Last year’s car show at George Rogers Park drew a crowd.

If viewing 250 classic cars, 30 classic boats, good food and sunshine is your thing, then you really shouldn't miss the ninth annual Collector Car and Wooden Boat Show on Sunday, Aug. 24, in Lake Oswego.

The event was attended by more than 2,000 people last year, and even more are expected this year.

'Everyone seems to enjoy it because it's so laid back,' said Nancy Headlee, executive director of the Oswego Heritage Council, which sponsors this summer extravaganza.

Every event always claims to be better than ever, but the Car-Boat Show can truly actualize this statement because this will be only the second year for the boat show. In fact, boat show chair Kristen Winn thinks perfection can be improved upon.

'It was a perfect show,' said Winn of the 2007 exhibition. 'We were thrilled with the participation and the quality of the boats. This year's show will be bigger and better. One reason is on Saturday (Aug. 23) we're going to have a wooden boat parade around the lake.

'The crowd loved it because those beautiful, mahogany boats are works of art.'

After folks have viewed the boats at the Lake Oswego Corporation docks (near the Oswego Lake House restaurant) they can simply take the shuttle over to George Rogers Park, where 250 beautiful automobiles of wide variety will be on display.

The number of cars has grown so much that car show chair Steve Dietz says there is barely room for them on the park's grass area.

'We started fairly small (in 2000) with 50 or 60 cars in Millennium (Plaza) Park,' Dietz said. 'Then we started spilling out into the paved parking lot and we had to switch to George Rogers Park.

'People start lining up at 7 in the morning to see these cars. We've asked ourselves, 'What if too many cars show up?' So far we've managed to get them all in.'

Dietz says the key word to describe the car show's popularity is 'variety.'

'We offer everything from Volkswagens to Mercedes,' he said. 'We've got collectors cars, hotrods, sports cars. There is no emphasis on one particular kind of car.

'You never can tell what is going to be driving through those gates. That's the way it has been for all nine shows.'

This car cornucopia is supported strongly by the event sponsors.

'A Mercedes dealer (Don Rasmussen) is our major sponsor and he has really spread out the awards,' Dietz said. 'He has given them to all kinds of cars.'

No point formula will be used in awarding prizes to the top cars and boats, such as in other major area shows as the Concours d'Elegance in Forest Grove. Event sponsors will simply pick out the ones they like the best.

'That is why we don't ask for a registration fee or charge for attendance,' Headlee said. 'But we give fabulous trophies, and this year we're going to raffle three baskets worth $600 each. Local businesses have been really generous.'

Looking at so many beautiful boats and cars will certainly cause patrons to work up an appetite, and the Car-Boat Show will be ready. The Lake Oswego Lions Club will be on hand serving a pancake breakfast in the morning and later a hamburger lunch in George Rogers Park.

In addition, Oswego Lake House restaurant, which is working closely with the event, will be offering a special menu on the Sunday of the show.

One more reason to see the 2008 Collector Car and Wooden Boat Show, owners will be on hand to talk about their cars and boats, and some of them will even have scrapbooks showing records of their restoration.

'Most boat owners are delighted to talk to anyone interested in wooden boats,' Winn noted.

Major sponsor of the event is Don Rasmussen Mercedes Benz of Portland/Wilsonville. Other sponsors are Lake Oswego Corporation, Bank of Oswego and the Headlee sisters, Nancy and Susan.

Also serving as sponsors will be Vic's Auto, Les Schwab of Lake Os-wego, Dr. Dale Rhoney and Grimm's Fuel.

For more information and registration, go to the OHC site at www.oswe .

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