No conflict of interest in letter

To the Editor:

Grace Bruns' comments on Kathe Worsley's letter to the editor (in the Sept. 18 Lake Oswego Review) were silly and completely wrong. Ms. Worsley's letter simply asked voters to carefully consider the candidates and their position on the issues.

Ms. Worsley's letter doesn't even mention her husband, Russell Jones' candidacy at all. Even, if it did, and she asked voters to vote for her husband, conflict of interest does not apply to endorsing candidates. Her point is silly

And where Ms. Bruns gets 'trash politics' and 'name-calling' and 'mean-spirited' from Ms. Worsley's letter only she will know. There was nothing in Ms. Worsley's letter that could be remotely described as that. Those descriptors can only be applied to Ms. Bruns' response.

And for full disclosure for Ms. Bruns' benefit, I do support both Russell Jones and Mary Olson's candidacies for council.

Gordon Umaki

Lake Oswego

Surrett asked to discuss agenda

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to John Surrett, candidate for mayor of Lake Oswego.

Dear Mr. Surrett:

I am writing because I have serious concerns about your campaign for mayor. During last year's debate, you focused with the intensity of a laser beam on the West End issue, but nothing I have ever heard or read from you has suggested a broader interest in the good of our community overall. I am concerned that you are running for office with a single agenda: To destroy the West End project. It worries me that you would devote little time or attention to other issues, and that once you succeeded in selling off the West End property, you would become an 'absentee landlord,' leaving other important matters unaddressed.

No one likes paying taxes, but as Oliver Wendell Holmes has observed, 'Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.' Without taxes, we could not have adequate police or fire protection, parks or public libraries. Meanwhile, the free market is about to grace us with a Star's Cabaret strip club just inches outside the Lake Oswego city limits. Can you promise us that as mayor you will not allow the West End property to be turned into the site of another such business?

What exactly are your goals for our city - other than getting rid of the West End property?

I look forward to your response.

Eric Meyer

Lake Oswego

Library measure needs support

To the Editor:

Come the November ballot, I urge all Lake Oswegans to vote yes on Measure 3-310 ('Establish a Countywide Library Service District in Clackamas County').

A large piece of what makes Lake Oswego special and such a wonderful place to live is our library. Rated the No. 1 public library (Hennen's American Public Library Ratings) in Oregon and used by more than 1,000 visitors daily, the Lake Oswego public library relies on county funds and needs this support to continue to stay one of our city's treasures.

As a family, we have made the Lake Oswego public library an integral part of our lives. The programs, books, music, expertise of the staff - it truly has something for everyone and it prides itself on being accessible to all. The tremendous response for Lake Oswego Reads and the fantastic events that the library created, brought thousands of Lake Oswego residents together for lectures, food tastings, book discussions and art exhibits. Without the library our city would be at a great loss; there would be a huge void that no other service or business could fill.

Our library serves as a vibrant center of the Lake Oswego community. A public space that brings people of all ages together to promote literacy and broaden our perspectives, the library and its users are counting on your help to keep it thriving. Please support a county library district and protect our library. Please help us keep Lake Oswego great.

Gabrielle Williams

Immediate Past Chair, Lake Oswego Library Advisory Board

Lake Oswego

Don't let ultra-rich benefit

To the Editor:

I urge all Lake Oswego residents to contact your senators and representatives in Washing-ton, D.C. and oppose the proposed Bush/Paulson/Bernanke $500 billion to $1 trillion bailout of Wall Street financial institutions.

The American taxpayers shouldn't have to rescue these multi-millionaires and billionaires.

This is being sold to the public as an emergency plan to protect us from the negative economic consequences of a credit crisis. The U.S. and world economy will survive this crisis as (they) survived the credit crisis of the early 1980s when the Federal Reserve Bank raised the fed funds rate to about 19 percent in the summer of 1981.

A severe recession followed that crisis and it was tough, but the world economy survived. Now a severe recession is coming anyway whether the U.S. taxpayer rescues Wall Street or not and we will survive this one, too

I don't think the multi-millionaires and billionaires who brought this crisis upon us should benefit from the tax dollars of hardworking Americans and drive the U.S. government deeper and deeper in debt.

RS Deich

Lake Oswego

Vote for Jones - he listens

To the Editor:

We residents of Lake Oswego are fortunate to have such a fine field of candidates for the city council. In making the serious decision to vote for three of them it is important to look behind a pleasant personality, good looks and bearing. These characteristics are important, but not critical. Substance, drive, organization and the ability to deliver are far more critical. In my opinion, Russell Jones possesses all of these critical qualities and that is why he has my vote.

Mr. Jones has been involved in Lake Oswego civic matters for years. His position on the budget committee gave him valuable insight on city budgeting practices; as a member of the Resources Advisory Board and Foothills Plan Citizens Advisory Committee he developed an appreciation for husbanding our resources and contributed to land use planning. He prepared a map of Lake Oswego parks and open space trails used by many. He has devoted countless hours to further good public transportation policies during his membership on the Transit Center Commit-tee. Clearly he is a man of substance, drive, organization and he delivers.

Lake Oswego is in dire need of councilors who will restore fiscal responsibility, prioritize projects and spending, rebuild the trust in city government, maintain the quaint village characteristics of our city and as for taxation, consider the limited means of retired seniors living on a pension. Vote for Russell Jones, he listens to the people.

For recreation, he enjoys bicycling.

John Beau

Lake Oswego

Gudman would be strong asset

To the Editor:

I urge Lake Oswegans to support Jeff Gudman in his run for city council. I have known Jeff for eight years, as we have served together on the Lake Oswego Citizen's Budget Committee and the Community Center Committee. Jeff is a person with a strong desire to serve his community. He is highly intelligent, and closely analyzes whatever proposal is being considered. His financial knowledge is particularly strong.

Jeff is an independent thinker who on several occasions has not agreed with the majority opinion. However, Jeff's dissension has always been based on his own rational interpretation of the facts, not on personalities or ideology. When Jeff disagrees with another committee member, he expresses his concerns in an articulate yet polite way, not in a personal attack. In this way, he clearly models what is best about our democratic system.

Because he can both dig into the details and see the larger picture about what is best for this community, Jeff has my vote for city council. I encourage you to give him your vote, too.

Sandy Leybold

Lake Oswego

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