by: , Andrew Duden, left, lead singer of Big Blind and social studies teacher at LOHS, and Lakeridge principal Mike Lehman (right), on keyboard, keep the magic flowing during last year’s Alumni Bash.

The class of 1972 has a lot of energy. The class has pre-bash plans as well as post-bash plans.

The actual bash - the Alumni Bash - only in its second year, will unpack pictures, yearbooks and memories this Saturday at Millennium Plaza Park.

The class of 1972 is the class that originally attended Lake Oswego High School, then split its senior year when Lakeridge opened in 1971.

'I have a million e-mails bouncing back and forth. Several of us went last year and had so much fun and we've been talking about it all year long,' said Candace Jennings, Lake Oswego High School Class of 1972. Those that were there have been spreading the word with pictures ever since.

'Instead of waiting every five to 10 years for a class reunion, it's an opportunity to get together on a more frequent basis for people who have maybe moved back,' said Jennings. 'We're getting together at a local restaurant (before the bash) and then we'll probably get together at another local restaurant (after).

'(Last year) we felt like we were in high school again.'

There are about 50 people on Jennings' e-mail list. There are a lot of people still around from the class of '72, said Jennings, who named a few:

n Nancy and Sue Headlee, who have been instrumental with the Lakewood Center and Lakewood Theatre and the Oswego Heritage House.

n Kim Kress, who works at Windermere.

n Marlene MacEwan, who is now a tax preparer.

n Nancy Tongue, a local artist.

'A lot of these people I've kept in touch with (because they live in Lake Oswego,' said Jennnings. 'But what it's done is given an excuse for people who live in the larger metro area to get together.'

Festivities are from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. on Saturday at the park.

The event will feature the Millenium Band led by Craig Lampson from 6 to 8 p.m. playing 20s through the 40s standards, and Ultimate Entertainment will take it from the 60s through 2000.

Blue Coyote will serve ribs, chicken and burgers along with beverages. Oswego Hills Winery and Bridgeport Brewery, owned by alum Karl Ockert, will serve the drinks.

The event, which drew 800 last year, is expected to draw from classes who have scheduled their reunions from the same weekend, but is also open to anyone in the community interested in learning more about the history of the school district.

This year, the event will be inside an 80-foot tent that will be sectioned off for each decade. There will be yearbooks, trophies, plaques, sports uniforms and other memorabilia. And both Laker and Pacer spirit wear will be available to purchase.

'It's a fabulous opportunity to get together with all of your friends from year's past,' said Mary Puskas, a spokesman for the Lake Oswego Alumni Association.

And even for those who aren't alumni, Puskas said it will be a wonderful celebration of the district's history. A video highlighting the history will loop continuously during the evening.

'We're encouraging community members to come … buy a hamburger or some ribs, and see what the district has been like,' said Puskas. 'It's just wonderful pictures and historical information.'

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