Lawmaker tries end run to force House vote on BPA ban

Some House leaders, siding with industry, oppose the ban

State Rep. Ben Cannon, D-Portland, is pursuing an alternative route to force a House floor vote on a bill that would ban the sale of baby cups and reusable plastic bottles in Oregon that contain bisphenol-A, also known as BPA.

Some studies show BPA is linked to cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders and other maladies.

Senate Bill 695 won bipartisan support to pass the Senate by a 20-9 margin, and Cannon says there's majority support for it in the House if the chamber's leaders would allow it to come to a vote.

Some industry groups oppose the measure, saying the research on BPA's impact on human health is inconclusive. Nine other states, Canada and the European Union have enacted various versions of BPA limitations or bans.

Cannon filed a discharge petition Friday, a procedural maneuver that could force a floor vote if he can get 31 of the 60 House members to sign the petition within five days.