Therapist offers clients a proactive approach to health and healing
Norma Kayte O’Dell will open Nutritional Therapy 1:1 in Lake Oswego in early September. She is currently seeing clients at her Beaverton office, which she will keep open following her move to Lake Oswego.

Norma Kayte O'Dell, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, has opened Nutritional Therapy 1:1 in downtown Lake Oswego. The business offers clients a proactive approach to health and healing, as well as a natural approach for relief of many common health symptoms.

Nutritional Therapy 1:1 is a three-year-old company, and has been headquartered in Beaverton. O'Dell moved the headquarters to the Lake Oswego office, and see clients at both locations.

She was drawn into the nutritional therapy industry by her own success using supplements. She was diagnosed by medical doctors as being severely anemic, but by taking B12 and an antioxidant daily, was able to attain normal blood chemical levels within two months. Excited by these results, O'Dell continued to learn more about the science and eventually attended and graduated from the education program offered by the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, Wash.

According to O'Dell, Nutritional Therapy is a science that is based on the following principals: A profound respect for the teachings of the nutritional pioneers; A commitment to the concept of biochemical individuality, the belief that within each human lies an innate intelligence that will guide them.

'Many common health issues can be addressed through Nutritional Therapy,' said O'Dell. 'More than just treating a symptom, Nutritional Therapy seeks to uncover the underlying cause of the symptom, restoring balance and improving overall health. There are no fences in the body - what affects one system will affect the entire body.'

Ideally, clients would seek O'Dell's services when they are without pain or medical problems. That is when it is easiest to assess their condition, restore balance and improve their health.

Usually, O'Dell doesn't see the client until they have exhausted all other alternatives. Rather than submit to surgery or a lifetime regime of prescription drugs, they are anxious to try another approach - something more natural.

'We're just now seeing with the (baby) boomers the effect the past 50 years of fast food, processed foods and little exercise have had,' she said. 'It is taking a bigger toll than was ever expected.'

When clients come to see O'Dell they are given a thorough Nutritional Therapy assessment and family history survey. She may recommend they have blood drawn and analysized at a lab, or use reports supplied by the clients' doctor.

From the information she can assess the client's health and recommend appropriate supplements, and customized reports that show what foods are most beneficial for them.

An initial evaluation costs $200; this includes the assessment and a follow up visit. Subsequent visits, which would fall between two and six weeks after the initial visit are charged at $50 per hour.

Though the therapy is not covered by insurance, many clients use their medical savings plans to pay for the services.

In addition to customized Nutritional Therapy, O'Dell offers programs specifically for Weight Loss and Life Style Management and will offer a program of Weight Loss for children in the spring. The weight loss classes can be private or conducted in small groups.

'I like to keep the groups small, so that all can have a voice and still keep to the hour time frame,' she said. 'Those not wishing to come to a group session can connect with me privately, either face to face or by phone or e-mail.'

She also offers Corporate Wellness programs. From short Lunch and Learn events, to developing a full-blown program or putting on a Health Fair, she enjoys teaching others about how to have a healthier lifestyle.

'Research is just now coming available showing the return corporations get on the money they invest in wellness programs for their employees. I think we are seeing a shift in people focusing on achieving optimal health,' O'Dell said.

Which supports the Thomas Edison quote O'Dell includes on pieces of her printed collateral: 'The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.'

Nutritional Therapy 1:1 is located at 415 North State St. at A Avenue. In the meantime, visit the Web site at www.Nutritional or call O'Dell at 971-227-9919.

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