To the Editor:

Although my wife and I both supported the $5 Sellwood Bridge measure, it is very easy to understand why so many others rejected the measure. The first reason was the poor timing of (Portland) Mayor (Sam) Adams announcing the raising of city expenditures supporting bicycle traffic, lanes and easements from 1 percent to 17 percent just prior to the vote.

The second reason was across the river with the 'folly of the trolley,' with its millions of dollars of costs (and, as almost always, probable cost overruns) that would perhaps double the costs that apparently the majority neither want or would use.

When I look around and sadly see our crumbling infrastructure, roads with potholes and our schools in dire need of financial help (and there is much more), I can understand the frustration of voters saying 'enough' in the only course they have to voice their opinions.

Ken Gomes

Lake Oswego

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