Some years ago we were hearing about a project called 'Clean Streams.' It was a Tri-Met plan to create a land-use planning overlay that would show areas where building would be permitted or forbidden. If you have land in Multnomah County, which my family does, you can look forward to great difficulty in building anything on it if it has trees.

Now we hear the terms 'sustainability' and 'sensitive lands' a lot. The city of Lake Oswego has an organized series of meetings to educate interested folks on the program.

I thought it meant a new project like 'Clean Streams' being organized by Tri-Met. Wrong! The source of 'sustainable development' is straight out of the UN's Agenda 21. Among their objectives is the ultimate control of all private property. Lake Oswego and Clackamas County are dues-paying members. The UN, through a department called ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) develops policies covering all aspects of land and water use, maximum density housing, energy efficiency and public transportation. Their objectives include planning highways such as the Route 35 highway leading out of Mexico, going through San Antonio, Texas to Kansas City and then branching to a route through Omaha leading all the way to Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver, BC. Another branch will go through Chicago all the way to Montreal.

The Review has published numerous complaints about the intransigent responses of our city's officials to public criticism of their plans for a Portland-Lake Oswego streetcar line. Their minds are really made up. Also, they have just imposed an extra-legal sales tax on natural gas, electricity and garbage service. They have the noble objective of raising $800K for schools. Their estimate is it will 'only' cost each household $5 per month. This sort of illegal taxing must be brought to heel. Our rights are being chiseled away by our arrogant mayor and his bare majority of the council.

Clearly they care not for our opinions. They are reading the bible published by ICLEI containing the plans and methods for world government control of all property. I know this sounds alarmist. It is. It's meant to be.

George E. Edens is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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