High hopes for a dose of reality (TV)

Sara Schaffer is finalist for MTV's 'The Real World'
by: , Sara Schaffer of Lake Oswego is a finalist to be on MTV’s hit TV show, “The Real World.” She finds out Friday if she made the cut.

What would your life look like on TV? Would viewers tune in each week if cameras followed you around? Are you interesting? Are you a star in the making?

Sara Schaffer, 21, Lake Oswego, might be. She's a finalist for MTV's hit TV show 'The Real World' and finds out Friday if she makes the series.

'I could use all of the good vibes I can get right now,' Schaffer said.

After a phone interview from her Lake Oswego home, Schaffer was flown to New York for a 3½ hour, in-person interview.

'(They) wanted to find out everything possible about me,' Schaffer said. 'It was like being interviewed by the FBI.'

The reality TV show is MTV's longest-running program, first airing in 1992. Each season - filmed in a different city - features seven strangers who audition to live in a house together for several months and record their relationships.

'It's a fun, well-done show that's incredibly entertaining,' Schaffer said.

Schaffer said she's in the running for a spot on season 22, which airs after the 2009 season.

'They wanted to cast a cast member with a disability so they started way in advance,' she said. 'They wouldn't say what city it will be filmed in.'

A year ago, Schaffer rode on the back of her friend's motorcycle and was in an accident on the freeway after the driver swerved to avoid debris in the lane.

'My left leg was really badly injured,' she said. 'I ended up having to have it amputated about an inch above my knee. It's been a strange thing to get used to.'

Schaffer moved to Oregon in 2006 and is currently a student at Portland State University.

As the famous narration given over the opening title sequence states, 'This is the true story … of seven strangers … picked to live in a house … work together and have their lives taped … to find out what happen … when people stop being polite … and start getting real … The Real World.'

Will Schafer appear in the sequence soon? She can't wait to find out.

'What an opportunity, it's nuts,' Schaffer said. 'I have to get cast first. Wish me luck.'