'Place your confidence in' Chris Garrett for HD 38

To the Editor:

In the coming general election it is extremely important for Oregon voters to keep their eye on the ball. The ballot will present many candidates vying for numerous offices. By election time we are likely to be sated with exposure to messages extolling candidates for the star offices - U.S. President, U.S. Senator, U.S. Congressperson, etc. While these races are important, it is the state and local elections that are most likely to have direct and immediate effects on us and our families.

In this regard I want to urge voters in Oregon House District 38 (Lake Oswego and Southwest Portland) to vote for the Democratic candidate, Chris Garrett. In my career as a U.S. diplomat I have met many politicians, both foreign and domestic. None has won greater respect from me than Chris. As a former director of the U.S. State Department's Office of Environmental Policy and head of U.S. delegations negotiating international environmental agreements (during an administration that based environmental policy on real science), I find Garrett's environmental record beyond reproach and his concern for ongoing environmental issues both genuine and practical for Oregon.

In sum, for voters to whom our environment is a crucial cause, please place your confidence in, and your vote for, Chris Garrett.

Michael D. Metelits

U.S. Ambassador (Retired)

Lake Oswego

Liking the city library, but not supporting the district

To the Editor:

I use and support the Lake Oswego Library, but I will not support the Library District Ballot Measure 3-310.

The district concept covers 14 hungry mouths from Canby to Wilsonville, all of which are being weaned from discontinuance of the federal monies from the timber fund. Isn't it time for those community's citizens to support their own city libraries and not expect others to do so?

Only property owners are chosen to pay the $87 yearly tax (for starters). The average assessed value of property in Lake Oswego is higher than most, if not all, other communities meaning we shoulder a disproportionate burden. This is on top of the costs for the new sewer interceptor, upgrading of the water treatment facility and the cost of the West End Building (WEB), in all, about $265 million or about $1,200 increase (a year) for L.O. residents.

It is time to rethink the brick and mortar library and place more emphasis on Internet use. Tap into grants from Intel, Microsoft and other trusts. Marshal 12-year-old kid volunteers to do the mind-numbing stacking of books, their community project. Think outside of the box.

As for the L.O. Library, I propose it be funded entirely by the city and require the approximately 20 percent of the out-of-town users to pay a fee. Sell the WEB, apply proceeds to the library, and lease office space from the new building across Fourth Street, if necessary.

John Beau

Lake Oswego

Thanks for all the hard work by volunteers on the Local Option

To the Editor:

Why would nearly 250 students, teachers, parents, administrators, and other school staff members brave the blustery weather this past Saturday morning to walk the neighborhoods of Lake Oswego?

Local Option.

These folks gave their time and effort to share information about renewing our school district's local option levy, which makes up over 12 percent of the budget. Through the local option we are able to maintain the conditions that have helped each one of our schools once again earn 'exceptional' ratings by the state of Oregon.

To those who walked, thank you. This is commitment. This is valuing our kids. And to the voters of Lake Oswego, please join us in voting 'yes' on Measure 3-305 to keep our schools and our community strong.

Teri Oelrich

Supporters of Lake Oswego Schools

Jan Pearce

Lake Oswego Education Association

Hoffman 'loyal, unselfish and capable'

To the Editor:

As an honored citizen of Lake Oswego beginning in 1989 to 2005, I am more than willing to add my voice to the candidacy of Jack Hoffman for mayor.

During the 10-year period of 1995 to 2005 I was fortunate to play a modest role in community activities, getting to know the mayor and city council reasonably close up.This was brought about thanks to early encouragement of Jack as chair of Parks and Recreation. During that time Jack provided a reasoned vote on the council and always looked to make citizenship more inclusive.

That vision and determination would well be copied by many other cities and communities. I have to admit that I have not found it here and I miss it painfully.

Lake Oswego would do well to elect Jack as its next mayor. In him (residents) will find a loyal, unselfish and capable leader.

Jerry Trageser

Former Lake Oswego resident

Hummelstown, Pa.

Gudman's fiscal sense would help the city in the future

To the Editor:

While a member of the Lake Oswego Citizen's Budget Committee, I was able to see how effectively Jeff Gudman performed both as a fellow member and then as chairman.

Jeff would be an excellent member of the Lake Oswego City Council. He demonstrated an exceptionally superior blend of a wide range of skills and abilities relating to his professional experience, leadership, vision, interpersonal effectiveness, knowledge of civic affairs, creativity, and consensus building. Upon completion of this chairman's term, he received wide spread accolades for a 'job well done.'

At a time when our city is facing huge problems, we need Jeff, and others like him, who have a deep concern for the future of our community and can successfully identify and communicate solutions to our municipal problems without the civic divisiveness we've seen in recent years.

As Jeff Gudman is very concerned about improving the fiscal management of city services, I urge you to vote for and support him at this time of Lake Oswego's acute budgetary challenges.

Rodger Chapel

Lake Oswego

Surrett - he's an 'agent of change' for the city

To the Editor:

We have two fine choices in the mayoral race this year, Mr. John Surrett and Mr. Jack Hoffman.

After much consideration of each man's strengths and qualities, Mr. Surrett will get my vote. As a committed city councilor, Mr. Hoffman helped choreograph many of the projects which are now on 'high-center.' These include the historic infrastructure improvements to our water and sewer systems, a West End Building project, critical infill and commercial development projects, a complete review of our layered and prescriptive city code, and the much ballyhooed bottom-up planning process intended to integrate our highly valued quality of life and neighborhood continuities into the comprehensive plan.

The list is overwhelming and Mr. Hoffman, in my opinion, cannot serve to the level we deserve as a community and be a full-time attorney as his first priority. We need a full-time mayor who will lead, remove the current inertia, and set clear policy that will get these projects back onto a kinetic path toward resolution.

The time is right for a mayor that will execute and finish current projects before starting new ones. I will be voting for an agent of change and an experienced project manager, Mr. John Surrett. I hope that you will join me and make a thoughtful choice of your own.

Scott Bullard

Lake Oswego

Extension service ballot measure is worthwhile

To The Editor:

Not often do the voters have an opportunity to approve and support a ballot measure that can and will enhance Clackamas County for many years to come.

The 'Agricultural Extension and 4-H Ballot Measure 3-311' can and will provide important services for local farmers, 4-H youth development, the master gardners programs, plus many other continuing educational classes for our county's citizens.

As one who is concerned about our county's growing 'invasive species problems,' I know the extension service can and will increase awareness and help to eradicate these nasty pests along our roads and within our neighborhoods.

Therefore, I strongly encourage all voters of Clackamas County to support this Ballot Measure 3-311 with a yes vote this November.

By the way, the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce has already endorsed Ballot Measure 3-311, too.

Hal Broughton

Lake Oswego

Surrett has the time to devote to mayor's job

To the Editor:

My guess is that with the very important issues facing Lake Oswego the office of mayor is likely to be more than a full-time job. Besides having a rich and varied background for the position John Surrett has the time for the job.

To me this is critical.

To learn more about John, go to his Web site.

Joseph Stern

Lake Oswego

Tierney 'will lead LO into the future'

To the Editor:

I encourage Lake Oswego residents to vote for Bill Tierney for city council. I have known Bill for over 6 years; serving together on the Lake Oswego Development Review Commission. For the past 5 years, Bill has served as chair with character and strong ethical standards.

Bill Tierney's understanding of the city's Community Development Code and Comprehensive Plan gives him the insight into the direction Lake Oswego is growing.

His management style encompasses leadership, organization and compassion; he has blended the requirements set forth by code, city staff input and the importance of addressing citizen concerns. These management skills would be an asset to the city council.

I urge you to vote for Bill Tierney, a candidate that can lead Lake Oswego into the future.

Krystyna Stadnik

Lake Oswego

Warn about threats, but don't attack the DVD

To the Editor:

Alan Bazaaz (in his citizen's view last Thursday) admits that the 'Obsession' DVD does, in fact, distinguish between radical Islam and mainstream Islam, but he thinks that Americans are just too dumb to notice that distinction.

He sells Americans short.

The fact is that radical Islam does present a clear and present danger to America - and to many countries where radical Muslims, in the name of Islam, have murdered masses of people - America, Britain, Spain, India, Phillipines, Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya, Nigeria, Somalia, Lebanon and, of course, Israel. It is no secret that Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran have agents and cells in many countries ready to murder more people.

Why doesn't Bazaaz help to awaken the American people to these threats from radical Muslims instead of attacking 'Obsession,' which warns us of that threat?

Monte Doro

Chicago, IL

Support 3-311 - 'we all need Extension'

To the Editor:

I am commenting on the proposed Clackamas County Extension and 4-H Service District on this fall's election. This is Ballot Measure 3-311.

There are more than 3,000 families owning forestland in Clackamas County. This land is some of the most productive forestland in the world, which can be a source of wealth for our community. Wise use of the land can benefit its owners, all those involved in growing and utilizing the forest products, and our community's tax base. In an age in which industries are being sent abroad and we are scrambling to compete in a world economy, our forestland could be of much help -if it is used wisely.

These forestland owners turn to the Oregon State University Extension Service for practical, science-based information. The Extension faculty and staff that live and work in this county are technical experts. They really know their stuff. They are an incredible resource that helps landowners be successful and reach their goals, which helps us all.

There are other good works by Extension, like their Master Gardeners and 4-H that have long been part of the fabric of our community and reach many other persons. However, the prudent long-term investment in the forests in our community alone offers a sufficient return to support this sound measure.

I am voting yes for Ballot Measure 3-311. Join me. We all need Extension.

Craig Chisholm

Lake Oswego

Hoffman 'won't entrench himself in the past'

To the Editor:

Thirty-five years ago I arrived in Oregon as a new attorney. I've lived in Lake Oswego ever since. Jack Hoffman is my choice for mayor.

When I worked for the city of Portland defending police officers, Jack defended sheriffs for Multnomah County. Often we defended cases together because both the police and sheriffs were involved. But when only one was at fault, we were adversaries. Even then, Jack was always cooperative, with a common-sense approach, rather than just blaming the city to protect the county.

Later Jack joined one of Portland's best law firms, where he's been for many years. That indicates good legal work - including government advice and litigation - and that he 'plays well with others.' Put another way, Jack not only respects his clients, his partners and other attorneys, but also recognizes that to accomplish a desired result, a willingness to compromise and get along is required.

The big issue this year is the Safeco building. Whatever occurred before, my experience with Jack indicates that if elected, he won't entrench himself in the past. Instead, he'll do what every good lawyer does: Gather the facts, listen, consider the options and then work for consensus. But if that doesn't work, he won't be afraid to do what he thinks is best for the city, even if it's unpopular.

We elect leaders for their judgment as well as their view on individual issues. I believe Jack Hoffman's judgment - based on who he is and what he's done in the past - defines his candidacy for mayor. I hope you'll agree.

Steve Moore

Lake Oswego

Vote for Chris Garrett for House District 38

To the Editor:

With so much focus on the presidential election which, of course, is of prime importance, we as voters must also focus on local candidates:

Selecting the right candidates to serve in the state Legislature is of equal importance, and I am strongly supporting Chris Garrett for House District 38.

Chris is energetic, dedicated to good state government and is ready to step into office and be effective immediately. He was former senior policy adviser to Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, and worked alongside our state Sen. Richard Devlin. This is important as he knows his way around the capitol.

Three issues to which he is committed include making health care more affordable, protecting our natural resources and strengthening our schools. These will be difficult challenges to address as our nation and our state face tough economic times, but I am confident that Chris is the best choice to do this battle.

Barbara Stallcup Miller

Lake Oswego

Moncrieff is a strong city council candidate

To the Editor:

Residents in the city of Lake Oswego are fortunate to have an excellent slate of individuals to choose from for the upcoming city council race.

However, there is one particular candidate, Sally Monrieff, who possesses a unique mix of skills and experiences which I believe will represent all of Lake Oswego residents best.

Sally and her husband Shane have children so they can relate to kids and educational needs. Secondly, I've worked with Sally directly and she dealt thoughtfully and successfully with those of us who have lived here since the '70s.

Finally, Sally has worked tirelessly with the Palisades Neighborhood Association which represents a huge cross-section of people; homeowners who have valid and very different positions on issues.

Sally has successfully navigated these issues and I believe she will be an engaged, active, interested member of the Lake Oswego City Council. Sally has my vote!

Chris Utter

Lake Oswego

Don't support Ballot Measure 63

To the Editor:

Measure 63 is an important ballot measure this November meriting very close attention. Its title is, 'Exempts specified property owners from building permit requirements for improvements valued at/under 35,000 dollars.'

On its face, it speaks to those disliking supposed governmental 'intrusion' into their private property, and paying additional property improvement costs.

Look again.

The financial impact to local governments (including Lake Oswego) is estimated to reduce revenue between $4 million to $8 million yearly. While the impact to state government is estimated to be between $450,000 and $750,000 yearly (and adjusted for yearly inflation), the hit to local governments is hugely significant.

The Audubon Society of Portland is equally alarmed pointing out further negatives: '... Measure 63 would certainly allow landowners to make so-called 'improvements' in the form of new construction or building additions that encroach on or displace habitat and other environmentally sensitive lands important to clean water, particularly if they are not protected by federal law.

Perhaps the biggest impact would be to local tree protection ordinances that regulate the removal of trees and vegetation important to wildlife, water quality and neighborhood character ... This measure could effectively nullify the enforcement of rules protecting large mature trees in your neighborhood.' (our emphasis)

The society further notes that should an owner straddle his development from one year to another the amount of improvements could total $70,000 without a permit.

This is without a doubt awful for our community. Please join us in voting against Ballot Measure 63.

Gay Graham

Ron Hanson

Lake Oswego

Support library and Lake Oswego's schools

To the Editor:

Public education is the foundation of our country and a good education is paramount for a viable economy. In Lake Oswego we have always had strong support for our schools. It is that support that enables the Lake Oswego School system to excel. This November we would encourage our friends and neighbors to continue to ensure we maintain our exceptional schools.

Also, of concern to us is our library. We have the best and most utilized library in Clackamas County and of any library its size. Our library is a real prize and fundamental towards the vibrancy of our downtown. With the educated society that we have in Lake Oswego, we need to ensure we continue to maintain the level of service we have come to expect from our library.

This November we are being asked to create a service district that will provide a stable and dedicated revenue source for our county wide libraries. (We) are heavy users of the Lake Oswego Public Library and support this measure. We love our library.

Russell Jones

City council candidate

Kathe Worsley

Wife of candidate

Lake Oswego

Thanks for supporting Doernbecher book drive

To the Editor:

I want to sincerely thank you for helping me complete such a worthwhile act of generosity.

I've just concluded a very successful book drive with all your help and much help from those who donated their time and effort. Last week I had the pleasure of donating 193 books to Doernbecher Children's Hospital! It was immensely gratifying to be in such a position to do so and I hope you feel as proud as I do for taking part in this drive.

Here are some fun statistics that I've compiled:

In two weeks, 60+ people donated 444 books, which translated to about $2,000! With this $2,000 I was able to purchase 193 beautiful brand new books!

The books will be given to children in the waiting room and permanently given to children in isolation. The books were especially appreciated because they were all brand new and free of any germs. Children in isolation will get to keep their books because of their medical conditions. For many of these children, these books will be their very first book that they get to keep or read.

I can't thank all of you enough for giving these children such a wonderful gift - the gift of literature!

Congratulations to us all for showing what a community effort can do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Catlin Dennis

Senior Lake Oswego High School

Lake Oswego

Jones is worthy of the support of voters

To the Editor:

Russell Jones' Citizen View (Sept. 18 - City needs a council that will swing pendulum to the center) represents a thoughtful assessment of the situation we face this November. With three of the six council seats and the mayor's position up for election, we have a great opportunity to shape the future of Lake Oswego.

Mr. Jones has dedicated a considerable amount of his time and effort in the past for the benefit of the city. Now, as a retired businessman and a candidate for city council, he is willing to devote even more time in the future to bring openness, accountability and financial responsibility to our city. Lake Oswego deserves a leader who can bring these qualities to the council.

While evaluating the various candidates for city council, please consider the strengths and experience which Mr. Jones can bring to the office. Lake Oswego is a better place because of his past efforts, and it can become even better because of his future efforts.

I think you will find that he is worthy of your support. He certainly has mine.

Linda Sheehan

Lake Oswego

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