Zimmerman had her chance to influence airport growth


Pat Zimmerman and her cohorts are up in arms about a single developer owning a large segment of the to-be developed Scappoose Industrial Airpark. But wait - wasn't Zimmerman a member of the Port of St. Helens commission?

Didn't they have years of opportunity to expand the airport?

The Port has the power of condemnation, so land wasn't their problem. The Port just didn't know how to seize the opportunity.

So much for the collective.

Of course, the best part of your Port tenure was the combative issues you brought forth, and the level of verbal abuse shared with your fellow commissioners.

Maybe the airport issue is personal?

Perhaps you don't understand the relationship between employment and small business. Take a drive eight miles north of Scappoose and view the wonders of an economic recession and the blight on a community that has lost their jobs.

In three years, St. Helens has seen some 600 family-wage jobs eliminated, so too has it seen a significant amount of small business store fronts disappear.

School bonds don't pass; street levies fail; and population's decline. I guess if your view of the world is 'no people, no jobs and no education qualifies as perfect,' then maybe you should be haunting St. Helens with your personal vengeance.

You could even, in a few years, claim success.

- Len Waggoner, Scappoose