Four men forced their way into a Gresham apartment, roughed up the female resident and ransacked her home late Wednesday, May 25.

The 45-year-old woman was sleeping shortly before midnight when she answered a knock on her door in the East Wind Apartments in the 2900 block of Northeast 23rd Avenue, said Officer John Rasmussen, Gresham police spokesman.

The suspects forced her door open, pushed past her and tore the place apart. They didn't display or imply that they had any weapons, but they hit and pushed the woman, who was home alone at the time, Rasmussen said.

After ransacking the home, the suspects grabbed some of the victim's personal items and fled the scene.

Police and canine officers tried to track the men, but were unable to.

'All the men are unidentified, she did not know them,' Rasmussen said, adding that perhaps the suspects errored in what they thought they would find.

The woman was physically and emotionally shaken by the crime but did not require hospitalization, he added.

Anyone with information on the home-invasion robbery is encouraged to call Detective Matt Fagan at 503-618-3127.

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