Don't let strip club open doors

To the Editor:

I am gravely concerned about the proposed strip club which is planning to open on McEwan Road. As someone who lives and owns a business in Lake Oswego I feel that this type of commerce and the patrons it will attract are not in the best interest of our community. The location of this self-proclaimed 'gentleman's club' is right next to I-5 and it will serve as an ugly welcome mat to a beautiful city. Go ask anyone from Tualatin what they think of the 'Jiggles' sign and you will get a feel of what we can expect.

In addition to the visual damage this business will cause, what about other potential harms we risk? Is this the type of business we want within .8 miles of two elementary schools and a middle school? Do we want more intoxicated drivers on our roads? We are making solid efforts to protect our children by removing the threat of sex offenders from around our schools and neighborhoods, let's not give them a place where they can ignite their emotions and impair their judgment at the same time. It is also statistically proven that the presence of strip clubs lower property values and increase criminal activity.

While this business may be located in the Tualatin city limits, make no mistake, this will impact the citizens of Lake Oswego far more than those in Tualatin. We have built a beautiful community, one I am so proud to be part of. It is because of that pride that we need to stand up and protect it.

Every time my three-year-old son and I return home we pass the various business signs on McEwan Road and he yells 'Dad, do you see the bell and the wagon and the 6 and the hamburger?' This is one sign I don't want him to know. I hope we will all do our part to fight this business from opening its doors.

Emile Bonfiglio

Lake Oswego

Hoffman keeps us 'on track'

To the Editor:

Looking back, as former mayor of Portland, I believe that attention to neighborhoods, local businesses and the development of facilities for public use shows a 'people first' direction and wise future vision.

Jack Hoffman has helped create this direction as a city councilor and the most reliable choice for mayor to keep your community on track.

Speaking of 'track,' Jack Hoffman joins me in being a supporter, user and believer in public transportation. He has promised to work to make that happen so that I won't have to use my car on my frequent trips to Lake Oswego.

Bud Clark


Make relationship known

To the Editor:

Russell Jones is a candidate for Lake Oswego City Council and married to Kathe Worsley. Kathe Worsley wrote a letter to the editor last week and slammed one mayoral candidate and two council candidates without identifying herself as being married to candidate Jones.

In her letter she went on to challenge us citizens to see 'who is best situated' and 'who we really need on the city council to keep Lake Oswego great.'

Mrs. Russell Jones aka Kathy Worsley, this town is great because we have history of not playing trash politics. We have a history of working collaboratively even if we don't agree. We are a community of great people because we work our problems out without name-calling. Do you honestly think your husband will be able to work to bring everyone together with your slashing comment? I don't think so.

Ms. Worsley, you are entitled to your opinion but as the wife of a candidate we are entitled to know whom you are related to. I can't imagine you speaking at a future city council meeting if your husband was elected and not telling the public that you are married to a councilperson before speaking. If you did not identify yourself to the council that would be a conflict of interest. What you did last week was a campaign conflict of interest.

Please don't be so mean spirited. We have an great community because of all the nice folks who call Lake Oswego home.

Grace Bruns

Lake Oswego

OLCC asked to deny strip club

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to Charles Ellis of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission:

I am writing to you with our real concern regarding the livability and values of the Lake Oswego and Lake Grove neighborhoods and community. It has come to our attention that the Stars Cabaret and Strip Club has applied for a liquor license and permit to do business within one mile of the Rivergrove Elementary School and directly across the street from the 24 Hour Fitness center on McEwan Road in Tualatin, where many of our families and teenagers have memberships. This area directly abuts our towns and is accessed many times a day by all the residents who live in Lake Grove and Lake Oswego.

It is inconceivable that you are not aware of the inherent problems that come attached to known strip clubs. It is well documented that strip clubs are an attraction to the criminal element of society, especially those who engage in drugs, alcohol and prostitution. Allowing the Stars Cabaret  and Strip Club to have a liquor permit (and therefore conduct business) is a very real threat to the safety of our families, children and to the safe community we work so hard to maintain.

Please refuse the Stars Cabaret and Strip Club their liquor application and keep our children and community from becoming yet another target for illegal activities.

Melissa and Ron Grewenow

Lake Oswego

Help keep local schools great

To the Editor:

What's so great about Lake Oswego's public schools? We combine talented and highly trained staff, challenging curriculum, extremely supportive parents with eager students and the result is outstanding performance. By every measurement, on state or national tests, our schools are making the grade.

Our public schools offer more than superior test scores, though. Lake Oswego School District is serious about providing support and guidance to our children so they grow into caring, thoughtful adults who understand their role in society. They are active in providing community service, and they are active citizens.

Our schools also serve as neighborhood centers, providing meeting and gathering spaces. Our small schools are scattered within walking distance of most of us, offering safe playgrounds and recreational facilities.

Most people move to Lake Oswego because of the exceptional schools, knowing strong schools provide the foundation for strong communities and consistently good property values. Businesses depend on the stability and vitality imparted by a strong community.

Great schools aren't free; it takes more money than the state provides to keep our classes small and teaching personalized. It takes resources to provide a broad, comprehensive curriculum, with strong core subjects and interesting electives designed to provide our students with the education they require to develop their individual talents and be successful in college.

The Local Option renewal, measure 3-305, will provide the continuation of about 7 million dollars or approximately 12 percent of the school district's budget per year for another five years.

Pause a moment to consider the many ways Lake Oswego's exceptional schools benefit you personally, and consider what would happen without 12 percent of the money for teachers, for teaching materials, and for program maintenance.

The proposed levy is for the same maximum amount we pay now, $1.39 per thousand assessed property value, and given that the district is also retiring existing debt in 2010, the overall amount taxed for local schools will go down by 25 cents per thousand.

It's a good deal for our children, for taxpayers, and for our community.

The Local Option Levy Renewal, M3-305, will help Lake Oswego keep our great schools. For more information about keeping Lake Oswego great go to .

Linda Brown

Lake Oswego

Member of the Lake Oswego School Board and member of Keep Lake Oswego Great

Insulting to one and all

To the Editor:

I am always fascinated by the way extreme liberals react to events that threaten to upset their view of the world. The panic-driven attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin are particularly interesting.

Last week Dennis McNish writes to the Review about the 'absolutely insulting terms' Gov. Palin used in reference to Barack Obama: I guess reference to him being a 'Community Organizer' is pretty vicious.

The interesting part about the letter are the terms that McNish then proceeds to use describing Gov. Palin (apparently not seeing them as insulting). They include: 'dominionist,' 'end-of-time religious ideology,' 'having a mindset that Armageddon and the end of the world is good,' 'aberrant philosophies' and 'denial of anything resembling real science.'

Somehow McNish lumps 'women's choice issues' and 'sex education' into that 'real science' category: Are we to presume he considers it to be 'real science' to kill unborn babies or to avoid teaching children that it is best to abstain from sex at a young age.

McNish's comments about Gov. Palin's religion are also interesting. Personally, I am more comfortable with her traditional Christian beliefs than 'Black Liberation Theology' - but we have freedom of religion here in the United States of America.

Fascinating twist to this Presidential election is that the 'Candidate of Change' chose an 'old white guy' Washington insider for VP - while Senator McCain chose a successful female governor from totally outside the Beltway.

Dave Luck

Lake Oswego

Gudman has council skills

To the Editor:

This letter is written in support of Jeff Gudman's campaign for Lake Oswego City Council. The election is on Nov. 4.

I have known Jeff for nine years and feel he has the leadership skills, business experience and common sense that would serve our city well.

Mr. Gudman brings not only a very strong financial background, but also a strong sense of community as evidenced by his many years of volunteer work in leadership positions in and outside the city of Lake Oswego. He has served as the chairman of the city of Lake Oswego's Budget Committee and is currently the treasurer of the Legacy Good Samaritan Foundation.

His financial expertise is grounded in common sense accountability and his ability to make realistic assessments of what is possible and what is not. He is able to make difficult decisions.

Additionally, his consensus building style and communications skills make him an ideal candidate for public office.

In these uncertain and possibly recessionary times, it is more important than ever to have city council members who have the maturity and level-headed judgment of someone like Jeff Gudman.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Gudman for Lake Oswego City Council.

Nelson J. Lam

Lake Oswego

Surrett respects the public

To the Editor:

Over the years many Lake Oswegans, like myself, have participated in city advisory committees, neighborhood associations and given oral testimony before the city council hearings.

In these endeavors, we have provided personal contact information including e-mail addresses, not thinking about how this information may be used by public officials for future personal gain.

Monday of this week, I received an unsolicited e-mail from the Friends of Jack Hoffman 2008, subject: 'Campaign for a prosperous and livable Lake Oswego.'

I e-mailed Mr. Hoffman regarding his source for his e-mail. I received a phone call from Mr. Hoffman, along with a subsequent e-mail from former city Planning Commission Chair, Dan Vizinni. Mr. Vizinni indicated that 'We relied on … e-mail addresses that are contained in open public records, including public meetings and hearings.'

This practice of using one's e-mail address without prior approval reminds me of Jack Hoffman's participation, as a city councilman in the purchase of the Safeco property without asking the residents, first. I notice Mr. Hoffman's campaign materials carefully avoid his participation in that purchase. At the very least, the removal of over $100,000 a month from our city tax reserves, with over $2 million already squandered on a building not owned by the city does not make for a 'prosperous and livable Lake Oswego.'

Bottom line, my vote for John Surrett for mayor expresses my confidence that he will bring a refreshing common sense approach to the office and a policy that promotes meaningful public participation and respects public opinion.

Denny Hageman

Lake Oswego

Hoffman is strong leader

To the Editor:

I'm writing to express my support for Jack Hoffman's candidacy for mayor of Lake Oswego.

The issue of achieving meaningful diversity of housing options continues to be an important challenge facing our community and deserves our attention as we deliberate our choices for mayor and the open seats on the city council.

While I have yet to learn much about the qualifications and positions on this issue from our city council candidates I do know of the experience and deep personal commitment Jack Hoffman brings to this matter.

Jack has a very strong and lengthy track record in advocating for diverse housing opportunities within our community and while I could go on at great length, I would like to cite three specific examples of his leadership:

n Jack has been a member of Lake Oswego's Affordable Housing Task Force as well as the Infill Housing Task Force. Both of these groups have have provided critical leadership and advocacy toward the creation of affordable housing in Lake Oswego.

n Jack has also been active in our community's 50+Program which, among other things, promotes the creation of opportunities for our seniors to age in place.

We need strong, dedicated leadership to effectively address our housing challenges and for this reason I strongly urge you to join me in supporting Jack Hoffman's candidacy for mayor.

Rick Parfrey

Lake Oswego

Hoffman will help LO

To the Editor:

I've been involved in the growth and improvement of Lake Oswego for quite a few years, 33 as executive director of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce.

Lake Oswego is a wonderful place to live, with great schools and solid property values, because of quality leaders who have volunteered their time and energy to serve as mayor.

Jack Hoffman is my choice for mayor because he's the kind of leader who will continue to improve Lake Oswego. Jack Hoffman is fiscally conservative. He's smart. He's soft-spoken and thoughtful.

Jack Hoffman will make a fine mayor. I encourage you to support him and to visit his Web site to learn more about Jack: .

Dee Denton

Lake Oswego

Support Surrett in race

To the Editor:

We in Lake Oswego are fortunate to have a man like John Surrett willing to serve as mayor. My late husband Bob and I have been involved in politics for years and became acquainted with John as part of the Ask Lake Oswegans committee. We were two of many that encouraged John to run for mayor after we saw his organization skills.

There are several major problems that the new mayor and council must be ready to act on immediately. Number one - the sewer receptor. The sewer receptor (issue) has been known for year, but the ball was recently fumbled on the five yard line and the game has to start over. John is uniquely qualified to work with the city staff on the new sewer contracts. During his career he oversaw heavy-duty construction projects that were in excess of $100 million. He has the knowledge and experience to get this project back on track.

The other elephant in the living room that needs addressing is the Safeco building. John was the head of the committee to limit government spending without prior citizen approval or input. That measure failed by a narrow percentage, but the problem is that the next vote to fund the purchase with a bond measure also failed, sending a mixed message. John has the talent to lead the new council to make a balanced decision.

John has cared enough about Lake Oswego to attend over 90 percent of the council meetings the last two years and is ready to serve.

Jeanenne Chizum

Lake Oswego

Don't let strip club open

To the Editor:

I was surprised and upset to hear that Stars Cabaret (adult strip club) has applied for a license to operate very near our Lake Grove and River Grove neighborhoods.

If the OLCC and Tualatin City Council approve this, we will have a strip club within 0.08 miles of River Grove Elementary School. The business has indicated it would install a large lighted sign that can be seen from I-5.

Parents and community members interested in expressing their opinions regarding this application may submit written comment as soon as possible to Charles Ellis at the OLCC (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Comments may also be submitted to the city of Tualatin mayor and city council. Contact information can be found at the following location: .

Additional information can be found in the following news stories: .

I urge everyone opposed to this business plan to attend the next Tualatin town council meeting.

Peter Thompson

Lake Oswego

Men: Get PSA tests

To The Editor:

'Stand Up For Cancer' was aired recently by the major networks. I wish not to suggest one cancer is more important than another but I noticed prostate cancer was not provided the coverage equal to its commonality and seriousness.

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. For 2007 in excess of 200,000 men will have been diagnosed with this disease. As a prostate cancer survivor, I strongly encourage men at age 40 and men at age 35 who have a family history of prostate cancer get a simple blood test for PSA.

For more information about the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer, visit .

Ridge Taylor

Lake Oswego

Surrett is qualified

To the Editor:

We have an opportunity to change the political culture in city hall. A culture that disregards priority and unintended consequences.

The mayor is leaving us with greater problems than when she arrived. In my opinion, the sewer system with the raw sewage spills is malfeasance. Consider, there was a time when the correction could have cost $20-30 million. Now it will surely cost considerably more. And that's big bucks blown, gone. Think about it. Decisions were obviously made giving priority to other projects and I wonder if there would be any movement now if the state of Oregon had not cited us with a class 1 violation, and a monetary fine. This is difficult to justify.

The Safeco/West End project: If we evaluate it using purely business principals it is a bomb. This hummer taught me how quickly and easily the city hall leadership was willing to slip and slide.

Jack Hoffman wants to be mayor. He has a record, and I believe it reveals he has been a member of the city hall culture that disregards priorities and unintended consequences, besides I have learned to be wary of a lawyer trained to argue either side of an issue. I have also learned that professional politicians, schoolteachers and lawyers do not guarantee good government.

I have looked at John Surrett's experience. He is keenly qualified. His experience includes senior and asset management. He has worked at structuring large budgets and the important successful execution. He will serve and protect the interest of the citizen-taxpayer.

Alan E. Schlosser

Lake Oswego

Take part in Dadsworld

To the Editor:

Buy a T-shirt at and show your support for involved Dads.

One of our main goals with Dadsworld is to create a movement so that Dad's everywhere feel like they are a part of something special. Being a Dad is special. Being an involved, loving Dad who is a major part of his children's lives is priceless. Our women and children need us, and we are not going to let them down.

It's almost like a club ... In order to join all you have to do is be involved in your kids lives. That's it. Dadsworld, a club for Dads.

Our mission is to: 1) Improve the overall image of Dads in the media and society, 2) Give credit to those Dads who are doing a great job and 3) Encourage new or soon-to-be Dads to get involved with your child in a big way.

One of the ways we are going about this is to provide the Web site . Through our site we have a forum, a blog, and all kinds of resources for Dads. The resources we provide include (among other things): Statistics, informative articles, entertainment for Dads and families, financial tips, gift ideas for Moms and Dads, fun stuff to read and just some cool gadgets and gear. As we grow we will implement other ways to accomplish our mission.

We are really excited about our line of T-shirts. We have over 50 designs, but will only make 2-3 available at first. We will grow over time, don't worry. All of these shirts proclaim your status as a Proud Father and a Dad for Life. If we can only get Dads everywhere to wear them, we would be well on our way to raising public awareness as to the need of involved fathers.

I invite you to join our club. Be an involved father and help spread the word that we are out there. It seems like the media doesn't know that we exist.

Rick Gray


West Linn

U.S. Chamber link to Smith is disturbing

To the Editor:

Why I am not renewing my membership in the chamber of commerce.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is currently running ads touting Gordon Smith's work at improving health care. I wanted to know why, so I contacted the U.S. Chamber. The chamber told me that my member fees do not go towards the ads ... but I pointed out that the U.S. Chamber is effectively using my membership as an endorsement of Gordon Smith.

I was also told by the U.S. Chamber that Gordon Smith votes with the chamber 90 percent of the time … so why run a health care ad? Had the chamber been honest and run an ad that said something to the effect of 'Gordon Smith votes with the U.S. Chamber's positions 90 percent of the time,' I might not have an issue with the chamber running ads touting the merits of Smith to business, but they are ership fees come due, they will have one less member.

Bruce Couch

Lake Oswego

Teach bike safety to all

To the Editor:

Walking is a joy on a crisp and sunny day. Taking Trooper, my eight-month-old beagle pup, makes it even more enjoyable. I get a first-class sniff perspective. He has taken quite well to the leash. Nonetheless, he has those unpredictable moments, moments when he darts to and fro.

This Sunday was one of those glorious days. Unfortunately, it turned unpleasant. Why? Because a family of four, dad and mom, brother and sister, failed to observe the safety and courtesy of bicycling. They passed without a verbal warning, 'Passing on the left.'

The little girl passed especially close to us. If Trooper had veered to the left, there could have been a serious accident. I shouted out to the family, 'Give a verbal warning in passing, please.'

Instead of acknowledgement and a thank you, mom challenged me with a 'What did you say?'

I repeated it.

As Trooper and I reached the end of Freepons Park, our local communit

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