Sheriff's office. They were able to give a description of the man and his female partner who passed the bill, and their car color and license plate number.

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