Election stories must be unbiased

by: , Readers urge the media to cover the presidential campaigns of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in a balanced manner. Others offer their opinions of the candidates.

As I see it, the Portland Tribune is or was one of the last papers in Oregon that would stick to the facts and present information in a nonbiased way. I do not see that the paper is doing the public a service with its current political articles on the presidential race (Voters souring on GOP, Sept. 18).

I would like to see the Tribune investigate all claims made on television, radio and print advertisements by both candidates and present a fair and 100 percent factual report on these claims.

I want voting records and authorship of bills. When one candidate picks on an adviser of the other candidate on an issue, I want to know if said candidate has an adviser with the same or similar record.

In short, I have come to expect more balanced coverage from this paper and do not believe any other media in this state is prepared to present a fair and balanced discussion on this election.

If the Tribune turns into a lopsided political machine like every other newspaper we have available, I will use this paper as a fish wrapper just like I do with the other papers.

Elijah Schutz

Northwest Portland

Obama presents real solutions to real problems

Today, millions of people are struggling in an America that has big issues to address. Hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs this year alone and many are losing their homes to foreclosure.

Millions more have no health care. Families are being priced out of an education and many have to choose between filling up the gas tank, buying groceries or prescription medications.

Today, we also are nearing the end of a presidential campaign. The candidates have a final chance to present real solutions to the American people. Barack Obama is continuing to offer solutions that include lowering taxes for the middle class, investing in education, creating jobs through green technology and fixing the health care system once and for all.

You'd think Sen. John McCain would be doing the same. But McCain apparently has decided we voters don't deserve solutions, only distractions.

Desperate to change the subject from the economy, he is playing games by making personal attacks against Obama. He has decided to gamble the future of this country instead of offering solutions.

That's not putting country first; that's not being a maverick. That is old politics. Enough of the game playing, John McCain, this is too serious a time for games.

Karen Reneau

Happy Valley

Presidential media coverage is slanted, doesn't tell whole story

I'm a registered Independent going with the Republican presidential ticket this time around. The media, not only in Portland but across the U.S., seems hellbent on slanting all its stories about this election in favor of the Democrats (Voters souring on GOP, Sept. 18). When the news is presented in such a one-sided way, it really makes me wonder what's got them running so scared that they can't report the whole story.

I want what's best for the future of the United States. Ever since Obama's come on the national scene, I've felt he has been hiding his real agenda from the public and I don't believe for one minute that he would run this country in a way that's good for the American people.

Becky Hartsfield

Northeast Portland

Democrat's economic planswill cost too much

I realize we are facing hard times in our country with the economy and it's hard to decide who to vote for, but will Obama help the economy - or just put us deeper in the hole?

I realize we have to spend some money to reinvigorate the economy, and I know that the media and young people seem to believe in him. But do they realize how much further in debt this country will be if Obama implements all these programs that he has promised? You can't spend what you don't have - that's why we are where we are today.

Don Stacy