Oregon City family loses home, dog in fire

A grill at the home on Valley View Drive exploded
by: courtesy of CFD No. 1 Flames engulf a home at 143 Valley View Drive in Oregon City.

An Oregon City family lost one of their dogs and most of their belongings after their propane grill exploded Tuesday evening, setting off a fire that destroyed their home at 143 Valley Valley View Drive.

Clackamas Fire District No. 1 officials said that at about 5:41 p.m. the family had been using a gas grill in back of the house shortly before the fire. They turned off the grill and went inside, and then heard an explosion a short time later.

The family grabbed two of their four dogs and escaped through the front door. Firefighters later rescued a third dog, but a fourth that was sleeping in a bedroom succumbed to the smoke and fire.

Crews spent hours at the scene mopping up the fire and tending to hot spots. They were only able to grab a few items of clothing.

Investigators said the propane tank likely set off the fire, and cautioned that people keep their grills at least six feet from any structure and vegetation, and remember to turn off the grill and the propane tank.

The grill at the home was on a covered patio.