Sandy photographer starts business

Krissy Aldous shows her work at local businesses and sells prints, posters, cards
by: contributed photo Works by photographer Krissy Aldous are on view at Dita’s Chocolates and the Sub Shop in Sandy.

The first photograph Krissy Aldous sold -- to Oregon Travel Guide in 2007 -- was taken with a $79 point-and-shoot. Upgrading to Nikon digital SLR cameras, she realized her ability to differentiate a scene from other photographers' images.

Four years later, Aldous, 40, has launched her own photography business in Sandy, exhibiting her work in local businesses and selling prints, posters and cards.

First Friday in downtown Sandy has helped launch her work this spring. Since the beginning of May, Aldous has received requests for photo shoots beyond her landscape and night photography, and business is only picking up.

Aldous is reveling in the opportunity to try different types of photography and says she is open to all requests, including on-location shoots.

'Light is never the same, people are never the same, and you don't know what you are going to get,' Aldous said. 'I like that.'

A Centennial High School graduate, Aldous got her start on yearbook and newspaper staffs. She graduated from Mt. Hood Community College in 1992 with a degree in journalism technology, which allowed her to dabble in darkroom photography.

After marrying 16 years ago, Aldous and her husband moved to Sandy to get away from the city. 'Sandy fit just what we were looking for,' she said.

Out of college, Aldous worked as a nanny, retail manager and in advertising. She began a contracting delivery business 11 years ago. The business has allowed her to spend more time with her children, Delaney, 15, and Maclain, 12.

When Delaney was born in 1996, Aldous began taking many pictures and noticed she could make 'a pretty background beyond the focal point of the photo.'

'She's just fabulous,' said Rita Boyd of Dita's Chocolates. 'I love her perspective. She can take a tree and turn it into art unlike anyone I've seen. She uses such vibrant colors.'

Aldous' work, including her homemade cards, has been featured at Dita's and Sub Shop this spring.

This summer will take Aldous to North Carolina and Tennessee, where she will attend NASCAR races at Bristol Motor Speedway. She is also planning a hot-air balloon ride over Oregon wine country.

Someday, she would love to photograph the northern lights in Iceland or Norway. While her travels offer new sights to capture, though, Aldous appreciates Oregon's offerings.

'I want people to hear the water falls or imagine the spring and think, 'I should really go there because that is beautiful,'' she said of her work. 'I love sunsets and anything on the coast. Mountains, rivers and waterfalls.'

Though she doesn't look to particular photographers for inspiration, Aldous offered novice photographers this advice: Experiment with all camera settings, purchase a big memory card, and invest in a tripod.

'I will try anything, and I'm confident in what I do,' she said.

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