An Artful Production

New chamber brochure gets hefty infusion of talent
Tommy Matthews and Jane Larsen have teamed up as artists on the new Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce brochure.

When Brenda Suteu wanted to put out an outstanding brochure for the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce membership drive, she figured she needed some outstanding artists.

She got them in photographer Tommy Matthews and graphic artist Jane Larsen.

After all, Suteu has very high ambitions for the membership drive: All of the businesses in Lake Oswego.

Admiring one of Matthews' photos, Suteu gushed, 'That's the best picture of a lamppost I've ever seen!'

Suteu was already well aware of Larsen's talents, since their association goes back to when Larsen was her media director for Metropolitan Senior Network in Portland.

'I worked with Jane for years,' Suteu said. 'She is a phenomenal talent. She has such a natural style that is easy on the eyes and pulls you in.'

Matthews was recruited via his boss Kevin Barry, a long-time Lake Oswego photographer and a staunch chamber member.

'Tommy is a dynamic photographer,' Suteu said. 'I wanted him to capture the beauty of Lake Oswego for this brochure and he did.'

Matthews, a long, lanky and amiable young man, modestly added, 'Lake Oswego has such nice parks. Let's give them credit.'

'Tommy makes designing so much fun,' Larsen said. 'There they were, these stunning photos.'

It was a hefty infusion of talent. Suteu estimates Matthews and Larsen's services on the brochure as being worth $9,000.

'This was an intense project that needed its own focus,' Suteu said. 'We needed Jane's judgment and talent, Tommy was identified as what we needed by Kevin, and Don New and Doug Fish were our marketing experts.'

Lake Oswegans can see for themselves how good the brochure is by picking one up at the chamber office. It's titled 'Forging Relationships, Building Community.' Including the stunning lamppost photo, there are a half dozen scenes that capture this city very well.

This innovative brochure promotes the current innovative membership drive, which offers memberships at five different levels; enough for 'all' businesses to fit under the LO Chamber banner.

'When business people look at this brochure, we want them to go up a level,' said Suteu, who is chair of the marketing committee.

The big membership drive ends on Halloween, Oct. 31. But recruitment of new members, of course, goes on all year long.

For more information about the chamber's membership drive, go to its Web site

Better yet, drop by the chamber office at 242 B Ave. and pick up one of those artistic brochures.