Editor's note: The Review last week published a letter from Craig Prosser endorsing Jack Hoffman for Lake Oswego mayor. While Mr. Prosser submitted the letter in his personal capacity, he is Tigard's City Manager and was identified as such. The Review's policy is that when public officials submit such letters concerning matters of public interest, the Review will identify the letter-writer, so that there is no confusion among our readers about the letter's source.

Support Hoffman as city's next mayor

To the Editor :

I am writing in support of Jack Hoffman to be the next mayor of Lake Oswego. Jack has shown, through his eight years on city council, that he has the necessary knowledge, the land use experience, the appreciation for the livability of Lake Oswego and the important ability to work well with others.

Jack would be a mayor who could represent Lake Oswego effectively with other local, regional and state interests. He will be a mayor we can be proud of.

Jack has already demonstrated his leadership. It was Jack Hoffman's idea to implement our 'Gallery without Walls,' the beautiful outdoor sculpture gallery that we all continue to enjoy. Jack was on the council that approved Millennium Plaza Park, Lake View Village and the purchase and development of our open spaces and parks. He also was involved with our award-winning library which is No. 1 in the state.

Jack served wisely on the city and Redevelopment Agency's budget committees for eight years. His budget decisions have resulted in our ability to provide services underneath our budgetary limits and to receive our AAA bond ratings.

Jack Hoffman has the ability and the experience to make him an outstanding mayor for our wonderful city. I hope you will join me in voting for Jack.

Judie Hammerstad

Lake Oswego Mayor

Candidates thanked for involvement

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Lake Oswego Council Candidates:

Why am I noticing so much delight in life when global conditions and the future of mankind seem dark and questionable? Why did eight Lake Oswego City Council candidates inspire and comfort me this morning over an exquisite breakfast hosted by the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce? Why do I want to propose a new city council configuration of 18 members instead of 7.

Because everyone's ideas and positions are 'right' according to their individual background, education and experience. Because our differences create our richness. Because we are each other's teachers and because listening to each other grows us and in this case, our community.

This morning, I heard a healthy balance of both head-and-heart-thinking and can't imagine a better combination for community decision making. You seem unafraid to express your thoughts as well as your feelings and, although anger is one of them, there is openness, compassion and the willingness to admit that there is no one, single authority among us - we all wear one big pair of shoes that will take us in one direction or another! 

Thank you so much for giving yourself to this community, for appreciating it's historical journey and taking such consideration and care in mapping it's future. I hope you will all keep in touch with each other and continue to take a leadership roll in Lake Oswego.

Sorry I can't vote for all of you!

Norma Heyser

Lake Oswego

Participate in

election process

To the Editor:

Unless something shocking happens in the next few weeks, I believe it's safe to say that the economic meltdown is the tipping point in this presidential election and that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama will be elected the next president of the United States.

But, please, citizens, please still go out and vote. More than the presidency is at stake. Other national and local politicians are running in close races and they need, nay, deserve our support. Vitally important ballot initiatives and school bonds are dependent upon our involvement in this great Democracy.

Here's a shout out to supporters of Sen. Obama: Don't be complacent and simply go to work or school or stay home on Election Day (or the vote by mail period that begins Friday when ballots are mailed out). Get out and vote. Aside from the other candidates for political office and the ballot measures that need your support, you don't want Obama to lose because you didn't show up. Nor do you want it to be a close nail biter of an election. We don't want to go through that, again!

It's better for America - and for both sides - that whoever wins (whether it's Obama or McCain), wins big.

David Wade

Lake Oswego

Surrett can deal with tough issues

To the Editor:

We will be voting for a new mayor for Lake Oswego in just three weeks. It is important that we select a person who can deal with difficult issues that they will be facing. Chief among the next mayor's priorities are the construction and financing of the city's new sewer interceptor and an expansion of the city's water utility, possibly in partnership with the city of Tigard.

Top priority issues and programs must be reviewed and will require a 100 percent commitment of time and energy from your mayor and includes:

n Timely, cost effective, and dependable infrastructure facilities (sewer, water, roads).

n Citizen and taxpayer input early in the decision making process.

n Reliable and high quality public health and safety services.

n Prioritizing spending, avoiding non-essential purchases, and keeping Lake Oswego affordable for all residents.

John Surrett is the candidate best qualified to meet these challenges. He brings a hands-on, common- sense approach to the office and an open-door policy that promotes meaningful public participation and public opinion. He will work energetically toward keeping our community affordable and preserving our quality of life.

He brings to the mayor's office a broad scope of business, and governmental experience that are directly applicable to needs and challenges of our city. His 30 years of professional experience include positions at PacifiCorp's Electric Operations (21 years) in Portland included: clean air act manager, senior public policy analyst for environmental and consumer issues, public affairs local government representative and community relations consultant.

Edwin Srebnik

Lake Oswego

Hoffman is the better choice for mayor

To the Editor:

Will the real John Surrett please stand up?

Is the John Surrett who is running for mayor the same John Surrett who led the effort to change the city's charter to curtail the city's ability to purchase property over $2 million without a vote? Just imagine: Today the city may be forced to purchase lakefront property for the short term to stage construction for the sewer interceptor and Mr. Surrett would have prevented the city from meeting its timeline by tying up the negotations for the necessary property until the next election - March 2009.

Do we want an angry John Surrett who opposes purchasing open spaces to lead our community that prizes them?

Is this candidate the same man who, as a member of the Palisades NA board, tried to block the election of new board members who sought to replace him?

Do we want this anti-city John Surrett to be the face of Lake Oswego? To represent us at Metro? With other Clackamas County cities? With our neighborhoods? With our businesses? With the Legisislature?

John Surrett is running an effective campaign, appearing as a charming fellow, but his record does not support this. We can do far better.

Vote for Jack Hoffman.

Lynne Wintermute

Barry Dragoon

Lake Oswego

Olson is the top choice for family of four voters

To The Editor:

In the past year and half, the number of voters in my family has gone from one (my father) to four; my sister and I both turned 18 and my mother just got her American citizenship. Excited to become informed voters, my family attended the candidates and measures forum at the (Lake Oswego) Adult Community Center.

The four of us walked in with clear minds, not knowing who we would pick to be city council members. Afterwards, while we were walking home, we discovered we had something in common: Each of us had Mary Olson as a first choice for city council. All of us were very impressed with her positions and presentation.

I agree with Mary Olson's policies of preserving the charm of Lake Oswego while balancing developmental needs, completing a new sewer interceptor within a budget, and valuing communication with citizens.

Mary Olson says she will listen to the citizens and she means it. After hearing her speak, I sent her an e-mail asking for a yard sign, to which I got a prompt reply. She took the time to meet with me in person and discuss local issues. I am so excited to be able to vote for Mary Olson and I encourage you to as well.

Kelsey R. Ockert

Lake Oswego

Many people helped with electric car station

To the Editor:

On the 22nd of September, the city of Lake Oswego and Portland General Electric unveiled the new Electric Vehicle Charging Station on A Avenue.

While it looks as though we're still the only family in Lake Oswego with an electric car and thus stand to be the only family to directly benefit, it is with our sincere hope that this will someday change and more will join us.

All too often, letters written to editors across our nation are filled to the brim with words of complaint about the public worker. This letter is not of such ilk.

While I may have been the catalyst in favour of the EV Charging Station, it only became a reality with the hard work and dedication of many people. I would like to personally thank our Mayor Judie Hammerstad, Sustainability Director Susan Millhauser, Redevelopment Director Bob Galante, Principal Traffic Engineer Massoud Saberian, City Electrician Greg Murphy, City Manager Alex McIntyre, Community Development Director Stephan Lashbrook, and the members of the Transportation Advisory Board, staffed by Nancy Fiye. I would also like to thank Rick Durst and Dale Garcia of PGE.

No doubt I have passed over other individuals working hard behind the scenes to enrich the lives of the citizenry of our great city, and for that I am sorry. But know that your work and dedication is recognized, and greatly appreciated.

So, once again, a heartfelt thank you from my family and myself.

Brian Toye

Lake Oswego

Support Extension Service ballot measure

To the Editor:

My name is Megan McGuinness and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for 4-H. When I was about 10, I joined the group Portland Paws, my first 4-H project where I trained my dog and took her to fair. Today, I am an assistant volunteer leader with Lake Oswego's 4-H Muddy Mutts Club.

Years ago 4-H was all about farm animals and going to fair but today it's so much more than that. 4-H encourages youth to use the 4 H's: Head, Hearts, Hands, and Health. And while using those, kids learn that 4-H is about life, meeting new friends and finding out who you are by training or raising animals, or sewing a beautiful dress, or planting a lovely garden. There is so much to be done and while doing projects kids also learn how to be a loyal and caring human beings.

The same year I started 4-H I went to 4-H Wildlife Stewards Camp. I haven't stopped going to this camp and I don't think I ever will. I went from a 10-year-old camper to an 18-year-old volunteer staff member and I must say through those eight years of my life, 4-H taught me how to care, love, observe and make and keep new friends.

Pease join me in voting yes on Measure 3-311 for 4-H and Extension.

Megan McGuinness

Portland State University student

Lake Oswego

Kill the golden goose and you kill the golden eggs

To the Editor:

I'm very concerned over John McCain's proposed American Homeownership Resurgence Plan which would order the Treasury to purchase bad home loans and revalue mortgages. What's being overlooked is the shift in cost from lenders who made those bad loans in the first place to the taxpayers. Taxpayers would hold the mortgages, at least temporarily, and absorb the loss. Seems to me this is a bailout for both delinquent homeowners and the lenders who made the bad loans in the first place.

The idea of an endless supply of tax revenue is an illusion. The middle class is being squeezed to death, with all assistance going to those at the top and bottom who've chosen to make some very bad financial decisions. I've great sympathy for those people who are in danger of losing everything through no fault of their own, but we can no longer afford to make whole everyone who chose to buy a house more expensive than they could afford, to speculate in a real estate market that showed every sign of impending collapse and to gamble on a variable rate loan believing the market could only go up, never preparing for a downturn.

Our leaders must put the brakes on this proposal. Perhaps when there's no longer a middle class, when all are unemployed, uninsured and facing bankruptcy, then our leaders will realize that they have killed the golden goose, and no more golden eggs will be forthcoming. Of course by then it will be too late.

Salena Sanford

Lake Oswego

Surrett 'will be a break from the past' in the city

To the Editor:

On Nov. 4, Lake Oswego will have a real choice for mayor. If you want business as usual, that's Jack Hoffman. But if you want back to balance, vote for John Surrett.

John Surrett will be a break from the past and will work for Lake Oswego's future. He places a priority on our critical infrastructure needs, e.g. the sewer, future water needs, and maintaining city assets. John values and supports our wonderful schools and both our vibrant downtown and the Lake Grove business districts. He will re-evaluate city-owned real estate assets and natural resources. John believes in sustainability for people by insuring that Lake Oswego is affordable for all our residents.

Jack Hoffman goes lock step with all the plans that the current mayor and council have been pushing: Retaining Safeco, moving the library to Safeco, moving the adult community center to Safeco, moving the city hall to Safeco, building the Streetcar along the river for out-of-town commuters and buying ever more property. All these big plans will drastically raise taxes and fees and make Lake Oswego even less affordable for young families and seniors.

Last but not least, John Surrett will devote 100 percent of his time to the job of mayor. He is retired from a long and varied career in business. Jack Hoffman will be only a part-time mayor squeezing city needs into his busy law practice. The choice is clear.

Vote John Surrett.

Wally and Marilyn Helm

Lake Oswego

Hoffman is long-time advocate for youth sports

To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to emphasize Jack Hoffman's decade-long advocacy for the youth sports community.

There are groups in our community, often led by Jack's opponent, who are advocating that as Lake Oswego gets older, the emphasis and support that the community has traditionally demonstrated for young families is no longer appropriate. This would be catastrophic. We are not and never will be a retirement community. My friends in the West Hills, Alameda and Eastmoreland are not looking to retire in the Bryant, Pallisades or Westlake neighborhoods. If Lake Oswego loses its attractiveness to families, we have lost the basic fabric of our livability and, ironically, the value of our homes.

In the last decade, Jack has been the key elected representative in the city supporting the maintenance and expansion of youth athletic facilities. His direct involvement has included:

1. Supporting the original artificial field bond measure on the ballot in 1998.

2. Lighting Lakeridge.

3. Advocating for better maintenance of grass fields.

4. Arguing for including artifical fields on the 2002 ballot measure.

5. Being first elected official who advocated for the recent development of Luscher Farms.

Within the next year Jack will insist upon the re-master plan of Luscher Farms to ensure that all effected constituents are included.

For all of his work and support, Jack was recently endorsed by the Lake Oswego Youth Sports Authority. Please join me in supporting Jack Hoffman for Mayor in the November election.

Steve Dodds

Lake Oswego

Surrett: 'My friend … my mayor'

To the Editor:

I have been an active participant of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center since it opened its doors in the early 1970s.

The LOACC continues to be a major part of my daily life. I have made many wonderful friends, participated in classes and fundraisers, and have been involved in important senior issues affecting our health and well-being.

Lake Oswego mayoral candidate John Surrett was an early volunteer and resource to seniors at the LOACC. His contribution was also part of his corporate community and governmental affairs involvement from Pacific Power and Light Company. He was a great asset to us.

I remember his participation in our senior activist group: 'The Grey Panthers.' It was during that period of time when important senior issues were at the forefront of much public discussion. The issues included: Senior housing alternatives, transportation, nursing home treatment of seniors and other significant matters affecting senior citizens.

As is John's style, he researched draft public policies on those topics mentioned above, brought in experts on the subjects, and helped us formulate positions that we presented to the city council of Lake Oswego, Clackamas County and the Oregon state Legislature. He would drive many of us to Salem to meetings, help us with chores at our homes, and is just a 'nice guy.' I am proud to call John Surrett 'my friend' and will be very proud to call him 'my nayor.'

Please join me in voting for John Surrett for mayor of Lake Oswego.

Peg Paterson

Lake Oswego

Hopefully, McCain and Palin will prevail

To the Editor:

Are you angry yet? The greedy and inept politicians in Congress have run the economy into the ground. Congressional kangaroo courts are trying to pin the blame on Wall Street.

Instead Chris Dodd and Barney Frank should be testifying under oath. With good intentions for low income housing Congress built the Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac agencies. These were perverted into playpens for Washington politicians who collected large salaries and bonuses. Barak Obama and Chris Dodd received generous campaign contributions. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve fed Sallie and Freddie lots of cheap money. Sallie and Freddie proceeded to aggressively loan to masses of home buyers without jobs.

They willingly loaned to five million illegal immigrants who lacked Social Security numbers. Mr. Bernanke is a student of the 1930s crash and depression. His remedy for the new crash? Drown it in cash.

Well, I am angry. Our country is about to fall under a one-party liberal government. The Supreme Court will be tipped their way for a generation. Secret employee voting on union membership will go. Mr. Obama's 'fairness' tax on 'the rich' will put a drag on 666,000 small business owners. The 'fairness' doctrine will return to strangle talk radio.

Hopefully, Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin will prevail. Their chances will improve if John chooses team members now, including Mitt Romney for Treasury. Mitt will build the staff to effectively and honestly disburse the bailout money. The recovery cannot begin until that machine is working.

George E. Edens

Lake Oswego

Vote for Garrett for House position for Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

Soon we'll have ballots in our mailboxes. It will be vital to our interests to vote for Chris Garrett to represent us in the House of Representatives.

One of the first votes that our representative will make will be for Speaker of the House. We have seen real action since a Democratic Speaker of the House was elected. For a number of years, while we had a Republican Speaker, nothing happened. We saw Oregon going downhill fast. Since we've had a Democratic Speaker it's been a pleasure to see the process working.

Finally action got traction on K-12 funding. With a Democratic Speaker, the House can move on continuing to stabilize that funding. We've been concerned about that for a long time. Other legislation that passed involved renewable energy, protecting the Rainy Day Fund and the recognition of civil unions.

Chris Garrett is in sync with this district. Let's vote him in. With his experience, he can hit the ground running.

Rosemary Forester

Lake Oswego

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