Abbygail, a local canine celebrity, has landed a prime spot on television. The educational children's series 'The Tails of Abbygail' has aired Saturday mornings at 9 on KOIN 6 television since May 7. Originally, the show aired at 6:30 a.m. Sundays.

'To be alongside 'Thomas the Train' and 'Dora the Explorer' feels like we've really achieved something,' said Terri Lynn Link, the show's author and narrator. 'I'm doing this for the end result. When we go national, I want to be able to go to schools, churches, daycares, and hospitals and make a difference in children's lives.'

The show, originally based out of Link's home in Boring, features an all-animal cast, spearheaded by Abbygail, a Jack Russell terrier. The animals act as role models, teaching young children about topics including life vests, stranger danger and telling the truth.

'It's very grassroots,' Link said. 'It's not Hollywood. These are Sandy, Estacada and Gresham community stories. We're very excited.'

As soon as 13 episodes are complete, Link plans to go national with the show. Currently there are five complete.

Oregon schools have begun to adopt Abbygail curriculum. Link hopes this will continue and broaden.

In addition to its new airtime, 'The Tails of Abbygail' will release stuffed animals that look like the characters. Link described an 'Abbypal,' a plush MP3 player that she plans to send to to children cancer patients.

Link writes back to all Abbygail fans and has surprised several children's parties.

'I love the children,' she said. 'Kids will say, 'You're the 'Tails of Abbygail' narrator!' It's my story. I'm fulfilling something in my life, and planning to continue with it.'

Link hopes that the first person featured in the show will be her granddaughter, Ella Sandell.

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