Still more letters


Full time is the key, vote for Surrett for mayor

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to the citizens of Lake Oswego:

Before voting, please consider whether the next mayor of Lake Oswego will be a full-time or part-time participant. The president of the United States is the full-time chief executive of our country, and the same commitment of time is true for chief executive officers of most companies. Performing the duties of the mayor, the CEO of Lake Oswego, will be a full-time job.

I have heard Jack Hoffman say that there are a few mayors in the area who have full- or part-time jobs. Jack, that explanation doesn't wash: 'One size does not fit all.'

And in our case, Lake Oswego is very different from any of the other communities surrounding us.

None of the other cities have $100 million experimental sewer projects facing them. Many of our major buildings have severe problems that need correction. The $100,000 monthly drain on our reserves to pay for the WEB has to be resolved.

Jack Hoffman's eight years as councilman have brought us many of these problems: Lack of attention to the sewer interceptor, the purchase of Safeco with no public input and little maintenance on our buildings. Check his eight-year record. Read the online council meeting ninutes. I have.

With our challenges, we cannot afford less than a full-time leader to work for our future. Please join me in voting for John Surrett who has pledged to devote all of his time to our city.

Greg Nelson

Lake Oswego

Hoffman 'would be a superb mayor' for Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

I have known and worked with Jack Hoffman ever since I ran for a position on the (Lake Oswego) City Council almost 10 years ago, when Jack and I each ran for city council.

I've observed Jack ever since, both as a councilor and as a citizen, and I have the highest regard for his intelligence, his work ethic and his judgment about how to manage and improve our city. He accomplished more significant change during his eight years on the city council than any other councilor I can think of.

To name just three highlights: He suggested the Arts Downtown program, now known as the Gallery Without Walls, and gained the support of the council for this important and enjoyable addition to Lake Oswego; he actually did something to increase the amount of citizen participation in city affairs by developing a comprehensive list of community groups and organizations, and using the list to invite more people to participate in discussions about city matters; he shared his research about the difficulties other cities in the nation were having with 'infill' issues, and gained council support to form a work group with professional leadership that led to the first Infill Ordinance, aimed at easing problems that infill can bring to our neighborhoods.

Jack would be a superb mayor. I will be voting for him, and I urge others to do the same. He will bring thoughtful and progressive leadership to Lake Oswego in future years.

Ellie McPeak

Lake Oswego City Council

'There truly is no place like home' for the Lakeridge Pacers

To the Editor:

That was the rally cry to bring the first home football game to Lakeridge High School. Some of us believed it, some thought it and others weren't quite sure if it really was that big a deal. Well, for any who arrived at the game that were in these later camps, they almost certainly left as believers.

Special thanks are due to five major groups who made this event come true:

n Dr. Mike Lehman, his staff and teachers for listening at the beginning, helping throughout the process, preparing for the event, and making game day a success.

n The CUP committee led my Cathy Shroyer who paved the way with their vision, fortitude and endless drive to get back up time and again to keep their vision moving forward.

n The nearby neighbors for coming around to the idea of having a home game close to their homes.

n The many moms and dads who volunteered in the parking lots, shuttle areas and concession stands so that many others could enjoy the game.

n And finally, the entire Lakeridge community of families, friends and students for turning out and bringing their tremendous spirit to this unprecedented homecoming event.

As they say, dreams do come true for those who believe. Thank you to all you believers.

There truly is no place like home.

Tom Swinford

Lake Oswego

Keep our library strong;

support Measure 3-310

To the Editor:

Library funding will not be saved by the restoration of the federal timber revenue.

In fact, the county support for libraries has been diminishing for the past five years and will disappear in the next five years unless we pass the measure to create a library district. This district will provide a stable and predictable source of funds for libraries, and can only be spent on library operations, not administration. It will mean more equitable funding for the Lake Oswego Library, more books and improved services. All the money raised in Lake Oswego will stay in Lake Oswego for our library.

A great public library is at the heart of every great city. Let's keep ours strong and vote yes on Measure 3-310.

Jan Coulton

Lake Oswego

Gudman wants to keep Lake Oswego great

To the Editor:

Jeff Gudman is my choice for Lake Oswego City Council and he should be yours.

I have known and worked with Jeff for several years. We have both been involved in volunteer activities associated with USA Swimming. Through this association I have seen Jeff's concern for the welfare of our community. Jeff has spent most of his life giving his time to help make Lake Oswego the great place it is to live and raise our children. He is the former chair of the Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition and of the Lake Oswego Citizen Budget Committee.

Jeff is a fiscally responsible person who will be very careful with our tax dollars. His experience in the financial field will be a great addition to the council, especially during these times when the city is faced with mounting budget issues.

One of the things I am most impressed with about Jeff is his ability to analyze a situation and bring new and unique solutions forward to solve the problem. He will bring new and well thought out ideas to the council.

Jeff comes with no ax to grind and no agenda. Only to make sure Lake Oswego continues to be a great place for us all to live.

Joe Dahl

Lake Oswego

A vote for Surrett is a vote to 'return trust' to the city

To the Editor:

Mayoral candidate Jack Hoffman's Web site writes about 'building trust.' Specifically, it says, 'Unfortunately, public trust in our local leaders and in our local institutions has decreased ...'

How did this happen in Lake Oswego? Why is this issue important in the current campaign? The greatest breach of public trust in our city's history is represented by the purchase of the Safeco property in 2006 Jack Hoffman was a member of the city council at the time. He voted in favor of the purchase and 'he was hesitant to hold a public hearing after adopting the resolution.'

mtgs/documents/121305.pdf .

While the city council has many good accomplishments, the Safeco purchase stands as a lasting legacy of Mr. Hoffman's eight-year tenure on the council. Our tax reserves have been reduced by $1 million a year for interest and maintenance these past 2¾ years and we have no building equity to show for it.

But I guess we should not be surprised. During his period of office, Mr. Hoffman made his position clear regarding the use of our own property equities. Councilor Hoffman observed that this group had the ability to make a statement that set the tone for the next 20 years using bonds. Councilor Hoffman pointed out that the city had to either buy land or condemn it. He mentioned obtaining sufficient money to buy the land, (or) having the political will to take the land ...' us/calendar/councilmtgs/2004ccminutes/011704.pdf .

Vote John Surrett for mayor to return trust and financial stability to our city.

Larry Gustafson

Lake Oswego

Gudman is 'a proven team player' - vote for him

To the Editor:

Jeff Gudman brings a background of sound fiscal responsibility to the city council that many feel has been lacking in the recent years. His skills will be needed in the coming years as the city wrestles with funding the major expenses associated with the new Sewer Interceptor, water system and other infrastructure additions and repairs.

Jeff has demonstrated his ability to perform for all residents of the city through his many years of experience as a community volunteer. Jeff is both a proven team player as well as an independent thinker. This is a combination that we need on the city council.

Bill Nicholson

Lake Oswego

There are many reasons to support Hoffman for mayor's post

To the Editor:

Jack Hoffman has the leadership experience, commitment and character to be a great mayor for Lake Oswego.

During his two terms as a Lake Oswego City Councilor, Jack demonstrated leadership in building a vibrant community. He was a key consensus-builder on city council when Lake View Village Center was designed and built, Millennium Plaza was constructed, the Farmer's Market and Foothills Park was developed

Outside of city council Jack has been and continues to be actively engaged in the Urban Land Institute's District Council Executive Committee. While on city council, he was a member of Metro's Policy Advisory Committee that gave Lake Oswego a voice in regional policy making.

As a city councilor he originated and researched the idea of Lake Oswego's now highly regarded sculpture exhibit, the 'Gallery Without Walls.' He brought his research to the Arts Council of Lake Oswego (then the Arts Commission) and from that beginning the outdoor sculpture has been one of the Arts Council's most successful programs.

Heather Chrisman

Lake Oswego

Bruun has done a great job in Salem - re-elect him

To the Editor:

I have known Rep. Scott Bruun and his family for several years. He has done a great job representing us in Salem.

He deeply cares about the issues that our families are concerned about - the economy, lowering taxes, health care and stabilizing school funding. He has also been a champion for protecting our environment. He supported expanding the bottle bill, promoting renewable energy and co-sponsored legislation to make it easier to recycle computer equipment.

Michelle Eberle and her supporters should be ashamed of themselves for their dishonest and negative attacks. Obviously, her own supporters do not believe she is able to win on her own merits, so they have resorted to attacking Scott. Rivergrove and Lake Os-wego citizens deserve better than that. I hope you will join me in supporting Scott Bruun for state representative.

Rebecca McAuliffe

Lake Oswego

Friday was a 'proud day' for Lakeridge High School

To the Editor:

It was a proud day to be part of the extended Lakeridge family for all of the Homecoming festivities and the first home game in our stadium.

The enthusiasm and excitement was contagious. One of our Pacer players was heard to say, 'This is about so much more than winning or losing!'