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Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

9/30/08 12:37 p.m. Chelsea L. Brist, 24, was cited on suspicion of driving while suspended.

9/30/08 6:03 p.m. Jennifer Erika Holy, 28, was arrested on suspicion of a probation violation and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/01/08 9:04 a.m. Vernon McCan, 35, was arrested on suspicion of failing to register and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/01/08 10:23 p.m. Travis James Gintz, 28, was arrested on suspicion of assault and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/03/08 2:32 p.m. Arthur L. Siebert, 49, was arrested on suspicion of sex abuse and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/04/08 6:47 a.m. John Charles Eubanks, 25, was arrested on suspicion of harassment and assault and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/05/08 6:18 p.m. A juvenile was arrested on the railroad trestle over the Willamette River and cited for criminal trespass. He was released to his parents.

9/30/08 2:02 a.m. Timothy Ryan Walbridge, 34, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on Country Club Road and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/04/08 12:33 a.m. Robert W. Elliott, Jr., 60, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on A Avenue and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/04/08 11:54 p.m. Terisha McCoy, 27, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on Overlook Drive and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/05/08 12:23 a.m. Matthew J. Bartoloni, 26, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on Boones Ferry Road and taken to the Clackamas County Jail.

10/01/08 7:54 a.m. A teen-age boy seen lying next to his bike on Boones Ferry Road was taken to his parents after flagging down a car for help. He was reportedly uninjured and later reclaimed the bike.

10/01/08 11:10 a.m. Injuries were reported when two cars collided at Boones Ferry and Bryant roads.

10/01/08 3:16 p.m. No one was hurt when one car rear-ended another on Carman Drive.

10/01/08 5:48 p.m. A bicyclist was nearly struck by a reckless driver on Amberwood Circle, which then swerved onto the lawn of a residence.

10/02/08 9:58 a.m. No one was hurt in a two-car crash on Meadows Road.

10/02/08 2:36 p.m. There were no injuries in a car crash on Holy Names Drive.

10/04/08 11:31 a.m. Injuries were unknown in a two-car crash on State Street.

10/04/08 12:04 p.m. A cyclist was injured when struck by a car on Kilkenny Road.

10/05/08 3:51 p.m. No one was hurt when two cars collided on State Street.

9/30/08 4:43 p.m. Wire was taken from a house under construction on Fairway Road.

10/01/08 9:01 a.m. A gray, felt Western hat was taken from a car on Pfeifer Drive.

10/01/08 9:49 a.m. Three cars were found with doors open after a car alarm sounded on Seventh Street. Their owners were not around so it was unclear what might have been taken.

10/01/08 11:37 a.m. Copper wire was stolen from a construction site on Fairway Road.

10/01/08 11:38 a.m. A jacket was stolen from a car on Seventh Street.

10/01/08 4:46 p.m. Altoids, sunglasses, vehicle registration and an operations manual were taken from a car on Pfeifer Court.

10/01/08 5:35 p.m. A book bag, textbooks, CDs, jewelry and other items were stolen from a car on Carman Drive.

10/03/08 8:45 a.m. Someone stole the trash out of a trash can on Lords Lane.

10/05/08 7:22 a.m. An Obama campaign sign was stolen from a yard on Summit Drive.

10/05/08 9:13 a.m. Political signs were taken overnight from Glenmorrie Drive.

10/05/08 9:30 a.m. Obama signs were stolen from Chapin Way overnight.

10/05/08 10:52 a.m. More political signs were stolen overnight from Glenmorrie Drive.

10/05/08 1:16 p.m. Two bikes were stolen from Waluga Junior High School.

9/29/08 6:19 a.m. A person was sitting in a car on Oakridge Road.

9/29/08 8:37 a.m. A blonde female was stumbling and slurring her words on State Street. She was apparently headed for her car.

9/29/08 8:40 a.m. A runaway 15 year old returned home.

9/29/08 9:11 a.m. A large duck wandered into a shop on Boones Ferry Road, then refused to leave.

9/29/08 9:54 a.m. An adult man tried to talk to a 15-year-old girl.

9/29/08 10:32 a.m. A suspicious package on Foothills Road was suspected of being a bomb. It was not.

9/29/08 10:44 a.m. Drivers appeared to be arguing on Kruse Way.

9/29/08 11:08 a.m. A person was letting a dog run around on Wheatherstone Court.

9/29/08 12:13 p.m. A motorized wheelchair sat unoccupied on the side of Boones Ferry Road. The person who uses it was later found in the woods, having gotten out for a service project.

9/29/08 3:38 p.m. A dog escaped a yard on Hillshire Drive when the batteries failed on its invisible fence collar. His canine comrade stood barking at him from inside the yard.

9/29/08 10:38 p.m. Skateboarders were being loud on Spring Lane.

9/30/08 6:12 a.m. A suspicious-looking person was carrying a fishing pole down South Shore Bouelvard.

9/30/08 8:27 a.m. A stranger was found sleeping on a couch in an apartment on Kerr Parkway.

9/30/08 8:35 a.m. A small boy was left unattended at a bus stop for 40 minutes.

9/30/08 10:52 a.m. Two dogs - a retriever and Shepard - were taken to the doggie slammer after frolicking unattended on Iron Mountain Boulevard.

9/30/08 1:36 p.m. Three teens were suspected of making a drug deal in a car on Monroe Parkway.

9/30/08 4:23 p.m. A 'For Rent' sign was moved from the right-of-way on Durham Street to its rightful place in the poster's yard.

9/30/08 4:29 p.m. Five signs in a row were spotted in the right-of-way at another Durham Street address.

9/30/08 4:31 p.m. Metal spikes in the road on Highway 43 turned out to be a mud flap.

9/30/08 4:33 p.m. A sign was nailed to a tree on Furnace Street.

9/30/08 6:12 p.m. A bag of found marijuana was turned over to police.

9/30/08 1:30 a.m. A homeowner heard footsteps going into his backyard on Vermeer Drive.

10/01/08 10:46 a.m. Weeds and shrubs were overgrown and junk was piling up at a home on Lake Front Road.

10/01/08 12:05 p.m. A motorist had concerns about the way cars were pulling into a gas station on Boones Ferry Road. Vehicles were apparently coming from all directions, which prompted a verbal altercation with the gas station manager.

10/01/08 1:35 p.m. Matthew T. Yamamoto, 26, registered as a sex offender.

10/01/08 1:50 p.m. Four signs found in the right of way on McVey Avenue were placed in the basement of city hall.

10/01/08 5:04 p.m. One driver threw a lit cigarette into another's car on Boones Ferry Road.

10/01/08 5:35 p.m. A reckless driver was verbally abusive toward another driver on State Street, then flipped a middle finger at him or her.

10/01/08 7:33 p.m. Family members were in a standoff with owners at an adult foster care home over whether a patient should be allowed to leave with them.

10/01/08 7:56 p.m. People accused of burning something on a balcony on Jefferson Parkway were attempting to barbecue.

10/01/08 10:00 p.m. A juvenile was reported as a runaway. No other information was given.

10/01/08 10:17 p.m. A loud television was reported on Hemlock Street.

10/02/08 7:58 a.m. An elderly man was trying to start a car by pushing the radio buttons on Davis Lane.

10/02/08 11:14 a.m. Neighbors were harassing each other over a barking dog and houseguests on Sixth Street.

10/02/08 11:33 a.m. Graffiti appeared on a water tank on Carman Drive.

10/02/08 12:15 p.m. Someone was setting out traffic cones while kids were playing in the street on River Run Drive.

10/02/08 1:53 p.m. Two men had an argument on Jefferson Parkway.

10/02/08 7:19 p.m. A 14-year-old girl did not return from school. She is 5'4' and 120 pounds, with brown hair and eyes and wearing a pink shirt.

10/02/08 7:45 p.m. A coyote was spotted on Maple Street.

10/03/08 7:56 a.m. A palm tree was damaged on Stampher Road.

10/03/08 8:01 a.m. An ongoing problem with a 'maniac driver' never stopping for pedestrians was reported on Greentree Road.

10/03/08 12:43 p.m. Someone called a local person's son attempting to sell him marijuana.

10/03/08 1:14 p.m. Five Safeway shopping carts were abandoned on First Street.

10/03/08 2:37 p.m. A sewing machine was damaged on Wembley Park Road.

10/03/08 3:02 p.m. A car was egged on Country Club Road.

10/03/08 4:25 p.m. Littering was reported on A Avenue, where a Styrofoam container with food in it spilled and left in the parking lot at city hall.

10/03/08 7:09 p.m. Three 15 year olds were suspected of either soliciting prostitution or trying to get someone to buy alcohol for them on Monroe Parkway.

10/03/08 7:58 p.m. A homeowner heard a noise and then the lights went out on Canal Circle, where a strange person was seen walking earlier in the day.

10/03/08 8:55 p.m. A runaway juvenile was located and returned home.

10/03/08 10:05 p.m. Three people were fishing under the West Bay bridge.

10/03/08 10:19 p.m. A loud stereo could be heard from a house on Bryant Road.

10/04/08 12:17 p.m. An ex-girlfriend smashed a window on Sixth Street.

10/04/08 8:02 p.m. A former couple were advised to stay away from one another after sending a series of harassing text messages back and forth.

10/04/08 8:36 p.m. Teens were loitering on Avery Lane, which some considered cause for alarm.

10/04/08 10:14 p.m. A BB from a BB gun broke a car window on Lakeview Boulevard.

10/04/08 11:30 p.m. A driver reported being tailgated on Fernbrook Way.

10/05/08 9:39 p.m. A woman seen digging in a Dumpster on First Street told police she was looking for her lost cell phone charger.

10/01/08 1:37 p.m. Identity theft and forgery were reported in the Lake Oswego area. No other information was available.

10/01/08 1:42 p.m. Identity theft and forgery were reported in the Lake Oswego area. No other information was available.

10/02/08 10:13 a.m. A local business received three bad checks.

10/03/08 2:54 p.m. A man's bank account number was found in someone's wallet in New Orleans.