Some success, some hope for coming seasons
by: Self-portrait Sports Editor John Brewington

The loss to Douglas on Wednesday was disappointing to the Scappoose High baseball team, but they have nothing to hang their heads about. Sometimes you can have your best effort and still lose.

The Tribe gave themselves a chance to win late in the contest, but it was Douglas that stepped up and took the wind right out of the Indians' sails. It happens. The 11-4 score looks like they got thumped, but remember it was 5-4 going into the bottom of the sixth.

Scappoose coach Robert Medley was right when he said the Indians' have a good program. They're just a year past having won the state championship. They'll have other chances in the years ahead.

Overall, it wasn't the best year for spring sports locally. The Indians were the only team to make the reconstituted state playoffs under the new system. The others lost in the 'play-in' rounds. The Scappoose and St. Helens softball teams both lost close play-in games that could have gone either way. It wasn't quite as close for the St. Helens baseball team on a long trip to Pendleton.

In track, the Indians won four events at the state track meet. That's a pretty good accomplishment. Adonis Siscoe won two on his own, and anchored the winning 4x100 relay team in another. David Mayo gained points in three field events.

The Lions got a second from Will Lawrence, and some points from Dumitri Malnasi. They had a tough time in the 4x400 relay, getting disqualified, but ran a strong race. Freshman Kylie Reinholdt even scored a point for the Lady Lions, which have been down for a while. And don't forget the marvelous effort by Scappoose freshman Charlie Davidson in winning the 1,500-meter run.

The local golf teams sent a few golfers to state this year, and have a good number of players returning this next season. The St. Helens boys' tennis team had one of their players make it to the state tournament and do fairly well, before being eliminated.

It wasn't the best of springs locally we have seen, but it wasn't the worse either. As usually happens, there were successes and failures along the way.

There are prospects for improvement in just about every area. St. Helens has some incoming talent for their softball program; Scappoose will be a contender again next year in softball; the Scappoose baseball team will reload for next year; the St. Helens baseball team will have a new coach and new hope next season; the St. Helens track team has two of their top scorers back again; the Scappoose track team will again do well; and there will be improvements in golf and in tennis.

Budget cuts may hurt future programs in St. Helens, but Scappoose seems to be able to muddle through at least for the next year.

Sometimes you know a team is coming back loaded with talent and aspirations. Sometimes that teams succeeds and sometimes it just doesn't go the way it was planned. Sometimes a team surprises everyone and goes further than anyone would have thought possible.

I remember thinking that the Scappoose football team with Derek Anderson was a good bet to win the state championship. I didn't think it would be as good the next year, but it was just as formidable and the Indians posted three straight perfect seasons. I've seen softball teams excel when nobody thought they would go far. I've seen teams with high expectations lose games they shouldn't have lost.

The unpredictability of sports is what makes them fun to play and watch. Sports in one form or another have been around for a long time. I'll look forward to seeing what the next season will bring.

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