by: SUBMITTED PHOTO West Linn’s newest and “greenest” school will open in September 2012 on the south side of Hidden Springs Road, east of Rosemont Road and west of Clubhouse Drive.

Neighbors who haven't seen one another's homes for years are staring into each other's kitchens.

Yards and roofs that were camouflaged by trees and shrubbery stand starkly naked.

The forested wetland at 1025 Rosemont Road, the site of the soon-to-be-started Trillium Creek Primary School, has been bulldozed to nothing. For many who have lived there for years, it just feels weird.

But the site fencing and boundary markers have been up for weeks, placed by Howard S. Wright Constructors, and the neighbors have all been aware for years that the school was coming.

Trillium Creek Primary, opening in September 2012, is the centerpiece of a $98 million construction bond approved by voters in November 2008. The community has been fully briefed on the construction at several Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association meetings held over the last few years.

Trillium Creek Primary is being touted as the West Linn-Wilsonville district's 'greenest' building yet.

'Our goal is to make it LEED gold certified,' Tony Vandenberg, project manager with Heely International, said. 'Whether or not we'll reach that goal is yet to be seen, but that is what we are striving for.'

The school plans include: rainwater funnels from rooftops to refill flushing toilets; storm runoff filters through bioswales; a combination of solar panels and a wind turbine to help power the building.

An unlit, multi-use sports field will sit northwest of the building.

The 16-acre site includes the Trillium Creek protected wetland.

'The construction plans cross the wetland in two locations,' Vandenberg said. 'We've worked with our wetland designer and have been permitted to replace the areas we disturb with approximately one acre of shallow pond or prairie-type wetland.'

Unfortunately for the project, there is a six-inch sewage line that runs through the middle of the site. The section under the proposed building will be re-routed and connected to existing lines.

'We expect clearing and some excavation in June, but we don't expect any stop in service for the neighbors,' Vandenberg said.

The largest inconvenience expected by the school's construction is the closure of pedestrian access on Rosemont Road for approximately six weeks starting in July.

'We will be sending out a notice two weeks prior to closure,' Vandenberg said. 'We just can't maintain pedestrian access throughout the construction of the turning lanes and the road improvements, and we can't push pedestrians across the street as there is no sidewalk.'

The good news is that Trillium Creek Primary is expected to come in within budget.

'We received favorable bids that were under the final construction cost estimates - that was a relief,' Vandenberg said. 'Bids included a number of alternates that the district could accept or decline if the budget allowed. When the bids were received and presented to the district, all of the alternates were accepted, including the additional classrooms.'

Trillium Creek Primary will open with capacity for 500 students and 50 staff members. (Originally, the plan called for classrooms for 300 students with plans to build-out for 500 students.)

The WL-WV School District invites the community to share in the groundbreaking of the new school at a ceremony on June 11 from 10 a.m. to noon. Refreshments will be served.

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