To the Editor,

As someone who produced two full length documentaries with the aid of the Willamette Falls Media Center, and has spent countless hours working with the station manager since the 1990s on Lock Fest announcements and other community projects, I have to express my complete dismay at the city's recent treatment of the management and staff - most particularly, at the insinuations that have been made in print that would lead an uninformed person to believe something fishy had been going on at the station.

I have always found the WFMC staff to be extremely helpful, tireless, thoughtful, positive, skilled and honest.

I cannot see any justification rushing into the recent station take-over prior to the completion of the ongoing audit and the analysis of its findings, if any.

This does, indeed, look like a railroading, based on specious complaints, and a railroading that is needlessly damaging the image and reputation of our station and its hard-working staff.

Dan Holladay's remarks, unfortunately, ring true.

Sandy Carter

West Linn

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