To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Jack Hoffman for mayor of Lake Oswego.

In the years that I have known and worked with Jack, I have found him to have a depth of knowledge about the issues and a willingness to listen to diverse viewpoints. He and I haven't always agreed, but I have always felt respected and that my opinions were heard.

I believe that Jack Hoffman is the right person to lead Lake Oswego as the mayor.

Marci Nemhauser


LGNA has been busy; sends thanks

To the Editor:

This is an open letter of thanks to all of the Lake Oswego residents who either attended, participated or volunteered at any/all of our last week's events.

Lake Grove Neighborhood Association hosted three community events (last week):

n Sept.14th LGNA held a Clean-Up/Recycle day. Thank you to Lake Grove Elementary School for making the parking lot available to us. A big shout out to Tom Wood and Jeff King of Computer Drive Connection ( who collected all the e-waste - enough to fill a truck. Our gratitude to Kirby Ness and Colleen Wellnitz of Allied Waste who guided our efforts and worked along side LGNA volunteers.

n Sept. 15th LGNA annual meeting. Our annual meeting is a perfect opportunity to provide a service to a community that has supported us all year. At our 2008 annual meeting we decided to host a Lake Oswego Candidate's night. Thank you to our wonderful candidates - we appreciate your willingness to serve this community, and thanks to all the folks who came to question, listen and learn.

n Sept. 21st LGNA had a smashing community party. Our fifth Lake Grove Village Day was held at the West End Building this year - a good choice as it rained. I'm no good at guessing attendance, but I had a hard time finding a parking spot. Thank you to our Lake Oswego neighbors for joining us in enjoying the fun. Thank you sponsors, vendors, city of Lake Oswego, volunteers, committee members, and especially Dan Work, event chair and LGNA board member. In fact, the entire Work family - Dan, Deborah, Danielle and Zander - are true to their name - they really work and spearheaded the effort.

If we've forgotten any one, please forgive us, we're truly very tired.

Last: On Oct. 20th Lake Grove Neighborhood Association will hold an open house for all our neighbors. Over 10 years ago the neighborhood developed a neighborhood plan and after three or four attempts to have codes written that reflect the goals of this plan we are determined to make 2009 the year! We want to show you what we have accomplished so far and get your opinions. Join us, please, for this important meeting.

Our sincere thanks to all of you,

Barbara Zeller

Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

Be sure to teach bike safety to all

To the Editor:

Walking is a joy on a crisp and sunny day. Taking Trooper, my eight-month-old beagle pup, makes it even more enjoyable. I get a first-class sniff perspective. He has taken quite well to the leash. Nonetheless, he has those unpredictable moments, moments when he darts to and fro.

This Sunday was one of those glorious days. Unfortunately, it turned unpleasant. Why? Because a family of four, dad and mom, brother and sister, failed to observe the safety and courtesy of bicycling. They passed without a verbal warning, 'Passing on the left.'

The little girl passed especially close to us. If Trooper had veered to the left, there could have been a serious accident. I shouted out to the family, 'Give a verbal warning in passing, please.'

Instead of acknowledgement and a thank you, mom challenged me with a 'What did you say?'

I repeated it.

As Trooper and I reached the end of Freepons Park, our local community's block park, I clarified my concerns to the cycling family who were congregated at the exit. To my amazement, mom advised me she got the message. She then proceeded to excuse her daughter with the comment, 'She's only seven.'

There are a couple of problems with that argument. First it was a family that passed, not just a little girl - four voices, not one. Second, it was the responsibility of the parents to know and to teach bicycle safety to themselves and their kids. Third, if you are old enough to ride, you are old enough to learn the responsibility of bicycling.

What's the solution? Inform, inform, inform. In Portland and the suburbs, put it in city circulars or local news. In Lake Oswego I'd like to see the city news 'Hello, LO' do a bicycle review section for Lake Oswego families.

A safe and sunny Sunday for strolling and for cycling.

Ann Lackey

Lake Oswego

Get involved with Dadsworld

To the Editor:

Buy a T-shirt at and show your support for involved Dads.

One of our main goals with Dadsworld is to create a movement so that Dads everywhere feel like they are a part of something special. Being a Dad is special. Being an involved, loving Dad who is a major part of his children's lives is priceless. Our women and children need us, and we are not going to let them down.

It's almost like a club ... In order to join all you have to do is be involved in your kids lives. That's it. Dadsworld, a club for Dads.

Our mission is to: 1) Improve the overall image of Dads in the media and society, 2) Give credit to those Dads who are doing a great job and 3) Encourage new or soon-to-be Dads to get involved with your child in a big way.

One of the ways we are going about this is to provide the Web site . Through our site we have a forum, a blog, and all kinds of resources for Dads. The resources we provide include (among other things): Statistics, informative articles, entertainment for Dads and families, financial tips, gift ideas for Moms and Dads, fun stuff to read and just some cool gadgets and gear. As we grow we will implement other ways to accomplish our mission.

We are really excited about our line of T-shirts. We have over 50 designs, but will only make 2-3 available at first. We will grow over time, don't worry. All of these shirts proclaim your status as a Proud Father and a Dad for Life. If we can only get Dads everywhere to wear them, we would be well on our way to raising public awareness as to the need of involved fathers.

I invite you to join our club. Be an involved father and help spread the word that we are out there. It seems like the media doesn't know that we exist.

Rick Gray


West Linn

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