Congratulations on Pacer homecoming

To the Editor:

As residents of Cloverleaf Road for the past 16 years, we were initially opposed to bringing home football games to neighboring Lakeridge High School. We would like to compliment all involved in pulling off this momentous event on Friday, Oct. 10, for the Homecoming Game!

Our fears were mitigated by experiencing no traffic problems and NOT finding the noise 'overwhelming' as noted by a neighbor on a local news broadcast later that evening. Upon going up to the field during the first half, we found the excitement along with 'Pacer Pride' easy to get caught up in.

In closing, keep up the fantastic job of making Lakeridge home football games 'do-able' for our neighborhood and Go Pacers!

Cyndy and Steve Attinasi

Lake Oswego

Support Surrett for mayor of LO

To the Editor:

My kids graduated from Lakewood Grade School. The point? I have had a long time vested interest in our city.

I have watched it grow and change. Many of these changes have been unnecessary and costly. Not only monetarily but a loss in quality of life. Infill has flooded our city with automobiles. The re-development agency makes bad deals with our money. The bureaus have bloated budgets. We have serious consequences with the Safeco/West End scheme. Infrastructure, the boat dock and the bungled sewer system.

Who to support for mayor? Mr. Hoffman has an eight-year record governing our city. It appears to me he hasn't been too good at it. He is a lawyer. We don't need another lawyer; we already pay a city attorney and staff. More than ever we need business and management skills.

John Surrett has the know-how to lead us through the difficult consequences the current mayor is leaving behind. He has the wealth of experience to lead us through the certain difficult times ahead.

Know-how is the accumulation of experiences. If we wish to turn our city over to the person with the greatest know-how it is John Surrett.

Alan E. Schlosser

Lake Oswego

Mayor's job is full-time; Surrett can handle that

To the Editor:

When I served on the Lake Oswego City Council (1993-1996) and as mayor (1997-2000) for Lake Oswego, I remember how much preparation, council meeting time and out-of-town engagements were required. With the challenges facing Lake Oswego now and in the future, demands on a mayor's time will be huge.

With a council/city manager form of government there are roles and responsibilities for each group. The city manager reports to the mayor and council, as does the city attorney. The council's role of making policies and setting goals are implemented through the city manager's direction, programs, and city staff work plans.

The mayor and council have the obligation to maintain a vigilant 'oversight' during the implementation process. They do not just 'stand back' as casual observers. Mayoral candidate Hoffman says that he will not be 'looking over the city manager's shoulder.' While Jack continues fulltime in his law practice, he wants the city manager and staff to 'run the show,' while he handles the city's mayoral duties, as time permits.

We must have a mayor and council who are highly engaged in the implementation of their policies. We are talking enormous sums of fees and potential increases in revenue and property taxes facing the residents. Additionally, the mayor and council have to be sensitive to the quality of relationships between the residents and city staff members.

I'm for a fulltime mayor who will tend to our business. I am voting for John Surrett and am encouraging others to do so as well.

Bill Klammer

Former mayor

Lake Oswego

Comments on Review's Web site create concerns

To the Editor:

I'm not so sure that the 'blog' format on the Review Web site for people to talk about individual articles is ethical, or needless to say mature.

I was absolutely appalled at the opinions that people felt they were entitled to give regarding the young boy who died from the football accident. Even the responses rebutting the rude responses reminded me of some weird childish 'You Tube' site.

I'm not for censorship, but please, does our whole society have to be a 'blog?' Having gone through losing a young family member to an untimely death, these remarks are the last things I would have wanted coming from outside sources (a.k.a. total strangers), during such a sensitive and private time. This format has absolutely no class and stumbling upon it made me feel ill. I feel it contributes to the ugliness in our society. Could we rethink this situation and maybe grow up?

You have lost a subscriber to the Lake Oswego Review. I don't want to participate in supporting an organization that allows people to have a discussion about the private business and misery of total strangers.

Patty Baker

Lake Oswego

Moncrieff: She would be a 'win-win' as a councilor

To the Editor:

I am so proud to know Sally Moncrieff and to have worked with her to change Lakeridge's conditional use permit.

During this long, hard fight, Sally remained true to her character. As chair of the Palisades Neighborhood Association, she demanded full transparency from herself and her fellow board members regarding all neighborhood business, in particular, the CUP issue.

With a clear vision, strong determination and respect for all viewpoints, Sally worked tirelessly to make the CUP a win-win proposal for her neighborhood and the school.

In the end, she succeded. Sally's strong leadership abilities, along with her positive outlook, helped to change the CUP, and also transformed a neighborhood once in turmoil, into a neighborhood which is run in an effective, transparant and representative way.

Sally is exactly what we need in a city councilor!

Cathy Shroyer

Chair-Lakeridge CUP Committee

Lake Oswego

Hoffman is passionate about local parks

To the Editor:

In the early 1990s Jack Hoffman and I served on the Park and Recreation Advisory Board together. Then and now I know how passionate he is about our parks in Lake Oswego. Jack has always considered parks an essential part of our community and we are fortunate to have a variety of playgrounds for all ages - one to 101 years. He wants to provide year round playing fields and recreational opportunities for all in our city to enjoy. When you include Luscher Farm, Westlake, George Rogers updates, and construction of Foothills and Millennium Parks to name but a few, Jack Hoffman has been involved in all of them from the start.

I believe Jack Hoffman will make a great mayor for Lake Oswego. Vote Jack Hoffman for mayor.

Marcia Robertson

Lake Oswego

Local option plays a key role for our community

To the Editor:

I am a parent of two young children who attend school in Lake Oswego and have been active in speaking with other parents and urging them to support Measure 3-305, the renewal of the School District Local Option Levy.

I point out that the levy has been in place since 2000 and the funds it provides play a critical role in the school district's operating budget - levy funds currently make up 12 percent of the district's budget.

These are easy conversations to have, because as parents we clearly recognize our vested interest in the smaller class sizes, expanded programs and better facilities afforded by the Local Option Levy.

I strongly believe that everyone in Lake Oswego has that same vested interest in our exceptional schools regardless of whether or not they currently have school-age children. I urge their support of Measure 3-305 as well.

Our school system's reputation for excellence affects home values more than any other variable. The exceptional schools of Lake Oswego are an essential component of the vitality and livability of our community.

It is important to understand that renewing the Local Option does not mean a new tax. A yes vote simply maintains the structure and rates currently in place.

The adoption of the Local Option Levy in 2000 and its renewal in 2004 have enabled the Lake Oswego School District to maintain a tremendous winning streak of exceptional schools that play an important role in an exceptional community. Please join me in helping to keep that streak alive!

Vote yes on Measure 3-305.

Rick Deats

Lake Oswego

In these tough times, support our libraries

To the Editor:

Let's not take our library for granted. Let's agree to having dedicated money for all our libraries.

Let's not have to stand in line and hope libraries will get what they need from city general funds. The county commissioners have decided that in the next five years they are phasing out all funds for libraries. They have also said none of the federal timber money will be used for libraries.

In these tough economic times, let's continue to provide a place where all people, young and old, can come to experience the luxury of having books to read, programs to enjoy and the opportunity to just be with friends.

Please vote yes for the Library District, Ballot Measure 3-310.

Colleen Bennett

President of The Friends of the Lake Oswego Library and

 Past Library Advisory Board President

Lake Oswego

Moncrieff would be a good fit for the council

To the Editor:

I completely agree with your support for Sally Moncrieff (for Lake Oswego City Council).

I have been mightily impressed by her work on the long-standing problem of neighborhood support for a football field for Lakeridge High School. She took on a very difficult problem, got a lot of people involved in exploring the issue and successfully accomplished a solution that left many parents and residents happy, including many who had originally opposed a field.

She will be a tireless and effective worker for the city of Lake Oswego.

Michael Mitchell

Lake Oswego

Hoffman would be a strong mayor

To the Editor:

I have known Jack Hoffman for over 15 years and have always been impressed by his energy and enthusiam for making our communty outstanding.

His work with the Youth Sports program, his service and accomplishments as a city councilor and his commitment to civil dialogue has demonstrated that he knows and understands Lake Oswego and the divergent views that community members hold.

Jack has always been creative and his initiation of the downtown public arts program shows how he has tackled a variety of issues to make Lake Oswego a better place to live.

Jack has advocated for the rivitalization of downtown as well as for the preservation of natural resoucres and historic structures. Jack has made Lake Oswego's quality of life better.

Support Jack Hoffman for mayor. He is a strong leader who will be an outstanding mayor for our community.

Mary Puskas

Director of the Lake Oswego School Foundation

Lake Oswego

Griffith is the right person for House District 38

To the Editor:

Are you tired of partisan politics as usual?

Have you wondered why you have not been able to find candidates to represent your desire for concensus and transparency?

Did you know that our 38th House district is labeled 'a safe seat' by some, thanks to redistricting (gerrymandering) by a Democratic Secretary of State?

Steve Griffith is running for this seat on the Republican ticket and he is the person you have been looking for.

He has a broad educational background and 30 years of work and life experience in legal practice and community involvement including 10 years as a member of the Portland School Board.

He has credentials and skills to contribute, is admired by people of both parties, and he is not a product of the current atmosphere in Salem.

He envisions a time when real bipartisanship will put Oregonians, not politicians first.

As Republicans and Independents of all ages,we hold the majority of votes in this district and can use that strength to elect the more experienced and seasoned candidate to represent us in Salem.

Stephanie Detjens

Lake Oswego

Holz is a 'refreshing departure' in city race

To the Editor:

Devin Holz admits that he is not a typical candidate for political office. After hearing him speak, I agree. His direct approach is a refreshing departure from the polite 'double speak' that often prevails in communications between the city and citizens.

Devin is a critical thinker who seeks to move us forward on the basis of honesty. He is the type of person that any governing or managing body should seek out. Cohesive groups often result in a mode of thinking that can be likened to instinctive conformity.

The closer they get towards goals, the less likely they are to raise questions that might break the cohesion and warnings are often rationalized so that group assumptions are not challenged.

Leadership should be more than being a team player, especially when it comes to spending. I believe Devin has the capabilty to resist the myopia that plagues current and former council members, who have left us with a legacy of debt and mistrust that is unparalleled in Lake Oswego's history.

Every action results in a reaction. Devin's reaction to step forward and to run for city council, in spite of limited economic resources is commendable and shows that he has initiative. He deserves the support of people who care about the future of Lake Oswego.

You can count on my vote, Devin! Devin can be reached at .

Carolyne R. Jones

Lake Oswego

Gudman is the right choice for council

To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to support Jeff Gudman's candidacy for city council.

Jeff would bring unusual capabilities to this position. As a professional investor, he deals in dollars and cents everyday. In my experience, he has been a consistent voice for, 'how much does it cost,' 'how are we going to pay for it' and 'can we do it for less.' This practical approach to problems would be very beneficial for a city council whose members often deal in the abstract or 'if only.'

Additionally, if you know him, or have heard him speak, you recognize that he brings a conciliatory consensus building approach to issues, which is unusual for a person whose work is the bottom line.

I believe he would provide a common-sense anchor to the council. He also has a great deal of experience. It includes:

1. Chairman of the Lake Oswego Budget Committee for two years, member for six.

2. Chairman of the Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition.

3. Chairman of the Transit Shuttle Advisory Task Force.

4. Active Member of the Holly Orchard Neighborhood Association.

5. Member of the West End Study Group.

6. Volunteer for youth swimming for over 30 years.

I urge you to bring his practical approach to the Lake Oswego City Council and vote for Jeff Gudman in November.

Steve Dodds

Lake Oswego

City needs new people to serve on the council

To the Editor:

In spite of the article on the front page of the Oct. 16 edition of the Review regarding the endorsement process used by the PAC 'Keep Lake Oswego Great,' the editorial staff appeared to accept their recommendations. The editorials endorse the same candidates as the PAC.

The main reason I support John Surrett for mayor is that Jack Hoffman was a member of the council when some of the controversial decisions were made by the Hammerstad administration. Although the editor cited several objections to the process the council used to acquire the Safeco building, these objections did not appear to rise to the level of concern to negate the purchase.

Judging from the editorial regarding the endorsements for the city council, it would appear that if the recommended slate is voted in, we can expect the same type of decisions that have been foisted on our citizenry by the Hammerstad administration.

It is my opinion that the city needs new people on the council and as mayor such as John Surrett, Russell Jones and Justin Luber. Mr. Hoffman has a 'proven track record' but in my opinion it is not the type of record that should be rewarded by his being elected as mayor.

His track record suggests that if he is elected we will continue to see the same type of council decisions that were made by the Hammerstad administration.

The Review editors may think the acquisition of the Safeco building was wise, but there are many Lake Oswego residents who disagree with that position. The way to 'Keep Lake Oswego Great' is by restoring fiscal responsibility, open public discussions by the council when significant decisions are being considered and prioritizing expenditures so that unnecessary beautification projects are not continued.

John W. Thompson

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: The Review did not endorse the same slate of city council candidates as the Keep Lake Oswego Great PAC. The Review endorsed Mary Olson while the PAC did not.

Vote yes for the PCC

bond measure

To the Editor:

The Oregonian newspaper got it right when its editorial board said 'Yes on PCC bond.'

The newspaper, which takes a fiscally conservative stance and which has been urging 'no' votes for a wide array of ballot measures this year, recognized that Portland Community College is one of the engines that drives our local economy.

A yes for PCC's bond measure means more workforce training, more classrooms and labs for students, and up-to-date equipment to train the workers of today and tomorrow. It means more jobs in the construction industry, to build new campus facilities and to upgrade existing buildings, making them more eco-friendly.

Editorial boards from papers as big as The Oregonian to as small as The Newberg Graphic have lined up to support PCC because PCC supports the local economy. Vote yes for PCC.

Martin L. and Phyllis Jacobs

Lake Oswego

Mayor, council picks offered by incumbent

To the Editor:

Having been mayor of this wonderful city for the past eight years, I am continually asked who I think the best choices for mayor and city council are. In response, my choices are as follows:

Jack Hoffman for mayor. Jack has the experience, having served successfully for eight years on the council. He possesses the temperament and the depth of skills that are necessary to be a respected leader.

My top picks for council are:

Bill Tierney. Bill has shown openness, intelligence and commitment through his long service on our Development Review Commission as well as many other volunteer efforts. He is familiar with our many issues and has the skills to work with our community of diverse opinions.

Sally Moncrieff because of her dedication to her neighborhood, in the context of the entire city. She has been successful in reaching out to solve difficult and contentious issues. She has brought people together to develop the Palisades neighborhood plan because she is a talented problem-solver with great sensitivity to different points of view.

In addition, I think that Jeff Gudman and Justin Luber are outstanding candidates. I favor Jeff because he has participated as a dedicated volunteer in many different roles with the city. He will bring a fiscal conservatism, and teamwork, that will serve our city well.

I also favor Justin who is a fresh face with a love for this city and a desire to contribute. Justin is relatively new to our community, and would bring considerable skills and 'new eyes' to the council.

The top three vote-getters will be elected to the council. I congratulate all of our candidates for making the decision to run, and it would be a pleasure to serve, especially, with any of these four.

Judie Hammerstad

Mayor of Lake Oswego

City lucky to have such quality candidates

To the Editor:

It hasn't been easy being my husband's campaign manager, but we've managed to achieve almost all the tasks and goals that we set for ourselves.

Being a team of two, along with a few stalwart walkers and talkers and a lot of faithful supporters, we have managed to cover a lot of neighborhoods going door to door in the last few weeks. And now, that the many forums and 'talkathons' and TV appearances are behind us, we are really able to relax and complete the neighborhood door to door meetings, making new friends as we go along.

Speaking of new friends, it has been an absolute pleasure during the campaign to really get to know all the candidates. Even though we may not always agree, there has been a high level of respect and camaraderie amongst the seven city council candidates.

It has been an unforgettable experience and one both Russell and I will always remember with positive feelings - regardless of who wins - all of us have comported ourselves with grace and good humor.

In other words, we are all winners and our city is lucky to have such wonderful citizens willing to sacrifice family time for the good of the city.

I am proud to have been a small part of this process and I thank each and every candidate and wish everyone good luck on Nov. 4

Kathe Worsley

Wife of city council candidate Russell Jones

Lake Oswego

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