Laker Broadcasting, which provides live audio and video coverage of Lake Oswego High School sporting events, is making big strides this year. It is already nearly a one-of-a-kind program as, over the past seven years, students have called virtually every football game and dozens of basketball games.

The only thing holding them back has been a lack of internet connections at various game sights. This year, that won't be a problem. For the first time ever, Laker Broadcasting will be calling every football game from home and away thanks to a new remote audio mixer.

There will also be more live video from games than ever before and executive producer Greg Talbott will be hosting his own weekly one-hour talk show entitled Navy Nation. The show will feature interviews with coach Steve Coury as well as local sports personalities and local athletes.

The talk show will air each Friday and be broadcast from Joe's Boathouse on the Lake Oswego High School campus.

'We are very very excited. This is a huge landmark for us. We're one of the only programs like this in the nation,' Talbott said.

Talbott has been involved with Laker Broadcasting since his sophomore year and knew quickly that there was a great deal of potential with the program.

Currently there are 10 Lake Oswego students volunteering their time to work on productions and all of them will have a chance to do a little bit of everything throughout the year from calling games to doing interviews to providing behind the scenes support.

'Your first experience on camera can be tough but after a few times you get more comfortable,' said Paul Mundaden, the program's VP of operations.

This year, Laker Broadcasting put on a 'boot camp' before school for newer members to get a feel of what a game-day broadcast would look like. It featured setting up and taking down the equipment as well as fake interviews.

Much of what Laker Broadcasting is able to do this year was made possible by a large grant it received from the Laker Club. The program also has local sponsors for its broadcasts and for Navy Nation.

Most of the students involved in Laker Broadcasting have aspirations of going into some form of broadcasting later in life.

'To get this experience out of high school is a great opportunity to have,' said Rachel Hoppoch.

Talbott feels that this year's crew is the most talented yet.

'We were looking for kids who were driven, confident, knowledgeable and dedicated. This is really infections and fun,' Talbott said.

Laker Broadcasting will be providing commentary from more than just football games this year as well. They hope to bring a number of basketball games over the internet as well as soccer, baseball and lacrosse.

In the past, individual games have drawn nearly 500 people to the Web site, many from all over the country, and Talbott believes those numbers can increase as he has gotten the word out on Laker Broadcasting this year more than ever before.

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