Special event helps generate money for foundation
Kat Riley, left, and Vince Tylman are flipping over the upcoming fundraiser for the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

The expression 'selling like hotcakes' is outdated in Lake Oswego.

As far as the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center Foundation is concerned, the slogan should be 'selling like crepes' for its second fundraising breakfast on Sunday, Sept. 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last year's first-time event was a huge success, with 325 people coming to the ACC to get full of crepes, plus sausage, coffee, orange juice and milk. The ACC dining hall was continuously full.

That brought in a tidy $3,000, which makes foundation board members anticipate even bigger bucks this year.

'This year we're hoping for 400 to 500 people,' said board consultant Sister Mary Dernovek.

That is definitely possible, since Kat Riley is joining Vince Tylman as crepe chef this year.

Using his grandmother's secret crepe recipe, Tylman flipped out a remarkable 500 crepes last year, which were supplemented by 1,000 crepes from Food Services of America.

Naturally, an unofficial taste-off showed that grandma's homemade crepes won 'hands down,' and that is where Riley comes in. She is a master chef with lots of experience feeding large crowds of people, most recently at the Lake Oswego Lions Club Pancake Breakfast at the Collector Car and Wooden Boat Show.

Riley recently joined the foundation board with the assurance she would just have to sit benignly at the crepe breakfast. But when the call for volunteers went out, the ever-public spirited Riley raised her arm.

'I couldn't see other people stumbling along when I have so much experience at this,' she said. 'Gosh, you want to do it right! I think we can turn out a lot of food really fast.'

So does Tylman.

'Having Kat this year is wonderful,' he said. 'I think this year's event will be much better, because we learned a few things last year.'

Board member Doug Oliphant says that another successful crepe breakfast will give the foundation a solid push toward its long-term goal of raising $300,000 for the ACC's programs and services.

'It's true we have an affluent city, but our city government runs a tight budget, Oliphant said. 'As time goes by we want to do substantially more for our senior citizens.

'Raising $300,000 is substantial enough to be effective and really make a difference.'

Oliphant and Dernovek are hoping the crepe breakfast will become a Lake Oswego tradition.

'We want it to be a continuous event, year after year, like the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast,' Sister Mary said. 'We want this event to have stability. We would like people to say, 'I've got to put this on my calendar.' '

How can people stay home after they've tasted Vince Tylman's grandmother's crepes? It's impossible.

Tickets priced at $6 per person are now available by calling Rose Ann at the ACC at 503-635-3758 or by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Tickets can be purchased for $7 at the door.

The Lake Oswego Adult Community Center is located at 505 G Ave.

Event sponsors are Bank of Oswego and Strategic Group.

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