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Hoffman's 'leadership qualities are proven'

To the Editor:

Jack Hoffman is the right choice for the next mayor of Lake Oswego.

Jack has given hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of service to this community. I witnessed Jack's leadership ability directly while he was on city council and I served on the LO Citizens' Budget Committee. Jack has a keen mind. He never hesitated to ask tough questions or suggest creative alternatives to proposals being considered.

Importantly, Jack has a vision and a clear set of priorities for our community. Jack's leadership will allow our city to remain fiscally strong, collaborate with local business owners and school leaders, and grow into an even more beautiful and livable place than it is already.

Our city has experienced significant challenges recently. We need a mayor who sees the big picture and has experience governing, not just campaigning. As our next mayor, Jack will ensure that the interceptor project is on track and that we continue to use our resources wisely. Jack's leadership will help heal the divisive feelings that emerged over the vision for a multi-purpose community center.

Jack's opponent in this race led the rancorous campaign against this project, and I am hard pressed to believe that he can lead the efforts to overcome its effects. Lake Oswego needs Jack's level-headedness, his ability to listen, and his desire to do what is right for the community to bring us together and help us move forward.

Jack's leadership qualities are proven. Please join me in voting for Jack Hoffman for mayor.

Sandy Leybold

Lake Oswego

Support Extension 'for the price of a pizza'

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask Lake Oswego voters to support ballot measure 3-311 to establish a 4-H/Extension Service District for Clackamas County.

As volunteer leader of a local 4-H club, I see the value of the 4-H Youth Development program every day. Youth learn leadership and communication skills, citizenship, and responsibility through participation in club, county, and state activities throughout the year.

In Clackamas County, over 400 adult volunteers work with nearly 5,000 youth to help them excel and become productive citizens of their communities. For every dollar invested in Extension and 4-H by taxpayers, an additional $16 are raised through grants, donations, and fundraisers to support programs that benefit kids, communities, and the environment. With that kind of return, Extension is a great investment.

Please join me in voting yes on measure 3-311 to establish permanent funding for 4-H and Extension. For most home owners, the yearly cost to fund such a worthwhile program is the price of a pizza.

Richard Pross

Lake Oswego

Library district should be supported by voters

To the Editor:

During turbulent economic times it is all too easy to say 'no' to every tax measure on the ballot.

But let's think carefully about the long term. I don't think we want to be like the homeowner who decides to save money by not replacing his leaky roof. So, too, our community structure needs timely attention.

Our public libraries, more popular than ever, merit stable and dedicated funding to assure us the wide-ranging benefits we depend on. From children's programs that promote literacy and lifelong learning through reading to resources for workers and job seekers, libraries are one of our most democratic institutions. They serve everyone.

If we are concerned about the future strength of our nation, it begins here with maintaining a strong community of educated citizens. The proposed library district will assure us up-to-date collections, adequate hours of operation, and the capacity to build our libraries over time to adapt to our growing cities and county.

We will recover from the current turmoil, but not by cutting back on or closing our public libraries. Oregonians are known for long-term planning for good reason. Please join me in voting yes for the library district.

Nancy Murray

Lake Oswego

Hoffman is the right choice for mayor

To the Editor:

Jack Hoffman is the clear choice for mayor of Lake Oswego. Jack has the experience, the drive, and the vision to protect the health, livability and future of our community.

I was fortunate to serve with Jack on the Lake Oswego City Council. I have seen his commitment, his intelligence and his care. It is easy to look around our community as it exists today and see the results of Jack's efforts. We have a vital and strong downtown that is the envy of other communities in the region. We have a strong beautiful park system that provides recreation opportunities for all, and more importantly gives us places to gather together with our friends and neighbors. The arts downtown and Gallery Without Walls is directly attributable to Jack's efforts.

If we want to keep Lake Oswego vibrant and strong, we need a mayor who has the vision to help us build and maintain a strong community, the experience to work with our partners in the region and in Salem to make sure our voice is heard, and the responsibility to do all of this while carefully managing the resources we give the city to operate.

I am proud to support Jack Hoffman for mayor. Please join me in voting for him in November.

Craig Prosser

City manager, city of Tigard

Lake Oswego

Can you visualize Palin

at the G-8 table?

To the Editor:

In the vice-presidential debate last Thursday evening we saw the results of Sarah Palin's three days of cramming, up against 30-plus years of on-the-job experience demonstrated by Joe Biden. Ms. Palin had a handful of answers with which she tried to answer a dozen or more questions. It didn't work! She stumbled around trying to make her paucity of facts fit a plethora questions and got terribly lost in the process.

And what was the cutesy stuff? The insipid, disingenuous smile, the 'down home' vocabulary, and the wink. What in the world was with the wink! Can't you see her at the table with the leaders of the G-8, winking at everyone? Smirking George Bush and Sneering Dick Cheney are embarrassment enough, but Winking Sarah would be way over the top.

Perhaps Ms. Palin didn't sink to the depths of incompetence she displayed in her interviews with Katie Couric, but she didn't instill confidence in anyone save the hardcore faux-conservative crowd.

Ms. Palin's judgment must also be called into question. She was 42 or 43 years old, well past the age when genetic birth defects increase, when she decided to get pregnant again. She already had a nice family of four children. The result was a Down Syndrome baby. In her morality, birth control was, I presume, out of the question. That left her one option, one that she considers an important part of her moral palette - abstinence. But I guess abstinence is for other people, not the Palins.

Dennis McNish

Lake Oswego

'Stop the mudslinging' against Rep. Bruun

To the Editor:

I have known (Rep.) Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) for several years.

Scott is exactly the kind of leader that you want in Salem. He cares deeply about the issues that are important to us: The economy, stabilizing funding for schools and protecting our environment.

Scott is not a right wing extremist. His opponent and her supporters need to stop the mudslinging. Now more than ever, voters want a candidate that is focused on the issues. Not someone who is focused on a smear campaign.

Michele Eberle and her supporters should be ashamed of themselves for their dishonest and negative attacks. Scott has been an outstanding public servant with a proven record of working across the aisle.

Please join me in supporting Scott Bruun for House District 37.

Audrey Monroe

Lake Oswego

Surrett will keep LO affordable

To the Editor:

Mayoral candidate Jack Hoffman is out of touch with taxpayer affordability. Jack supported the defeated May 2008 Lake Oswego $20 million property tax levy/lien for Safeco. Voter pamphlet statements encouraging this new taxpayer burden were endorsed by Mr. Hoffman including: The visionary purchase of the former Safeco site - 14 acres and an over 88,000 square-foot building - was a wise decision.

Undeterred by the vote outcome, Mayor Hammerstad, who has endorsed Mr. Hoffman, recently commented that a July 14th study session involving the West End property 'was fruitful.' Shockingly, the next day, city staffer, Brant Williams' reports: '… the community center in the mix of all potential public uses for the West End Building.'

Candidate Hoffman voted in 2005 to purchase Safeco, reaffirmed his support in 2008 by endorsing the bond and through 'pay back' for Mayor Hammerstad's endorsement, will likely force an $80 million (latest cost estimate) non-essential community center onto the homeowners' tax bill. Such 'blind' advocacy totally disregards this year's Community Attitudes Survey results where only 4 percent of 400 surveyed wanted a community center. But, isn't that Jack's style - disregard for public opinion? With over $160 million new debt for essential infrastructure expenses, another $80 million for a project virtually nobody wants is outlandish ( )

Mr. Hoffman is a 'luxury we cannot afford.' John Surrett has demonstrated his qualifications for managing the city's basic needs. He will keep Lake Oswego affordable and respect public opinion. Vote Surrett for mayor.

Dick Johnson

Lake Oswego

Bruun's opponent resorts to 'dishonesty'

To the Editor:

It is disappointing that Scott Bruun's opponent in the race for state representative (District 37) and her supporters resort to dishonest and negative attacks.

I have talked with Scott and he set the record straight. Rather than dividing voters and making untruthful attacks against others, he is bringing people together and moving Oregon forward on the issues we care about. As our state representative, he is protecting our family budgets, expanding our local job base, and improving our schools.

Scott has a strong bipartisan record. He has proven he can work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done. Maybe that's why over 96 percent of all legislators have co-sponsored one of his bills. For him, bipartisanship is not a campaign slogan, it's how he leads.

I hope voters will judge people on their character and record in November. We need to keep someone with Scott Bruun's experience and capability in office.

Phyllis Lohse

West Linn

Energy is a key issue facing our country

To the Editor:

The vice presidential debate made clear that more discussion is necessary in the U.S. to address our energy needs. An emphasis on renewable energy is appropriate, and I was glad to see the Congress recently pass incentives to help make solar, wind and other alternative energy sources more commercially viable. But these new technologies have some drawbacks. Many of them, such as wind that relies on nature to propel its turbines, cannot be used as a consistent reliable source. Others, such as wave energy, are in a developmental phase here in Oregon and carry other impacts that affect fishing lanes.

It is absolutely necessary to further develop the fossil fuels in our own country so that our economy is not held hostage to anti-American regimes such as Iran and Venezuela. Reducing our reliance on foreign oil should be one of the most important objectives of the new Congress and administration. Allowing for the exploration of oil and gas in the ocean along our outer-continental shelf should be at the top of the list.

It wasn't widely publicized, but the Congress just let lapse the ban on drilling for oil and gas in our oceans. This is a good first step. Now, Congress and the new Administration should allow private companies to bid for the rights to explore in areas that offer the most potential. Studies show that the coast of Oregon carries little oil or gas reserves. But, other areas around the Gulf of Mexico possess significant reserves. In addition, there is already a manufacturing and distribution network in place there to get finished product to market.

Energy is going to be the one ingredient that every economy in the world is looking for in order to compete. I don't think our global competitiveness should be conditioned on our importing hundreds of billions each year from countries who don't have our best interests in mind.

Paula Schiedler

Lake Oswego