'RIF' lists are now complete, but some will appeal

About 30 teachers and 28 classified employees have been told they won't be returning to work for the Forest Grove School District next fall.

'We've determined who the people are' on the district's reduction in force (RIF) list, said Assistant Superintendent Dave Willard, who met with affected employees the last couple of weeks to deliver their pink slips, a result of the district's $7.5 million revenue shortfall for 2011-12.

About 25 full-time teaching positions and about 21 full-time classified positions have been eliminated so far in the budget cuts. The school board is due to sign off on a $49 million general fund budget June 13.

Layoffs were based on seniority, licensure and recency of experience, Willard said. Some employees are likely to appeal their notices to the teachers' union, he added.

'This is a continuing process,' Willard noted. 'As people move, retire or otherwise change their status with the district, those who've been 'riffed' automatically get recalled.'

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