by: Jaime Valdez A black bear was on the loose in Tualatin this morning near Tualatin Elementary School.

State Fish and wildlife officers have tranquilized a black bear that was on the loose near Tualatin Elementary School this morning.

The bear is in a tree in a housing development near Southwest 95th Avenue. Fish and Wildlife officers are trying to safely remove the bear.

As of 10:15 a.m., the school district announced that school was canceled. School officials announced that school would be delayed this morning after reports developed of a bear wandering the fields behind the school, but many parents didn't get the message and students came to school as usual. The students who have arrived are being kept safe inside until the bear can be safely removed from the area.

Tualatin Elementary School is at 20405 S.W. 95th Ave. just off Avery Street.

At about 9:45 a.m., the bear darted from the field across Southwest 95th Avenue and into a housing development for about five minutes before crossing traffic and returning to the field.

Officials announced shortly after that a Fish and Wildlife team would enter the field, presumably to tranquilize the bear.

There was also an unrelated bear sighting in Vancouver, Wash., Wednesday morning near 1933 Fort Vancouver Way.

- Additional reporting by Fox 12

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