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Like many other people in this community, I find the political mailings sent out by the campaign of Michele Eberle a despicable act, one of desperation and cynicism that voters should reject come Nov. 4 regardless of party affiliation.

With that said, I would like to give Eberle the benefit of the doubt, and believe that she was strong-armed into this negative ad strategy by FuturePac, a political action committee that recruits Democrats to run for the Oregon State House with the promise of financial support.

When FuturePac approached me to run for Scott Bruun's seat, it was clear to me that in exchange for a large infusion of cash, they would run both my life and my campaign.

I have come to know Eberle and her husband, Tom Eberle, over the past couple of years and have been impressed with both of them. As a volunteer to the West Linn Chamber of Commerce home-based business group, Tom Eberle developed innovative ways for home-based businesses to network and share resources with each other.

I watched as Eberle provided much-needed leadership on West Linn City Council, initiating the effort to ensure that an elected official was in attendance at all important meetings throughout our community and Clackamas County. Her testimony as a councilor was always positive, thoughtful and engaging.

It is well documented that Bruun is a moderate Republican who has worked across the aisle to help pass important legislation regarding public safety, schools and state tax measures.

I had the opportunity to work with Bruun and his staff on several issues regarding the proposed Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail Act pending federal congressional approval.

On one occasion, he made time in his busy schedule to testify against his fellow Republican John Dallum (R-Dalles) regarding a bill to make the Gorge Discovery Center the official Oregon Ice Age Museum.

This bill would have jeopardized the effort of Clackamas County Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs to anchor interpretation of the Ice Age Floods story in the Oregon City-West Linn area. The bill was defeated as a result of his testimony and provides a clear example of his willingness to put the interests of his district before party.

For Eberle's campaign to regain any credibility, it should submit a public apology to Bruun and accept his offer to debate in a neutral forum so voters can hear firsthand the ideas that they would take to Salem, how they would move them through the House and Senate and in what way they would directly impact our quality of life.

Michele, abortion as a wedge issue will not get you elected. Let the public know that these mailings were the result of a radical Democratic PAC providing support for your campaign and calling all the shots.

Mark Buser is a West Linn resident.

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